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Basic asset and drawback reference:

assets and drawbacks
1 - 5 exp
2 - 15 exp
3 - 35 exp
4 - 55 exp

Basic work


Clumsy (3)

Your character is not able to precisely move their body around. All tests governed by agility attribute are moved up a difficulty, if it is a contested test your roll takes a -6 penalty. The Story teller may also call for an average agility test for mundane activities.

Para-Psychic work


Unusual Eruption (1)

Prerequisite: Latent Para-Psychic Asset and Erupted Para-Psychic required

Your unusual circumstances allow you to begin with a Second order Para-Psychic power of your primary order instead of a first order Para-Psychic power.

Rare Eruption (1)

Prerequisite: Latent Para-Psychic Asset, Erupted Para-Psychic, and Unusual Eruption required

The strange and unique situation your Para-Psychic eruption allow you to begin with a Third order Para-Psychic power of your primary order instead of a second order Para-Psychic power unusual Eruption would provide.


Limited Para-Psychic(1 - 2)

Prerequisite: Erupted Para-Psychic

The erupted powers you have gained are not as vast as other Para-Psychics. The skill point bonus you receive for this Drawback depends on
how limited your Para-Psychic abilities are.

1 - You are unable to manifest your secondary and tertiary talents.
2 - You are unable to manifest any Para-Psychic powers beyond those you erupted with.

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