Psychoka Npcs



6eb3fc25d05885645423bbeb1178ef31d3366cbc.jpg The mysterious wishgranting fish. Reser wears a constant smile and stare as he effortlessly floats through the air, around and through objects. He often leaves to do other things, but when present and spoken to, he has a habit of getting very chatty, and never hesitates to give advice to new magical girls.
Its vague flaps of its large, graceful fins move like the air was water to it. Above and below each of its very large, rune decorated pectoral fins are smaller ones, which occasionally bend forward, serving roughly as hands very rarely, each of which have strange halos floating around them. His face has something of a smile, but after a long enough time it becomes obvious that its simply not changing and this can become unnerving. He doesn't speak when talking, and has no obviously determined gender, though he sounds and refers to himself as male. He would be very obviously unnatural but fortunately no one seems to see him. He does however seem to draw a lot second glances from people in his direction, though.
One of Reser's species and supposed peers. It was responsible for keeping him out of action for a long time. While its motives aren't known, its supposedly been manipulating the world in order to accelerate the girls ascention.
As large as a car, it takes a form roughly matching that of a pure white Jellyfish, coated in strange offwhite steam powered robotics. it has dozens of tentacles that have menacing ends, and moves dispassionately around in fights with simple lists of both precise control and potentially great speed. A uniform feature of it is that all magic symbolizing it is a notable shade of dodger blue.

Magical Girls and Boys

Arai, Tsubasa
Best friend of Kouda Tanaka, he's an artist and almost always scribbling in books during class time, despite still somehow doing well. Out of class he's a very friendly person, so much so that there's the occasional rumor he's gay. He denies this, but its rare to see him out and far away from Kouda. When he isn't, he's probably spending time with Eiko Hara, but he also insists he's not in a relationship with her when pressed, but won't elaborate on the exact details about it. Hopefully the case, as he's now in a relationship with Atsuko. He's now spent brief amounts of time as both a familiar and ensorcelled, and has just recently become a Magical Boy in his own right, with the wish to revive his friend Kouda. His soul weapon, Trauma, takes the form of a massive syringe, mounted on his arm or held as a pile-bunker. He seems to have a small array of powers that alter the appearances or things and 'draw' things into reality from thin air.
Arai looks have sharpend up slightly, but not supernaturally so. He has black hair that's a bit long, and keeps well dressed despite the occasional splotch of ink or lead. During a brief stint as an Eidolon's familiar his appearance was largely unchanged save for glowing red eyes, but he didn't play much role in the fight. His magical outfit is a rough approximation of a dark purple nurses outfit, complete with cap, minor machinery attached to his right arm, hip and back that helps control the needle and contain vials, the shirt is long enough that it looks like it is also a short skirt, and while it has pants and boots they have a low profile, and don't add much masculinity to the look.
???, "Nitoko"
3ece73c3899ed0dc76d380fd420b4704c56d053c.jpg A mysterious and foul mouthed magical girl. She appeared during the fight with Leizu, helping injure it and even knocking it unconscious and rendering it temporarily helpless. She refused to give her name or refer to anyone as more then their soul weapon, and refused essence when offered. She seems to hunt most prominently within the city's commercial district and claims she has no interest in making friends. She also died just recently in a bloody fight to the death with Keiko, and made mention of her wish having some negative effect on Keiko's last ditch attempts to steal her life.
With a very slim figure, she dresses in a magical outfit that seems like some sort of pink kimono. Her weapons are a pair of short swords, with sharp blades on one side and harshly notched spines forming the backs of each, and disguise themselves as two of the many hairclips that keep her grey-white hair tied down, even in times of peace, she has very hateful glare. Outside of combat, she seems to wear an over-sized jumper and (presumably) under that, shorts, obscuring any real examination of her figure.
Nakamura, Hibiki
c89c0a76f117a6c18f8e6534dae230ab.jpg Formerly a very deeply entrenched in the school's rumor-mill, but she would often get into arguments with other students, until a few months ago when she spontaneously quit this state of life. She now maintains a deadpan attitude to things and no longer has any friends, there are a lot of unpleasant rumors she's got an older boyfriend or on drugs or something, but does not seem concerned when this is said about her even in earshot, just ignoring or avoiding people that would cause problems for her. She's often late to school and misses it occasionally. The real source of this may have been discovered, as she has been found out to be a Magical Girl, one that according to the Sword using girl, one that kills other magical girls.
She has long, straight pink hair and an attractive figure that's let down by her disinterested nature. She has a varied wardrobe when seen outside of school of practical casual clothes. Her magical outfit is sickeningly sweet, with a heavy candy theme. Her weapon of choice is a large, sparkling shotgun, and seems to posses the ability to summon scary looking explosive golems.
Mori, Yuuki
A strange boy recently announced himself at town after the fight with Eanae, claiming to be their magical boy and on the verge of ascending. He claimed to need the magical girls that fought Eanae to help him revive 'his fae', referring to Eanae. Eventually a meeting with him devolved into violence and he was killed, along with the magical version of Naomi, by being transported into a feeding frenzy of fae.
His magical outfit has multiple layers of flowing robes in shades of red and is handsome enough to catch some attention, though he can go eerily unnoticed by normal people as well. He wields a mace almost as large as himself as his soul weapon, that caused damage like it was a truck, which he can wield with ease. He has shown a knack for manipulating emotions, much like Eanae. Beyond that, he has short spiky black hair and striking green eyes, Strangely, his appearance occasionally seems to experience instantaneous tears like a projected image.


