Kanade Kondou
Typical street clothes for Kanade
Kanade's magical girl outfit.

Background and Personal Bio

Kanade is the youngest child in a large middle-income family. She'd probably describe it as a family of over-achievers, as all her siblings are notably successful in various fields, and her parents put her under pressure to do the same. They also discouraged her interest in becoming an idol, seeing such a job as an entertainer as below her. She, however, saw the way her parents had her life already planned out as a bit too controlling. Her older siblings also teased her when she was younger, because she was the easy target. She's still held onto her dream, and achieved it despite her family's wishes, although not completely legitimately.

Kanade is a competent singer and dancer, and has at least some acting talent, and is one of the up-and-coming rookie idols with a local production company. She wanted to become an idol in part because she wants to become a more confident, outgoing person, and in part because she thought it would be an easy job, but mostly because she, well, idolized other idols. She maintains a bright, cheery persona for most of her work, only letting any weariness or other problems shine through when she feels it's safe to vent. At some point, she picked up the nickname "Kondom" and it has stuck, much to her chagrin. She'd rather be called "Kon-chan" or something that didn't sound so…dirty.

She is still attending school, and has to juggle her schoolwork with her job as an idol and her duties as a magical girl. As a result, she often looks tired, and has a habit of hitting the energy drinks rather hard. She is naturally a bit more shy and withdrawn than her outward persona would suggest, and has few friends. Her wild hair and unusual manner of dress which are now part of her unique idol appeal were originally as a way to attract people to her with minimal effort on her part. She became a magical girl not just as a quick route to her dream job, but also because she hopes that the other magical girls would be her friends.

As she is now openly defying her family's wishes, Kanade has moved into her own small flat. She has some small skill at cooking, but often does fall back on instant food or other such dishes, out of sheer lack of time and laziness, if nothing else. Her eating habits are possibly one area in which her producer wishes she would improve. Kanade's flat is usually cluttered, and she tends to rely on her producer to pick up after her, so if it ever is neat, it's not likely her doing.


Kanade is quite pretty, although her sometimes small presence may prevent her looks from shining through to the fore. She is average in height, and has an above-average bust. Her most immediately striking feature is her hair, which is waist length and often dyed in a variety of bright colors. At the moment, it's mostly pink, fading to white near her scalp, and with dark red tips. She usually wears her hair in twintails. Her eyes are red. When out on the town (and thus neither in uniform nor dressed for the stage), Kanade tends to favor hoodies, long sleeves, hats, and other methods to help conceal her face or otherwise make herself less immediately recognized.

Character Sheet

Ability Scores:

Str Dex Con Int Wis Cha
Score: 10 16 24 12 14 16
Bonus: 0 +3 +7 +1 +2 +3

32 PP

Saves and Combat:

Name Total Notes/Sources
Toughness: +7 +7 Con
Reflex: +8 +3 Dex, +5 bought
Fortitude: +7 +7 Con
Will: +8 +2 Wis, +6 bought
Name Total Notes/Sources
Attack: +5/+9 +5 bought, +4 Discalibur Attack spec.
Defense: 21 +8 bought, +3 dodge focus (14 flat footed)
Initiative: +7 +3 Dex, +4 feat
Grapple: +4 +4 Attack bonus
Knockback resistance: -3
Bruised Staggered Unconscious
- - -
Injured Disabled Dying
- - -
Fatigued Exhausted Unconscious
- - -

37 PP

Carrying Capacity:
(in lb):
- Manual
Light Load 33 lbs
Medium Load 66 lbs
Heavy Load 100 lbs
Maximum Load 200 lbs
Push/Drag 500 lbs

Movement Rates:

Type: Tactical: Total
Movement 30 feet 20MPH
Flight 35 feet 10 MPH (88 ft/rd)
Jumping 10 feet


Skill Rank Bonus Total
Acrobatics 4 +3 +7
Bluff 2 +3 +5
Concentration 6 +2 +8
Craft (Cooking) 4 +1 +5
Diplomacy 4 +3 +7
Disguise 4 +3 +7
Escape Artist 0 +3 +3
Gather Information 0 +3 +3
Handle Animal 0 +3 +3
Intimidate 0 +3 +3
Knowledge (Pop culture) 6 +1 +7
Notice 7 +2 +9
Perform (Acting) 2 +3 +5
Perform (Dance) 9 +3 +12
Perform (Song) 9 +3 +12
Profession (Idol) 4 +2 +6
Search 0 +1 +1
Sense Motive 5 +2 +7
Sleight of Hand 2 +3 +5
Stealth 0 +3 +3
Survival 0 +2 +2

