Albinism means carrying a trendy parasol under most lighting conditions.

Name: Koizumi Saya
Age: All characters featured in this game are at least 18 years of age. 14…ish
Height: Secret
Weight: Double-secret
Measurements: Triple-secret
Ta'ge Symbiont: Nightmare Efreet (Metamorphosed: Inferno)
Role-Models: Nanoha Takamachi, Sailor Moon, Ai Kagano

Stats and Such

Human Form Tager Form
Attribute Rating Secondary Attributes Attribute Rating Secondary Attributes
Agility 6 Actions 1 Agility 9 Actions 3
Intellect 5 Movement 13 mph (32/8 ypt) Intellect 5 Movement 25 mph (62/14 ypt)
Perception 7 Orgonne 0 (11) Perception 9 Orgonne 0
Presence 7 Reflex 6 Presence 7 Reflex 7
Strength 9 (6) Vitality 15 Strength 18 Vitality 21
Tenacity 11 (9) Drama Points 10 Tenacity 14 Jump/Climb 4 across, 2 vertical / 12 mph (31/7 ypt)
Sanity Damage: 2 Disorders: Sociopathy
Athletics 2
Hobby 1 (Cosplay; presence)
Intimidate 2
Medicine 2
Misdirect 3
Observation 3
Occult 2 (Shinto 1)
Persuade 4 (Magical Girl Speeches 1)
Seduction 3 (Cocktease 1)
Streetwise 2
Trivia 1 (area: Magical Girls)
Combat Skills
Dodge 4
Fighting 2
Marksman 3 (Tager 1)
Free Skills
Language: English 2
Language: Japanese 4
Literacy 2
Regional Knowledge 2 (areas: New Edo, Around school)
Value Human Tager
Strength Damage Mod. +1 +4
Regeneration 1/hour 1d10/round
Armor 0 2/2
Wound Level Vitality Vitality
Unhurt 0 0
Flesh Wounds 15 21
Light Wounds 30 42
Moderate wounds 45 63
Serious wounds 60 84
Death's door 75 105

A note on the HP tracks above: they represent the max. total damage to fill a level and all above it. More or less. It's kind of confusing, but it's how I keep track of things. If Saya's taken X damage, the chart above can tell me where she is in terms of wound penalties, as each entry in teh chart is the bottom of a specific level. Really, this set-up works better with little boxes like in WW games.

Tager Weapons

  • Searing Filaments (+2, total damage with strength mod: +8) - Fire whip, may be used to entangle.
  • Dragon Breath - Range 10/25/50, damage +4, shots 2, infinite rounds. Ignites combustible materials.
  • Fireburst - 3 yard burst, damage +4, shots 2, infinite rounds. Damages all in close proximity, ignites flammable materials.
  • Firestarter Special tager quality.
    • Efreets are all burny and glowy. They can consciously dampen this but will still leave scorch marks everywhere and char footprints into surfaces not flame resistant. If left to full effect, flammable materials can be ignited with a mere touch. Anything that physically strikes an efreet takes 2 dice of damage, which can be soaked by armor (I assume this means using natural weapons, not just any melee attack; also that this damage is not applied to enemies the efreet strikes in melee, though it might apply to grappled/entangled foes). Efreets suffer a -8 penalty to stealth tests when shifted, and they produce a cloud of partially-obscuring bubbles when in water. Efreets are immune to any kind of fire, including plasma blasts.

Other Qualities of Note

  • Flight speed of 75 mph (186/42 ypt)
  • Can generate and control flames as an expert-level pyrokinetic, at no orgone cost or load time.
  • +8 to stealth while engulfed in flames, and can merge with and travel within fires at a rate equivalent to 400 mph. Only useful in the case of very large fires, I suspect.


