Purity Margaret

//Purity is the daughter of hippie parents that encouraged her far too much. What started as innocent interest in traditional forms of art, Purity somehow developed an fondness for disturbing art, and when she developed her talent for life magic, she started taking it further on base life with no remorse. She was quickly sent to magic school with the hope they would eliminate this penchant, she instead took it as an opportunity to further it.

Since then she's become increasingly wild and unconstrained. Despite any discipline she might face, she quickly bounces back from any punishment, open minded but quick to speak her mind, despite being a delinquent, she's very intelligent, with a wide range of knowledge on everything from biotechnology to medicine, and gained an obsessive interest in transhumanism. Among classmates she scares others but acts completely unconcerned with this reputation, her attempts to perfect her transitional magic, mostly limited to only animals with her level of expertise on humans is typically seen as open hostility it's earnestly only her passion for her art getting carried away.

She has her general look, wild hair, an average figure, loose clothing, including modified uniform, especially her hat, a grissly collection of things that almost seems like it was alive, but her exact details seem to shift daily, as she continuously practices her abilities on herself attempting to feel out the latest trends.//


Power Intelligence 4 Strength 2 Presence 3
Finesse Wits 2 Dexterity 2 Manipulation 1
Resistance Resolve 2 Stamina 3 Composure 3



Academics 1
Computer 0
Crafts 4
Investigation 0
Medicine 2
Occult 4
Politics 0
Science 0


Athletics 1
Brawl 0
Drive 0
Larceny 2
Stealth 0
Survival 1
Weaponry 0


Animal Ken 3
Empathy 0
Expression 2
Intimidate 1
Persuasion 0
Socialize 0
Streetwise 0
Subterfuge 1

Other Traits


Familiar (Embodied) 4
Tolerance for biology 1
Predator's Bearing 2


Size 5
Defense 2
Initiative Modifier 5
Speed 9
Experience ?


Death 0
Fate 0
Forces 0
Life 3
Matter 2
Mind x
Prime 0
Space 0
Spirit 1
Time 0
Health 8
Bash Lethal Aggravated
Current 0 0 0
Willpower 3 5
Mana 6 10
Gnosis 1
Wisdom 7
Type Amount
None 0
Protective Spells
Name Amount
None 0
None 0


Familiar (Embodied) [4]

Purity has an awesome familiar, while it started its life as… presumably a cat, it seems to have gone missing. Now she has a hat, with a tentacled bow, several googy or bloodshot eye buttons, sometimes a tongue, teeth, a hand, and the ability to wander around the dorms at night. That's just rumor, though. But if it were mutated into a horrible monster by amateur Vicissitude, it would have these stats

  • Specializations
    • Craft: Fleshcrafting
    • Occult: Monsters
    • Expression: Meatwhistle

Tolerance for Biology [1]

Purity isn't phased by the messy aspects of her specialty in life magic. If anything she's actively fond of it, and as a result, she gets a +2 bonus for all rolls to keep her composure

Predator's Bearing [2]

Purity, as any true artist, isn't understood by most, They're scared of her and her finger on the pulse of modern arcane life, and her desire to bring humanity up into a truly beautiful form. Also, she's kind of a freak, half her wardrobe is alive and her life magic isn't quite as good as she thinks it is. Wherever her subtly scary demeanour could benefit her she gets +1 dice (indimitation, expression, seduction, socialize, for example) but she also suffers -1 whenever it would work against her and she actually wants to put on a good impression, lie, pass by unnoticed, etc


Life rotes:

  • Healing Heart
    • Life 3
    • Pool: 8 (Composure + Medicine + Life)
    • 1 mana
    • Heals 1 lethal or bashing wound a sucess, touch range
  • Transfer Median Features
    • Life 3
    • Pool: 9 (Intelligence + Medicine + Life) vs. Stamina
    • 0 mana
    • Transfers 1 feature a success at touch range
  • Two Faces
    • Life 3 (6 exp)
    • Pool: 6 (Wits + Subterfuge + Life)
    • 0 mana
    • Each success allows changing a single feature on self (eg, eye colour, skin colour, hair length) to a maximum of up to 10 pounds. Complex change (like fingerprints) need life 4
  • Transform Base Life
    • Life 2 (4 exp)
    • Pool: 10 (Intelligence + Animal Ken or Survival + Life) vs. Stamina
    • 0 mana
    • Transform base life (insects, plants, etc) into other base life at sensory range, maximum size 20 and lowering size is easy, but increasing carries penalties (page 184 for details), swarms can be made with severity based on size.

Purity's Desireable Goals at life 4:
Doppelgenger (radically alter self)
Many Faces (alter others)

The dream:
Transform Other (radically change others)
Fantasia (Make fantasy creatures/abominations)

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