12 PP


Attack Specialization (Discalibur) 2 +4 on attacks with selected weapon.
Attractive 2 +4 bonus on Bluff and Diplomacy to seduce, deceive or change attitude of those who find Kanade appealing.
Bishoujo When using an interaction skill on an NPC, success brings them one step toward Helpful, in addition to the normal check results.
Connected Call in favors by making a Diplomacy check.
Dodge Focus 3 +3 dodge bonus to defense.
Fascinate (Perform) Perform skill may capture and hold someone's attention, subject to usual interaction skill guidelines. Combat or other immediate danger ends the effect.
Improved Concealment Miss chance from concealment is improved by 2 (or 10%).
Improved Disarm 1 +2 Attack bonus on attempts to disarm ,and opponents do not get a chance to disarm you.
Improved initiative 1 +4 initiative bonus.
Luck: Determination 2 2 rerolls per refresh of luck hero points
Luck: Improvisation 1 1 feat hero point usable only to cancel Extra effort fatigue.
Move-by Action May move, make a standard action, and then move again, provided total distance traveled does not exceed movement speed.
Power Attack May reduce attack bonus by up to -5 (or half the power's ranks, whatever is less) to add the same amount to the save DC.
Second Chance (Perform skill) May reroll failed checks on any Perform skill, and take the better result.
Uncanny Dodge (Hearing) Retain dodge bonus when surprised or flat-footed.

18 PP


Ignite Empowerment 4 Energy Cost: 2
Acton: Full Range: Touch Duration: Concentration
Extra(s): Reduced Energy Cost 1, Perception Area (general) Flaw(s): Check required (Perform: Song), Duration (concentration), Limited (May only modify existing powers), Side Effect 2 (All powers on the target gain the Corrupting flaw.) Drawback(s): None
Descriptors: Magic, Music Provides a pool of 20 power points with which to modify powers. Once a total number of PP equal to this has been bestowed to one or more targets, some must be "retrieved" before the power may be used again. Typical uses include adding No Save or Autofire 2 extras to a power, or possibly No Energy Cost. ALL powers the target has are treated as Corrupting while they are affected by this power. Lasts until canceled (a free action), or as long as concentration is maintained (Standard action, or DC 14 concentration check as move action). Will save (DC 14) negates the effect. One must be able to hear Kanade to benefit from the effect.
(6/rank +2/r extras -4/r flaws)*4 ranks = 12 PP

Kanade can sing a song which greatly enhances the abilities of her allies, as long as they can hear her.

Flight Flight 1 Energy Cost: 0
Acton: Move (Active) Range: Personal Duration: Sustained
Extra(s): No energy cost Flaw(s): None Drawback(s): None
Descriptors: Magic Flight, including hovering. Speed of 10 mph, or 88 feet per round. Tactical speed of 35 feet per round.
2/r + 2/r extras = 4 PP

Kanade can fly using magic.

Wardrobe Malfunction Stun 9 Energy Cost: 4
Action: Standard (Active) Range: Touch **Duration: Instant (Lasting)
Extras: Alternate Save (Will), Area (Perception) Flaws: Limited: Kanade must be naked (or similar), Side Effect 2: Kanade must also save against the effect. Drawbacks: None
Descriptors: Magic, Visual, Emotion Feats: Alternate Power 3 Anyone who can perceive Kanade visually must make a DC 19 Will save. Failure causes the target to be dazed, failure by 5 or more causes the target to be stunned, and by 10 or more causes the target to fall unconscious. A DC 19 reflex save is allowed to avoid the effect by averting one's eyes.
(2/r +1/r extra -3/r flaws)=1/2*9+3 feats = 8 PP

//Kanade's naked form is so stunning, it can easily cause any seeing her in a state of suitable undress to stop and stare. Unfortunately, she's self-conscious enough to focus more on covering up than fighting when she notices. //