  • Tager (4) - Saya is a tager.
  • Exceptional Tager (2) - Correction: Saya is a Nightmare.
  • Rare Tager (1) - Er, never mind. Efreet.
  • Variant Tager - Saya has different attacks for her tager. Attributes and defenses remain the same.
  • Battle Negotiator (2) - Saya is particularly good at forcing others to listen to what she has to say or back down on pain of (further) violence. Each episode, she receives two free drama points that can be spent only in situations where she's trying to convince an opponent to back down or see her point of view during combat. These free drama points must be kept track of separately, and unused free drama points are lost at the end of the episode. Storyguides should require that this asset be adequately portrayed in order for the characters to receive the free drama points.
  • Minor Empathy (2) - Saya has a knack for reading people's emotions. She gets a +2 test bonus when dealing with anything of emotional content in one-on-one or small group interaction including uses of Misdirect, Persuasion, Savoir-Faire, or Seduction skills. She also gains this bonus for bluffing, detecting lies, or determining how someone feels about her, someone else, or just in general. This may or may not apply to anything when she is in tager form.
  • Double Jointed (1) - Saya's joints bend in unusual ways, and she is very flexible. She gains a +2 test bonus to all tests when attempting to escape restraints or to fit and move in tight spaces. It may also be an exotic turn-on for some who have tentacles.
  • Pet (1) - Saya owns a pet ferret. It's useless beyond the usual companionship and entertainment value a barely trained varmint can provide, such as cuddling, tricks, reactions to new or unsavory foods intentionally offered to it by rotten kids, and so-on. It knows a few simple tricks and comes when called so it can't get too far lost.


  • Albinism (2) - Nazzadi Achromatosis, by any other name (because why only black aliens can suffer from albinism is beyond me). Saya is an albino, and lacks all pigment. Her skin burns easily from exposure to sunlight, and bruises easily, but has a pale, porcelain-like quality. Her hair is naturally white. She suffers a -2 test penalty to actions requiring sight while in bright light, and a -4 test penalty in blinding direct light, like sunlight on a cloudless day, when not wearing tinted protective lenses.
  • Delusions (2) - Probably a coping mechanisms to avoid the truth of an expanded consciousness of the cosmos and humanity's place within it. Saya believes that she is a magical girl, just like the heroines she idolizes. She's…maybe about half right. This must be roleplayed, or she might suffer a test penalty because things just don't seem right to her.
  • Duty: School (1) - Saya spends a lot of her time at school, just like anyone her age. She also studies hard because she's not the sharpest tool in the shed.
  • Duty: Shrine (1) - Saya's family is in charge of a shrine within the New Edo arcology. She has responsibilities to help out on weekends and during festivals. She msut devote some of her leisure time to such activities as sweeping the grounds or otherwise being a miko.
  • Impetuous (2) - FULL POWER, TOTAL DESTRUCTION. Saya is impulsive and often acts before thinking things through. She must succeed at a Challenging tenacity feat test in order to not rush forward with the most obvious and least thought out course of action. This assumes that she stops to consider her options at all, meaning I won't even roll if I want to rush forward with said option. If inadequately portrayed, Saya will probably suffer test penalties due to moping for holding herself back.
  • Low Pain Threshold (3) - Saya bruises and wounds easily, and is a little whiny cunt when it comes to pain. She suffers an additional -1 in wound penalties. Thus, she suffers -2 at light wounds, -4 at moderate, and -7 at serious. She also suffers a -1 test penalty to resist the effects of physical torture or pain. In very rare situations, this may be vaguely useful, as she might notice a "painless" hypospray injector surreptitiously used upon her or some such.
  • Misfit (1) - Saya gets her share of weird looks and quiet gossip for things like her appearance, her illness, or her supposedly violent disposition.


Saya is average height and build for a girl her age. She bloomed early, however, and is generally regarded as well-developed stacked by her peers. Her hair and eyes are the characteristic white and pink of albinism, and her skin is very pale. Saya's eyes tend to look either pink or purple, depending on lighting conditions, and what she's wearing. She wears her hair in twintails, long, and a little wavy. Usually, she also wears a floppy hat of some kind. She wears special glasses to help with vision problems in bright light; the lenses automatically darken when exposed to bright light for a few minutes. Beyond that, she usually wears her school uniform, or something a few months to years behind the cutting edge of fashion. Or, if she's working at the shrine or it's a festival, the ever-popular miko outfit. She has faint surgical scars from repeated organ replacements, and will point them out if someone asks her about them. She also usually has a few bandages covering injuries at any given time.