Hara, Hikari / Dionysus
Using a body created by Tsubasa, this is actually the Eidolon of Eiko's that has taken human form. With it's limited powers, it's been easing the new Eijun's transition into life by altering memories. It's claimed a position as Eijun's Cousin now. Despite her female form, as a part of Eiko it identifies as more of a male, and possesses Eiko's habit of avoiding personal pronouns. Hikari's true form is that of Dionysus, a statuesque naked male, save for its freakishly oversized hands that bleed different colours for different fingers, it's chest is hollow save for a sack filled with fluid, and it's head ends like some horrific traffic accident at the lower jaw, the rest is stretched up as flesh turns to fabric, in a bolt of cloth that may be over 50 total feet long, yet strong enough to throw people around and more manipulate things more delicately then its hands ever could.
Designed purposefully to be a combination of Suzuha and Kaori, she's a darker skinned girl with bright blue eyes and long black hair, decorated with the former Eiko's ribbon, loosely worn to keep it under control, her small body is easily able to be manhandled and understates the danger that is only evident in her eyes, a certain predatory glimmer, and openly enjoying the sight of others suffering. Whereas Eiko hid her masculine clothing preferences, Hikari seems to be unconcerned about this and barring where uniform restricts her easily finds herself looking like a young boy.



Chiyo, Naomi
The glue that keeps the circle of friends together. Naomi's a remarkably plain schoolgirl who enjoys shopping, hanging out, and often talking about boys. She's part of the school gymnastics team and focuses a large amount of her free time not spent with the others on that. It's also been said she has a cousin, who looks almost identical to her, has the same tastes, interests and even name who came to the city recently… in reality it's been revealed that one is an alternate universe's version of the other, despite this the two don't can't seem to get along at all. Naomi's personality seems to be increasingly irritated, even more so with her double's recent death.
A little short for her age, Naomi keeps her black shoulder-length hair loose, but ties it back when she does gym work. She's got an athletic build she hides under trendy weekend outfits, during school days she usually wears her school uniform all day.
Hara, Eijun
Once Eijun was named Eiko, identifying as a male, and with a magical resistance to emotions giving her a sociopathic outlook, this was broken and when confronting her Eidolon, both it and her were rescued, using magic she's gained a new comfortable body and is on a unsteady road with emotions he's never had to deal with before. His interest in art has survived, as has his perversion, but while Eiko was introverted and evasive about these issues, he's seemed to make a transition to a much more active extroverted, though unstable and remarkably quick to anger or depress, then bounce back of fall into the opposite.
He retains Eiko's unremarkable appearance, but a just a little effort is now visible. Eijun's dark blue hair is cut back into a short ponytail with a strip of a his classic large bright yellow ribbon tying it down, his uniform is kept casual and when not nessicariy is traded in favor of anything.
Hirai, Kaori
Another long term friend of Junko's, the class rep. She has a well deserved reputation of being very much a nerd, but she's understanding of people's plights and a fair representative of everyone in class. She's often got her nose buried in books when not working for the class, though she's often busy with advanced schooling she hangs out with her friends every chance she gets. She's an expert on all things history, and this seems to be her main area of interest with books she reads. Recently its been outed she is attracted to Issei Sasaki, and holds minor hostility to Reimi, but little has happened to help or hinder any of this.
She maintains attempts to look formal rather then attractive and rarely seen out of uniform, though has been slowly attempting to reverse this recently. She used to wear glasses and has switched to contacts, and has an average figure with shoulder length black hair in a bob cut. She's also taken up a habit of trying to dress more maturely then normal.
Kawashima, Tora
Leader of the school track team and club, she isn't very good at academics, but is a killer at anything sporty. Far and away she's faster and stronger then any other normal girl in class and plenty of boys too. Even still she's determined to do better, and demands anyone around her do the same. which doesn't do well for her social life, in only a few minutes she can grate on people. She's also not a good loser when she is beaten at things.
With a sporty build and short ponytailed hair, it's presumably black but has been dyed a few times, blonde, red and even once seemingly green and more, each washed out and grown to blur together a little. Obviously enough, she normally is seen in whatever gear is most appropriate for sports she's attempting at the current moment, or the school uniform when those aren't an option.
Nagaikawa, Makoto
A part of Naomi's circle of friends, Makoto often comes across as somewhat distant, and his cheery demeanor and usage of honorifics often exacerbates this. While he is often seen with Suzhua, Makoto often ducks out of and shies away from group activities. Makoto, as well as his family were caught in an Eidolon attack, and a rather disastrous rescue attempt lead to the death of them all. This was only found out later by authorities, who believe it was a violent murder. Makoto's body wasn't found but was assumed dead as well.