~AP: Emotional Resonance Emotion control 9 Energy Cost: 2
Acton: Standard (Active) Range: Touch Area (Perception) Duration: Sustained (Lasting)
Extra(s): Perception Area Flaw(s): Check Required (Perform (song)), Touch Range Drawback(s): None
Descriptors: Magic, Sonic, Emotion Feats: None Kanade can, using her songs, instill a variety of emotions in those who can see and hear her. She chooses the object of the emotion and what the target loves, hates, fears, and so-on. She can create Calm, Hate, Fear, Despair, Hope, and Love. DC 19 Will save to resist.
(2/r + 1/r extra -3/r flaws)*8 ranks = 6PP
Kanade's songs can invoke powerful emotions in those around her, as a magical effect. She tends not to use this onstage for obvious reasons.
AP: Concealment Concealment 5 Energy Cost: 2
Acton: Free (Active) Range: Personal Duration: Sustained
Extra(s): None Flaw(s): Passive Drawback(s): None
Descriptors: Magic, Sensory Kanade gains concealment from sight and hearing, which lasts only until she makes an attack.
(2/r - 1/r flaw) *5 = 5 PP
A useful ability for avoiding persistent fans, provided they don't see you disappear. Also good for wandering around so nobody notices all the magical girl stuff.
AP: Radiance Symphony Obscure 4 Energy Cost: 1
Acton: Standard (Active) Range: Touch Duration: Sustained
Extra(s): Selective Attack Flaw(s): Partial, Touch Range Drawback(s): None
Descriptors: Magic, Light Creates a 50-foot radius area in which visual senses are partially obscured, thus granting partial concealment to anything in the area. Selected targets can see normally within the area (usually, Kanade and her allies). Partial concealment grants a 20% miss chance.
(2/r +1/r extra -3/r flaws) * 4 = 4 PP

Kanade can create an impressive set of stage pyrotechnics and laser show style effects, masking an area in confusing light, shadow, and fog which makes it difficult to pinpoint targets within it.

Discalibur Device 7, Barrier guide 2, Arcane Flame (Costs 14 PP, provides 35 PP within the device for powers)
Flaw: Easy to Lose: As a weapon, Discalibur may be taken away with a disarm attempt.
Flaw: Soul Weapon: Discalibur is Kanade's soul weapon, and thus it loses all powers if she ever give sin to Despair and produces an eidolon.
Drawback: Normal Appearance 1: Discalibur has a normal appearance as a pendant, and Kanade cannot use its powers (except Barrier guide) while it is in this form. it may be transformed as a free action.
When in active form, Discalibur is a large, stylized scythe-like weapon, complete with glowing gems and tracery. Its blade is actually composed of several segmented pieces connected by a strong cable, and it can be extended as a flexible whip.
Main Attack Array
Melee Strike Damage 9 Energy Cost: 0
Acton: Standard (Active) Range: Touch (Reach) Duration: Instant
Extra(s): No Energy Cost Descriptors: Slashing, Weapon Feat(s): Extended Reach, , Affects Insubstantial (half ranks), 6 Alternate powers
DC 24 Toughness save damage attack, with a melee reach of up to 10 feet away.
(1/r + 2/r extras) * 9 ranks +8 feats = 35 PP

Kanade slashes at a nearby target with Discalibur's scythe blade.

35 PP

PP spent on powers: 40


  • Fame - Kanade is only an up-and-coming rookie, but she's still an idol, and she has fans. They may well follow or harass her.
  • Klutz - Kanade is…a little clumsy. She's prone to sometimes tripping, or dropping fragile things such as food or dishes. (Or is this better as a weird drawback requiring a reflex check to get through the day without such mishaps?)
  • Shy - Kanade is sometimes shy and will shrink away from new people, which can be inconvenient in her line of work. She is particularly afraid of men and dogs.
  • Family Issues - Kanade's parents are furious that she has run away to become an idol, and refuse to speak to her, nor will they support her. Her siblings may or mat not take the parental opinions to heart.
  • Being an Idol is suffering - Being an idol isn't as easy as it looks, and Kanade is often busy with auditions, concerts, or guest appearances.
  • Guilty Conscience - Kanade was recently in an accident, and she beats herself up over it and holds herself responsible for what happened.
  • Inversion impulse - Every in-game day (or the beginning of each session) and at any other appropriate times as decided by the GM, Kanade must make a will save to avoid switching to her alternate persona. The DC of this save begins at 10, but increases for each success, so she will fail eventually (the DC rests to 10 on a failure).


  • Holding Back - Kanade has a lot more power than she's letting on, but is afraid to draw upon it. She can temporarily tap into increased power, but at a cost. To consider using it, over half the team must be unconscious or dying, or many innocent lives must be at stake. Then, she must succeed on a DC 10 Willpower check. If both conditions are met, she has access to her full power, but temporarily gains a rather nasty complication as well. Moderate (+6 PL), 3 PP refunded Powered-up character sheet is here.
  • Reduced Energy Storage - Kanade has less energy to play with than one would expect. Her energy total is reduced by 140 points. (6 PP refunded)

Energy, Despair, and other things.

Energy Points
Total Current
73 100


Some Other Things
Hero Points 2
Villain Points 0/8
Despair 0/8
Essence 16
Wealth +9

Power Points/Experience

Total Power Points: 135/135
Power Points gained via Essence: 1.5

Power Point Expenditures

  • None yet.

Pre-Contract PL 1 Sheet

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