Saya suffers from some sort of horrible condition in which hr body continually devours itself. Or it's just an autoimmune disease. Whatever the case, one of the primary symptoms is a persistent cough, and the rest involve her internal organs slowly failing. Thanks to the miracles of arcanotechnology, Saya's case isn't so much hopeless as a continual dance of health, sudden severe illness, and surgery and arcanotherapy to replace severely damaged tissue and organs with freshly cloned ones. This does at least allow her to live an active, if fragile, lifestyle, in which she tends to appear perfectly healthy except for maybe some slight asthma. And possibly bruising or getting cut a bit too easily. She handles things with a sunny outlook, and doesn't seem to be bothered by her own condition very much. She'll event tally off how many hearts, kidneys, livers, and other organs she's gone through.

Saya's family life is fairly normal, and also traditional. Her family is made up of caretakers for a shrine, after all. She has a few more chores than usual because of it, but she also gets a "cool" house with a lot of room, which is rare in an arcology, but the Japanese had fit shrines into their densely-packed cities before, and now was no different. Friends tend to like visiting, though. Her mother and father are both strict in most cases, but pay little enough attention to her that she can manage to avoid trouble with a bit of luck and a careful story or two. She has an older sister, Kagami, whom she adores (despite frequently teasing her about being a "total slut"). The two siblings tend to get along well and split the household chores. In addition to a lot of Shinto rites and practices, such as sweeping the grounds on a daily basis, Saya has learned some other things like a bit of archery as part of her upbringing.

School life is about normal for Saya. She has a few friends, works hard to get average grades (she's a bit dim), and so-on. She doesn't attend any after-school clubs, though. She follows a few anime series religiously, and knows a lot about the magical girl genre. She collects a lot of the merchandise for the shows and occasionally indulges in cosplay. Her current favorite series is Viol*ent Eldritch Girl Pichoa, starring a young girl who, through the course of the series, ends up gaining magical powers, encountering various strange monsters and defeating them, and eventually falling in with a strange race called the Tsab, who had originally created the devices she uses and were pretty much forced to recognize her as a warrior-queen due to her exploits. And that's just the first season. There's still plenty more things to deal with on Earth~

Notable Possessions

  • Cell Phone - All japanese children are born with one these days. Has the usual assortment of gadgets for e-mail/text, a camera, etc.
  • A plethora of Picoha merchandise - Mostly stored in her room. Plushies, figures, comics, and so-on.
  • Sapphic erotica - Hidden carefully in her room. Mostly Picoha doujins. Healthy, not lewd.
  • Glasses - Not corrective, they just adjust tint according to exposure to intense light.
  • Parasol - They'll be back in style, I swear.
  • School books, notebooks, and assorted other supplies - Doodles in the margins of most notebooks or similar.
  • Miko outfit and Gohei - Traditional shrine maiden equipment. Yin-yang orbs not included.
  • Yuuno - Saya's pet ferret. She also has a spacious cage to keep him in, bedding, food and toys for him, a water dish, etc.

Earned: 265

  • 10 XP: Dodge 2
  • 20 XP: Int 5
  • 25 XP: Agility 6 - ((Had to do some shuffling of traits, so this goes with it.))
  • 5 XP: Intimidation 1 (Too much Lyrical Project Nanorymer.)
  • 10 XP: shooting 2 - Practical practice, or something.
  • 10 xp: Fighting 2 - Combat, "wrestling" with onee-chan, whatever.
  • 20 XP: Persuade 4 - explanation forthcoming, I just didn't want to keep upping combat skills.
  • 10 XP: Seduction 2 - Saya knows how to be a tease~
  • 5 xp: Streetwise 1 - Sneaking out to patrol for monsters and bad guys. And/or walks with her sister.
  • 15 xp Persuade Focus: Magical Girl Speeches. She's been practicing in front of the mirror, for when it's time to call people out in the name of some god with an unpronounceable name.
  • 15 XP: Seduction Focus: Being a tease - Camwhoring's good for some things. Like knowing how to titillate and lead people on. Might be very handy for this waitress job, too.
  • 5 XP: Rare tager asset
  • 5 XP: Variant tager asset
  • 20 XP: Dodge 3
  • 20 XP: Marksman 3
  • 10 XP: Intimidate 2
  • 10 XP: Streetwise 2
  • 20 XP: Seduction 3
  • 20 XP: Dodge 4

Total spent: 255

Other rewards: 2 drama points; they're gone when spent, though.

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