Princess - Andrea Lynn Schaeffer


Andrea is a girl of average height and brown hair down to below her shoulders. Her face sports freckles and often either a mischievous look or something more misdirecting. She takes an interest in a great many things and groups, often playing the clown or teasing. In many cases, she is merely competent instead of actually good, though she has a predilection towards new things or improvisation. She also tends to test boundaries, with the various run-ins with authority or less savory sorts that entails.
Smart and quick-witted enough to end up above some of her peers early on, she fell a bit to rebellion as she grew older. She is also personable enough that she got away with more than she should have, though she has at least (somewhat) reformed. She has gotten a slight education in how to use the system against itself and enjoys doing so to any unjust (or perhaps just inconvenient) use of authority.
Andrea often helps out in the Drama Group, especially when they're designing something new or reinventing some play or another. She's not the biggest fan of following a script for hours, but helping out with the props or some small bit part is something she enjoys. Similarly, any group that involves improvising something and will accept temporary walk-ons will get her attention. She also favors drawing, of a great many types. She unabashedly will do a variety of crack pairings or other absurd things, which is part of what eventually to Rosario being coerced into the dress of a female lead. She quite shamelessly will sketch lewd things in addition to more everyday things. She is an avid fan of the the sheer variety and creativity in the Internet, even if she has to wade through some things that are the same and boring.
Rosario standing up for the right thing once upon a time led to her blushing and some odd behavior on her part as she certainly wouldn't have fallen for him then. She has quite unrepentantly arranged with the Drama Group to encourage Rosario to dress up and take female leads and teases him the most, extending that to testing other of his boundaries. She will quite commonly attempt to misdirect any suggestion that she likes him more than a friend even while teasing him in occasionally embarrassing ways.
She is actively a fan of Rebecca's expansion into a more lively expression of music and if anything approves of the punk aspect. Then again, she also would like Rebecca putting that same soul into a lively piano playing. She often actively follows the music of the Light Music Club when she has a chance.
She will occasionally play with Paige's observations simply because Paige will notice even small things, and just to see how she'll react. Leading her to the absurd, or seeing how far she can co-opt her or Kuko into helping her create a (potentially lewd) story to draw. Playing with the guys who try to pretend they're after her for her 'maturity' can be fun in the sense of leading people to more absurd thoughts.
Majestic Painter Erato/Polyhymnia?

Name: Andrea Lynn Schaeffer
Player: Orrin
Chronicle: Kingdom Hearts (here)
Virtue: Hope
Vice: Pride
Concept: Inspired Shenanigans
Calling: Troubador
Queen: Spades
Embassy: N/A


Power Intelligence *** / - Strength ** / - Presence *** / -
Finesse Wits *** / - Dexterity ** / * Manipulation *** / -
Resistance Resolve * / * Stamina ** / - Composure ** / -


Mental (-3 unskilled)
Academics * / -
Computer * / -
Crafts * / -
Investigation * / -
Medicine * / -
Occult * / -
Politics * / -
Science - / -
Physical (-1 unskilled)
Athletics * / -
Brawl * / -
Drive - / -
Firearms * / *
Larceny * / -
Stealth * / -
Survival - / -
Weaponry - / -
Social (-1 unskilled)
Animal Ken - / -
Empathy * / -
Expression ** / -
Intimidation - / -
Persuasion *** / -
Socialize * / -
Streetwise * / -
Subterfuge *** / -

Other Traits

Shikigami (Shared) *
Palace (Shared) *
Royal Tongue *
Trained Memory *
Direction Sense *
Circle *
Veiling *
Legno -
Acqua -
Terra *
Aria **
Fuoco -
Lacrima -
Tempesta -
Specchio -
Name Description
Belief 7
Inner Light 2
Shadows 1
Galemarks 0
Sensitivity 1
Wisps 5 11
Normal 3 3
Transformed 4 4
Total B L A
7 0 0 0
Barrier Jacket 1
Barrier Jacket (Aria) 2
Other Advantages
Defense 2 3
Initiative 4 5
Speed 9 10
Size 5
Computer Internet
Crafts Arts
Crafts Jury-Rigging
Crafts Outfits
Persuasion Fast-Talking
Firearms Gun?


Hear Me, O Muse (Inspire 1)

  • Andrea has found a way to express her improvisation and art in an outright magical way.
  • Instant, 1 Wisp/Scene, Intelligence + Expression
  • Each activation success grants a +1 bonus to a mundane action that creates something new.

