Pulp Campaign

It's the 1933.

Caduceus is the results of Joshua Meadham selling off his Pharmaceutical Empire he created the Caduceus Foundation. The Caduceus organization was built by using the sale of the organization and provides emergency medical across the globe mostly to areas affected by epidemics, natural disasters, and war.

"Pulp heros" in this game will be members of the Caduceus organization in Bolivia during the Chao war a conflict between Boliva and Paraguay. Though this is a cover…

As a part of the Caduceus a variety of skills is wanted. Not necessarily just medical personal are employeed by the Caduceus Foundation. Armed guards, linguists, engineers for building, and people well versed in negotiates. Occasionally there are arctors looking to gain real world "experience" for their roll, the rich and powerful attempting to show how good of a person they are, or people with less than reputable pasts looking to pay off some of their moral debt.

Heres the handout to get you into this.

"The year is 1933. In South America, the Chaco War
between Bolivia and Paraguay is in full swing. The two
countries are f ighting over contested territory, which
is believed to be rich in oil. You’ve been employed by a
humanitarian charity, the Caduceus Foundation, to
deliver medical aid to civilians caught up in the war.
Caduceus has flown you to Asuncion in Paraguay, from
where you traveled across country by various means. You
are escorting doctors, nurses, and medical supplies to an
aid camp deep in the jungle of the Gran Chaco.

As well as needing medically trained staff, this mission
also requires adventurous types trained in wilderness and
jungle survival, anthropologists, and linguists. This is a
Pulp Cthulhu adventure, so expect high action and create
your heroes appropriately. The truth is that the Caduceus
Foundation is a front for an organization whose real
agenda is to battle elements of the Cthulhu Mythos, but
your characters don’t know that yet. They are just heroes
who have decided to extend help those in need. But don’t
worry, your team leader has the full story and will fill
you in on the real mission when the game begins."

Character creation will be standard pulpthulu complete with pulp talents. Spend your luck wisely and try not to all be mad scientists with jetpacks, death rays, and mutagenic deep one gene splicing formula.

Psychics are fine too. Will even allow useage of Cthulhutech psychic powers in similar fashion as the rest (Ie cryokiniesis, pyrokinisis, extra) though they will be drasticly lower in power than most of the parapsychics.

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