Regina Smithson Adeva

Regina "Reggie"/"Gina" Smithson

Background: Impact Survivor
Profession: Evangelion Pilot, Beserker
Rank (2): Savage


WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel SR
34 25 31 38 41 31 31 40 30 42
Bonuses 3 3 4 3 3 4 3 4
Wounds 8 Fate points 2
Insanity 10 Ego Barrier 100


  • Just Try Me - Reduce Sanity damage taken by WB (to a minimum of 1)
  • Prepared For The Worst - When spending a fate point to reset Initiative to 10, roll a d10: on a result of 7, 8 , 9, or 0 the fate point is not spent.
  • Uncomfortable Memories - Living through a world going through Second Impact has left her with some things she'd rather not remember. A certain trigger will remind her of those: she takes -20 to Willpower Tests for as long as the trigger is there, and for 1d5 rounds after.
  • Trauma - Those memories have left Regina a slight bit unhinged. Not so much she can't function as a death-dealing monstrosity governed by NERV, but she's still not all there. -10 Insanity Points off the bat.

Assets and Flaws

  • Ambidextrous 100 xp - Can use either hand equally well, does not take the -20 penalty for making attacks with her off hand. Or her ravenous mouth, for that matter. Every weapon counts.
  • Driven 200 xp - Alice gains a conditional fate point to be spent to overcome incredible odds or when refusing to back down form a superior enemy. It may never be burnt.
  • Uncanny Luck 100 xp - Treat Gamble as trained; Once a session, Regina may subtract 2d10 from an already rolled skill.
  • Troublemaker 200 xp - Trained in any 2: Concealment, Deceive, Gamble, Silent Move, Sleight of Hand.

-20 on their skill for apparent authority to use coercion against her through Command or Charm

  • Big Ego -200 xp - Whenever someone shows themselves more skilled than me, make an easy (+10) Willpower test or take -10 to Fellowship, Intelligence, and Perception for 1 hour. Additionally, permanently lose 5 SR when burning a fate point for the shame of defeat; this may be recouped by 'redeeming' herself suitably.
  • Hoarder -100 xp - Hoards things 'just in case' in stashes all over the place. Must make a willpower test to share anything with another, even if they desperately need it.
  • Short Fuse -100 xp - When confronted or otherwise stressed and agitated, make a willpower test or fly into a rage against whatever is the source of her anger or trash the surrounding area.


  • AT Power: Deflective Field
  • AT Power: Neutralize
  • Skill proficiency:
  • Skill proficiency:
  • Melee Weapon Training (general)
  • Skill proficiency: Common Lore (Second Impact)
  • Skill proficiency: Tech Use
  • Skill: Speak Language (English) (int)
  • Skill: Literacy (int)
  • Skill Proficiency/training: Gamble
  • Skill Proficiency/training: Sleight of Hand
  • Skill Proficiency/training: Silent Move
  • Ghost in the Machine // 200 xp
  • Street Fighting //100 xp

Experience: 1100/1200

Evangelion Unit 10

52 40 33 30 41
Location Armor Wounds
Head 1 3
R. Arm 1 5
L. Arm 1 5
Body 3 9
R. Leg 1 5
L. Leg 1 5
  • Soul Destructive - Filled with rage at everything, the EVA adds 1 to critical melee damage while beserking; also add 3 to collateral when beserking instead of 2.
  • Mutation Predatory - The evangelion has a ravenous maw they can bite with, dealing 1d5+2 rending damage. Additionally, gain +3 WS and +3 Strength.
  • Construction Advanced Battery - The eva can go 6 rounds without power instead of 5.
  • History - Prototype - The eva gains an additional mutation ,but has -1 armor to all locations.
    • Mutation Angelsense - Start with AT Ping.
  • Color Dull Grey - She truly pilots a killing machine.


  • SUP: 0
  • WUP: 1
  • BUP: 1

SR: 31-50: -10 to WS, BS, and AG tests. +10 to resist feedback.

Progressive Knife
Pallet Gun
Knife Dock

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