Levinbolt (Fight 1)

  • Andrea can summon up a strange pack of cards and fling a few at a time at her enemies with surprisingly effective force.
  • Permanent, Regalia
  • Attack: (Dex + Firearms), ignores Defense unless within 1-2 yards [uses normal firearms rules]
  • Ranged: (10/20/40) * Inner Light in yards.
  • Ammo: Full clip of 3 if 1 wisp spent summoning this Regalia (or Instant Action and 1 wisp to reload).
  • Durability: 2; Structure: 4; Size: 1;
Multiple 2
  • Levinbolt has a clip of 30 instead of a clip of 3; can use burst, semi-auto, and full-auto. 1 wisp still fully reloads it.

Barrier Jacket (Perfect 1)

  • Andrea can alter her Regalia into something a great deal more protective than normal.
  • Permanent, Regalia
  • Provides Armor against all attacks of Inner Light/2 (rounded up); can Invoke to use Invocation rating instead for a scene.

Celestial Dance (Perfect 1)

  • Andrea has gained a natural grace and freedom of motion from her association with the Court of Spades.
  • Permanent
  • May Invoke mundane Athletics rolls.
  • Andrea has gained incredible movement.
  • Permanent
  • May use Defense against Firearms attacks, even when not in immediate range.

Data Wizard: Internet (Shape 1)

  • Andrea can basically never lose this mystical smart-phone, and regularly uses it to surf the web for ideas or reference photos in addition to uploading photos and other things to her sites.
  • Permanent, Regalia
  • In addition to having a computer of near infinite storage that can read/write to any removable media and connect like other devices, she gains a boost to mundane use of her Internet Specialty (9-again and Invoke).

Shape Earth (Shape 1, Terra 1)

  • Andrea can mold natural earth and stone with a simple touch. Whether arts & crafts, or creating a hole in the ground or floor, it simply adds to her options.
  • Instant, 1 Wisp/Scene, Strength + Crafts
  • Andrea can mold natural earth and stone like modelling clay; complicated things need a Dex+Crafts roll (add Terra to this on exceptional activation success).

Painting Roses (Shape 1, Terra 1)

  • Andrea always has the the means and method to produce a masterpiece.
  • Extended, 1 wisp, Wits + Crafts (1 Turn/roll)
  • Affect Size up to dots in Terra; anything from simple blocks of color to a masterpiece (last as long as average quality paint)


Shikigami (Shared) [*]

  • Andrea has contributed a spark of her own Light to the group's magical mascot.
  • She is part of the Shikigami's Circle

Palace (Shared) [*]

  • Was going to join this up with any others, but may need to nix. Perhaps replace with Contacts or Allies?
  • Intent was to add a Palace Amenity: Craftyard: of either Medicine or Drawing

Royal Tongue [*]

  • Andrea took naturally to the absurdity of speech that is this language, even using it in normal life at times; some of her works have things scribbled on the edges or she may tease Rosario with it while others are left unknowing but likely rolling their eyes.
  • Mortals can hear, but not understand, this magical language. It additionally has high complexity and can convey incredible detail. Using the Royal Tongue the round before using a Charm to describe the use grants the Charm activation roll 9-again.

Trained Memory [*]

  • Andrea doesn't quite have a photographic memory, but casual study sticks in her head for an amazingly long time. She's recently begun adding Royal Tongue pneumonics as well.
  • Perfectly remember events of a scene or a day's study on the use of a round of non-stressful concentration. Can perfectly recall during peaceful times, but stressful times still require the normal Int + Composure roll.

Direction Sense [*]

  • "Wherever you go, there you are." Andrea has a strong sense of wherever she happens to be in relation to where she was, at least in the physical direction sense. Retracing her verbal steps can be a different matter.
  • Innate sense of direction, can automatically retrace steps and orient herself to cardinal directions without references.

Circle [*]

  • Andrea actively enjoys spending time with the Drama Club, and regularly has a grand time at their practices and performances.
  • She can spend an hour in the company of her Circle to regain (Inner Light + Empathy + Circle) successes in Wisps (max of circle rating).

Veiling [*]

  • Some of Andrea's natural bent towards misdirection has resulted in her Transformed State being just that much harder to associate with her normal state.
  • Apply a penalty equal to rating to any attempt to associate her two states or to discover her as a Princess while untransformed.



Experience 62/62

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