Rosario Scaglietti

Rosario is a quiet boy of Italian descent, and the son of a prominent political family. Always shy, he's had an easier time with books then people, and after being skipped ahead two grades he was completely out of his social depth, and quickly labelled with the nickname spaghetti, for his terrible social skills, and has been too afraid to really try again as a whole since, instead concentrating on his grades, terrified to ruin the reputation his family by failing.

To pressure him into being more social, before these habits became an embarrassment, Rosario's father pressured him to join a group, which he eventually did find in the form of a young drama group, to train himself to be better at speaking and more comfortable with crowds, but due to his small size and appearance, and certain club members pressure, he easily wound up being peer pressured by people into taking on female roles, and earned the slightly more affectionate nickname used by people that like him, Rose.

somehow within this mess of neurosis', his hate of being picked on and seeing the same happen to others, the need to handle his responsibilities in school and endure the drama club's wrath into blossoming into one of the hopeful. Seeing visions in his dreams, claiming his spirit was that of a warrior, longing for justice for those wronged, to bare burdens and help others around do the same. Any protests that he’s a coward and couldn’t handle fighting were rebuffed, telling him that he already endures great hardships and will learn to be brave.

Rosario's appearance is that of a short, androgynous boy. He has slightly long for a male pink hair that hides the edges of his glasses, he’s short, even in his proper age group and only looks up actively. He doesn’t protest any of the treatment he’s given and quickly apologises for anything someone else dislikes, even if it isn’t his fault. Transformed, his meek stance doesn’t change, but his outfit becomes a tight sort of battle dress. Thin strips of metal woven into an outfit decorated with courtly heart like designs, his hair pulled back into a long ponytail of brighter pink and his pupils magically focusing into a heart shape.

Name: Rosario Scaglietti / Muse Melpomene
Player: Thoon
Chronicle: (link)
Virtue: Justice
Vice: Envy
Concept: Spaghetti Champion
Calling: Champion
Queen: Hearts
Embassy: N/A


Power Intelligence **** / **** Strength ** / *** Presence *** / ***
Finesse Wits ** / ** Dexterity ** / ** Manipulation * / *
Resistance Resolve ** / ** Stamina ** / ** Composure **** / ****


Mental (-3 unskilled)
Academics *** / ***
Computer ** / **
Crafts - / -
Investigation * / *
Medicine - / -
Occult * / *
Politics ** / **
Science ** / **
Physical (-1 unskilled)
Athletics * / *
Brawl - / -
Drive - / -
Firearms - / -
Larceny * / *
Stealth *** / ***
Survival - / -
Weaponry *** / ***
Social (-1 unskilled)
Animal Ken * / *
Empathy * / *
Expression ** / **
Intimidation - / -
Persuasion - / -
Socialize - / -
Streetwise - / -
Subterfuge - / -

Other Traits:

Shikigami (Shared) *
Onceborn **
Trained Memory *
Striking Transformation **
Royal Tongue *
Terra: **
Specchio: ***
Adult Supervision Parents expect certain behaviour
Coward Easily scared by monsters, loud noises or social encounters alike, but tries to overcome it.
Embarrassing Phylactery Small, pink heart earring
Small -1 size, even ignoring the skipped grades Rosario is shorter then normal.
Belief: 8
Inner Light: 1
Shadows: 2
Galemarks: 0
Sensitivity: 1
Wisps: 8 10
Normal: 4 6
Transformed: 5 6
Total: B L A
6 3 1 0
Barrier Jacket: 1
Defence: 2 2
Initiative Modifier: 6 6
Speed: 9 10
Size: 4
Animal Ken: Cats
Stealth: Crowds
Expression: Acting


Shikigami [*+ (Special)]

As part of the local magical girls, part of Rosario's magic's helped make this.

Trained Memory [*]

Rosario has spent his life memorising speeches, long mathematical problems, names, etiquette for people he's visiting and more, and learnt a few tricks to recall things. By spending a turn to concentrate during non stressful times, he can recall surprising amounts of detail. While stressed this is unusable, the character must make the same Int+Comp roll for recalling detail that anyone else must.

Striking Transformation [**]

Perhaps he just cleans up well from being used for prsentations, maybe it's the strong connection with the hopeful ideals he holds and his image of an idolized self surpassing his plain normal appearance, or possibly just from the slight taint of Specchio magic making people see what they want, Rosario's transformation is notably attractive, attention grabbing and he is not just hard to recognise, but can easily be mistaken for entirely the wrong gender. While transformed, he gains +1 on all social rolls where attractiveness helps while transformed.

Onceborn [**]

Rosario's soul works well with the Hopeful, It wasn't trapped in the dreamland and wasn't crushed by the fall, his innocence gives him starting Belief 8, not 7.

Royal Tongue [*]

Rosario has a grasp on the dense royal tongue princesses can speak. Though he might die from embarassment being caught speaking it in public, if he spends a turn declaring the use of it and a charm, its activation roll gains the 9-again quality.



I'm the Best! (Bless * Specchio *)

* Action: Reflexitive and contested: Presence+WIts vs. Composure + Advantage
* 1 Wisp
* Duration: 1 extended action
* This charm can be used to enhance any contested extended action against an opponent who has a higher dice pool than they do. Each success removed one dice from the target's pool and adds one to Roses. Max Specchio (3) at any time.


Kensai (Fight *)

* Action: Permanent
* Strength + Weaponry, 3/4 lethal/bashing damage, Durability 2, Structure 4, Size 2?
* Rosario has an elegant duelist's rapier, it's handle and guard reminiscent of a beautiful flower, with a subtle but wicked rose thorn like blade that he has a (relatively) intuitive feel for using. Despite the impossibility, it sheaths easily and is much better at thrusting rather then slashing. With practice, it can now be altered to have the blades edge lost and be used to subdue foes as well. Now it is sharper.

You Might Hurt Yourself (Fight **)

* Requires Kensai
* Action: Reflexitive and contested: Dex+Weaponry vs. Strength + Weaponry
* 1 Wisp
* Duration: instant
* When attacked by an armed foe, Rose may use this and, if he wins the contest, the oppoent is disarmed and the weapon goes flying Strength (2) yards in a random direction. Rose still takes damamge from the attack if it overcomes his defense and must be unarmed to use it.

One Woman Warband (Fight ** Specchio ***)

* Action: Reflexitive unrolled
* 1 Wisp
* Duration: 1 turn
* When this Charm is activated the Noble makes a Dodge action giving her a
Defence equal to the lower of her usual Defence while Dodging and twice his Specchio. However, every
subsequent attack after the first increases his Defence by one rather than decreasing his Defence. He
may add two Defence with Willpower as normal.


Barrier Jacket (Perfect *)

* Action: Permanent
* Armour: Half Inner Light rounded up (1) Invocation can be applied to improve it.
* Beautiful, arcane armor of light is formed to protect a champion like Rose. It's proudly decorated with the hearts of his queen and far more striking then what would be expected.

Beauty is talented (Perfect *, Specchio *)

* Action: Instant, Presence + Composure
* 1 Wisp
* Duration: successes in turns
* Beautiful people are just better, they are stronger, faster and smarter, and while transformed, Rosario has a chance at the limelight he never really has, while he may develop a little ego as its active, he may apply his Striking Looks bonus to any rolls he makes.

Vanity derangement

Experience: 0/59
spent on:
6 for Specchio 2
4 for Subduing upgrade on Kensai
9 for Specchio 3
8 for One Woman Warband
4 on I'm The Best!
9 for Weaponry 3
15 for Presence 3
4 for Damaging upgrade on Kensai

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