Pulp Scenario

7th Edition Call of Cthulhu Pulp Scenario.

An upcoming Call of Cthulhu pulp book is coming out in what might be singular or a full on campaign. And we're going to play it while spitting in Sandy Peterson eye while we punch out Cthulhu while shotgunning Azathoth.

Possible scenarios

THE DISINTEGRATOR - Gatecrash an auction and obtain a mysterious device for your benefactor!
WAITING FOR THE HURRICANE - A hurricane descends on the Flordida keys and our group is finding something mighty strange going on that under the seige of wind and rain they'll have to stop.
PANDORA’S BOX - Disappearances! Rumors of 'pandora's box'! what could all this mean to the heros?!
SLOW BOAT TO CHINA - It's a slow boat.

Scenario basics

Character creation rules

Other information


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