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Theoretical game time is on Wednesdays at 8PM CST, however, until Thoon gets his shit together, it would be safe to consider this on hiatus. I definitely do hope to bring this back though so don't lose hope.
Until then, if you have complaints about this, please refer to:

The Game:

A close to show-themed game, the characters will be students at a school, receive minimal funds, struggle to survive even before Angels show up.
Rules are pretty standard. Expect brutal combat, spend, burn and earn fate points like champs, etc.

  • Test plugsuits are all that's available. If you don't want one, be prepared to pilot naked. It's entirely doable.
  • Turned in character sheets determine order of numbered child and Evangelion. You can ask for it to be changed, and stuff like prototype trait may also add to this, but eh, flavour.
  • A few other things mentioned in the chatroom. Nothing special.


NERV-01, AKA NERV Boston has acted as the research powerhouse of NERV, for as long as it has existed, without incident. Being the main cause in the cities extensive restoration and maintenance since Second Impact back into the city it once was. However all this changed, when the city was suddenly assaulted by a strange creature that came to be called an Angel. In a costly and extremely destructive fight, the being was finally removed by use of multiple N2 mines, almost reducing the city to a state worse then Second Impact. Since then however, it has undergone another reconstruction and is still continuing this process. With reason to believe more were coming, NERV mobilized its forces and pilots that have been in training, deployed in different parts of the world or are extraordinary candidates have been called in to serve as the front line for the city.

At the time of pilots being placed on active duty, the city is undergoing various stages of reconstruction. Parts of the city are in need of overhaul, but its once again heavily populated. Many buildings are still however unoccupied, however its theorized that these can used to an advantage, providing supportive structures for the Evangelion units.

Base Of Operations:

NERV-01, Boston. Under the management of UN Military veteran and now Commander Jack Colburn, the base is still undergoing re-purposing towards becoming a defensive structure. Like any NERV, it could hold off an entire army with little trouble, but an Angel is a very different matter. It is however, still very much a centre of research and hard at work to figure out how to improve the quality of it Evangelion units, as well as how to defeat the Angels. Dr. Kabal leading many of these projects with the usage of the bases advanced MAGI computer system.

Due to its origins as a research centre, the Base of Operations has a surplus of 20 which must be spent on research and must be spent before game start or it is lost

Current Surplus: 12 normal
Ongoing Research:
Completed Research: Recessive buildings update to Boston, Tier 2 Scientific Advancement
Recent Money sinks: 1 surplus to repair Helen's Progressive Knife, 2 to facilitate upgrades

Summery of recent events:
Finally detecting an angel in flight, the pilots intercepted it, only to find it more then prepared. With limited resources and without all their members, the Angel's superior range and devastating physical ability nearly Pulling victory only barely from the jaws of defeat.

Base Of Operations known Resources:

  • One Pallet Gun, Progressive Knife, and Wing Loadout (Knife dock) upgrade for each Evangelion.
  • The Magi Supercomputer system.
  • One Prototype and one Test-Type of C, D and E Type Equipment.
  • One Evangelion Carrier Plane for each Evangelion.
  • One Mobile Support Structure and Support Drop for each Evangelion.
  • Three Launch Ports, six Umbilical Ports, four Support Caches and one Embarkation Point for the Base of Operations.
  • Two wings of standard VTOL aircraft and one Bumblebee VTOL.
  • Four Tank Squadrons.
  • Two N-HT VTOL "Firefly" units.

The default map and its layout will be used, any newly purchased equipment will need to be placed.


List of AdEva NPCs
List of Angels


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