Railgun Ctech

In which Vega finally decides to GM something hopefully stress-free, and proceeds to abuse para-psychics the way tager-chan abuses tagers.

As discussed ,this is pretty much just dumping the PCs into Not Academy City, and going from there. Any luck, and shenanigans I must provide as GM will be minimal ,beyond weird character interaction. Plot, uh, it'll happen if I think of one. Current ideas in the running involve ripping off things such as Railgun itself, and such horrors as Sonic games (hey, one of them even has a telekinetic, and Sonic himself is just spamming that speed-boost power).

Houserules and Stuff

To have a link to it, consider taking a gander at the enhancements over here: Para-Psychic Enhancements as I'll probably allow them for various things.

We'll be Using Thoon's stuff, too: thoons-ctech-houserules

Other houserules are pending, but may include such things as only one power per person, period (but at least it advances as a primary power).

  • Latent para-psychic without anything else means you're a Level 0. This is acceptable, but kind of defeats the purpose of the game.
  • Because of the nature of the arcology, the various things such as armbands and such may be reduced or non-existent, but you are being watched. Everyone also must be a registered para-psychic if they're in the city in the first place. Stigma related to powers will be low to nothing, at least.
  • If it's a limit of one power per person, all tiers will be available. Latent Para-psychic would cost 2 points, and your one power costs 2 points for tier 1, 3 for tier 2, or 4 for tier 3.
    • Currently, we're NOT doing this system, powers are working under normal CTech rules.



The important guys go here.

Akaike_Kuko Played by Scribblefag
Asagami Haruka Played by Thoon


Assorted useless sluts and other supporting cast who keep coming back to bother you sociopaths.

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