Rogues Gallery
First Encounter / Template
Appearance Perfectly normal and unassuming.
Personality and history Unremarkable and mundane
Powers and abilities Universal control, Peak Human Athletic Ability

Adezan Bowers
Appearance Well dressed, well trimmed, maintaining a very specific ‘Causal Billionaire CEO’ look. Aedezan prides himself on looking like he’s always ready for a photo opportunity and easily recognised.
Personality and history Brilliant businessman in charge of Bowers Technology, a massively successful mega conglomerate, in charge of everything from household appliances to social media like Chirper. Plagued daily with claims of plagiarism or unethically muscling in on patents, but these rarely go to court and are ruthlessly disproven when they do.
Powers and abilities Ruthless business mind, Excellent PR, Inexhaustible Wealth, Shameless lack of Ethics
Dr Hasegawa
Appearance Long past prioritizing his appearance, he’s a roughly shaved, baggy eyed mess that looks like he doesn’t get enough sleep, but under all that is a dismissive look of understanding and scheming.
Personality and history Runa’s ‘father’ (potentially quite literally) he was cast from grace and Ratatoskr as the truth of his unethical experiments came to light and while Runa was ‘made do with’ as a government agent thanks to her unique abilities, he refused to be restricted from pursuing his own studies, furthering his extreme notions of transhumanism. He was broken out of prison by terrorists that were communicating with him to design a chemical weapon but since then been found mostly dead, bodies wracked with heavy mutations and since there there have only been rare sightings of the man himself in differing locations.
Powers and abilities Brilliant scientist,biology and chemistry with a specialty in genetics,. Expert philosopher. Numerous criminal and government contacts.
Appearance Largely shapeless, this creature has no consistent limbs, sensory parts or central mass to it, but also stands out well due to this unique chaotic lack of a form, and seems to lack ability to maintain anything for too long.
Personality and history Found in the ice many years ago and carefully extracted. It was used in unethical experiments and thought dead until experiments reanimated it. Initially seemingly mindless, it has escaped and has been in hiding, feeding on any biomass it can find to sustain itself. It is incredibly dangerous but seems to lack a goal to pursue.
Powers and abilities Jotun physiology, Near immortal, Unpredictable Combatant, Shape Shifter
Dragon Moth
Appearance Conflicting reports. Multiple criminals have claimed to be, and witnesses report as swarms of insects. Possibly exists as cult of some sort with a focus on death and destruction.
Personality and history Links to numerous acts of assassination, arson and sabotage.
Powers and abilities Unknown level of mastery over fire, death, entropy, chaos
'The general'
Appearance A face thats only remarkable feature is just how forgettable it is. Short black hair, small eyes, clean shaved. He has a wiry build, and seems to take to ostentacious overdressing for operations.
Personality and history Presumed mastermind of the poisoning incident. Somehow drawing out excised lifeforce into a portal and maiming a death god for unknown reasons.
Powers and abilities Military training, Expert reflexes, Informed about team, Magical knowledge.
Zeno De Eleana
Appearance A man, beginning to show his age, with a scowl and intense glare permanently etched on. He uses a disguise to to hide the worst of his leathered skin, marked with scars and faded tattoos and wears hooded robes, covered as well by his spell to appear more sociably acceptable. He is never without a large staff topped by a pale hand holding an orb.
Personality and history Head of the Association of Vacancies, a secretive society with a collection of fronts in property trades as both a front, and to secretly amass land for ritualistic purposes. His primary desire to bring their elder god into reality and constantly search for the gate to do so, as well obtain the key, currently in the hands of Turner.
Powers and abilities A large legitimate organization makes him potentially the wealthiest man in the world. Head of cult with numerous fanatically loyal followers. Skilled spellcaster. Possesses many artifacts. Knowledge of things strange to even magic users.
Appearance Maybe in his early fourties physically, the Golemancer keeps a formal and professional look, but only one that will be appreciated by other mages.
Personality and history Owner of a humble shop of magical works, both on a mundane level and a grander cosmic one, the Golemancer has outlived much of his ambition and drive in life and seeks to find something to restore that.
Powers and abilities Magical knowledge, control of a number of golems and personal manse of artifacts.
Appearance Massive layered horns spiral off, shading her four burning eyes, she's described as 12 feet tall, and has one arm replaced with a burning whip with a dozen swords embedded into its length
Personality and history Supposedly summoned by Zeno De Eleana as the grunt worker for his plans, fortunantly she wasn't, and merely schemes to steal the souls of all mortality in peace at the moment.
Powers and abilities Apocolyptic class demon.
Bialbia, Demon Thief of Lust
Appearance Able to shapeshift to numerous forms, but her natural form's notible features are tall, long hair, beautiful, with dark purple skin and massive demonic horns. Obviously at a lance to be a succubus and particularly lithe for one at that.
Personality and history Summoned by Zeno De Eleana with the goal of stealing the silver keys from Turner. She prides herself on natural skill to maintain her title as a thief demon and professionalism to that role, to the point of avoiding magic whenever she can under her own power. She is very malicious, but her pride easily takes the front when appealed to.
Powers and abilities Expert thief with expertise in all manner of infiltration, sleight of hand, forgery and other skills that might be of use to her career. Demon and Succubus magic including planar travel, shapechanging, soul draining, flight and hellfire control.
Bialbu, Ruin Demon of Sloth
Appearance An obvious demon with blue skin, she is smaller then her sister, and more ambitiously dressed for her future succubus role (or simply that she can’t be bothered to put on more then the basics), she still obviously carries the impressive diabolic lineage of Bial with her oversized horns and small, clawed butt-wings.
Personality and history Summoned to provide information on her families dealings, she has been bound with a deal to continue getting an easy ride on the local plane for the price of sabotaging her sister’s plans.
Powers and abilities Abilities of a Sloth demon, magic and knowledge specialized towards ruin.
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