Makoto is of average height, with an athletic build, handsome germanic features, and black hair. He keeps his uniform to school standards, but often leaves his jacket open.
Nakamura, Kiyoko
A little sister of Hibiki Nakamura's by several years. She's been an unknown since Hibiki stopped talking with people, however her friendly behaviour serves as a reminder of how Hibiki used to act. Unlike her depressive sister she seems to not have a care in the world.
She has shoulder length pink hair, though she's very skinny, and obviously young and with a lot of growing left to do to catch up to her sister.
Saito, Ryouta
Although not unpopular, Ryouta has always preferred to be on his own. He's not popular with the rumor-mill crowd for his nature of being outspoken about things. Making it worse, He seems to have some rivalry going on with Issei Sasaki that ranges from friendly to overt violence. He also does have even more of a reputation as a troublemaker, getting into fights, to the point of breaking a couple of his bones in past years.
Attractive and powerful looking with spiked blonde hair. He tends to be seen in a work outfit outside of school with things like tie loosened. He's the tallest in class as well.
Sasaki, Issei
Now boyfriend of Reimi Yoshida, Often considered the best looking guy in school, He's also a tough guy and not very talkative, though always polite to girls. There's a lot of rumors about him being a troublemaker or not very loyal a boyfriend, but he's very popular with the girls and a lot of it seems like just rumor, which Reimi absolutely doesn't like to hear being mentioned, and seeks to suppress as soon as she hears about them.
It's easy to see why he's earned a fanbase among the schools females. Often seen in casualized uniform even during class. Physically he looks strong though also more built towards being fast as opposed to powerful.
Tanaka, Konomi
e3fe708344934c964203840e06263ebd.jpg A long time friend of Junko's, she tends so be a bit of a coward, jumping at loud sudden noises. She's often roped into her brother's strange video project but refuses to talk about it after finally escaping from him. When coaxed enough though, she enjoys talk about things like fashion and can become quite outspoken in private. She was recently found to be involves in her brothers magical girl project. She also is part of the track team, and a spirited one at that, despite this she is not its most stand-out member. Recently she has reversed this though, braver, happier, she's far less repressed, trying to encourage Kaori, Junko and others. She's also gotten a slight ego.
She is cute, and dresses to keep that appearance up, formerly avoiding outfits that are too revealing, unless only her circle of friends were the only ones seeing it. She has mid length blonde hair and a modest figure, above average by the classes standards. During a breif stint as an Eidolon's familiar she was largely the same, save for a willingness to strip off and a pair of large blonde feathery wings coming from her back, there's still small scars where they were explosively torn off.
Tanaka, Kouda
A man possessed. A couple years ago he got a video camera and it seems it's only left his hand to be replaced by better models as time's gone on. He has some sort of project he works on and has a number of the class as regular members for it and will rope in others at a moments notice. He can be seen as annoying but his enthusiasm is well meaning and can be infectious. He has also got a habit of being more then willing to get himself into unfair deals, helping with classwork or even paying classmates, even if they just need to stand around and not look at the camera. His project has been revealed to be a magical girl horror ARG of disturbing similarity to the fight against the Eidolons. The inspiration of this is still a complete mystery.
Kouda looks average. He has short blonde hair and keeps his uniform minimal when he can. He really does constantly have his camera either on hand of in a bag that's on hand as well as a few accessories for it. Due to recent events, he's developed a disturbing, large red scar down and around his left eye, but hasn't been bothered by it at all, in fact quite proud of it. During his brief stint as a Familiar, this eye was permanently affixed to his camera, and after this was explosively removed, seemed to permanently replace that eye.
Yoshida, Reimi
Until last year, she was also a member of Junko's circle of friends, nice, if possessing of some ego and fond of showing off and getting attention, but after she started dating Issei Sasaki she stopped, and even started avoiding them, pretending to have never known them. She's become more popular with the masses now and carries herself with a lot more style today claiming she is mature and grown up now. She's unafraid to abuse her position and spread nasty rumors about anyone that crosses her. While her ego has grown, she's never quite noticed and a little appeal to it will get her favor quickly.
Reimi would be average in appearance but dresses and uses makeup to enhance her appearance to very good effect. She has an above average figure. She nowadays styles her long blue hair with drills.

In addition there are numerous other more miscellaneous people, Issei or Reimi can pull together quickly.


Hiki, Kyou
The punk idol of Kanade's group, she's an upbeat girl but very prone to mood swings, from panic to anger to happiness in moments. This makes her a little hard to read, and guess how authentic the punk act is. She attends the same other school as both the Mae's do, and seems to know Eiko somehow.
A very cute face, with spiky white hair done in a topknot, the only real detraction may be the numerous peircings she has on her ears, as well as on her eyebrow, tongue and presumably other places, and asymmetrical accessories, collar, several bangles and odd socks. She's healthy but lacks much of a bust. With her punk look of her character she can seem quite intimidating.
Mae, Kenizen
The only male in Kanade's group, he's kept somewhat distant from the girls, the reason becoming obvious when seen with the numerous female fans he has. Flirty and open, he's very different from his yougner sister, and far too approachable for the unprepared to be safe. He is however genuinely friendly enough. Quick to offer to help the other idols and seems to get along very well with the producers, often helping as a go-between for them.
Handsome with short spiked light blue hair that's obviously styled, save for one ahoge that has a life of its own, his idol look is formally dressed charmer and even out of costume he looks the part. Fond of darker clothes, he seems more fashion concious then most males.
Mae, Haruko
Depending on who you talk two, Haruko, or Mae as she prefers to be called, sounds like two different people. There is her gothic persona, calm and creepy, she is usually either quiet or quoting something morbid. Counter to this though, are the rumours. She claims she is some sort of cazed conspiracy theorist. Either way, she has an obvious disobedience streak, but plays to her role quite well. Adding a little to her suspiciousness is the fact she seems to know Eiko.
There's obvious traces of her natural blue hair, but it's dyed a bright purple, and kept long and smooth, covering an eye, obscuring her eyes that, while hold a deadpan pose, seem to have a fire behind them. Her idol outfit is dark, and typically borrows faint maid like elements.
Hamasake, Leiko
Leiko attends the same school but is in a higher grade. A member of Kanade's group of idols, she seems to draw a lot of female fans with her nadeshiko style. Normally quiet and calm in all things, this is only interrupted by surprises that offend her sensibilities. This being most often unladylike behaviour. She seems to not be fond of Haruko or Kyou, but far too tactful about it and neither of the two have realized it yet, or care to acknowledge this.
The epitome of a Japanese oujou, she carries with herself a grace many can only hope to emulate. With long black hair, done in a hime cut. She's slightly shorter then her peer but this is used to add her her harmless, kind look. She obviously strives to keep this image as she is never seen in any rough state of clothing or care for herself. Notable though, is she looks a lot like Nitoko, like they could be half-sisters or cousins.

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