Psychoka House Rules


  • Characters begin at Power level 8, in the case of a death any new character will also be PL 8, assumed to be newly contracted magical girls. Please also have a PL 1 'pre-wish' version of characters, though this is low priority and NOT for transforming to and from magical girl form.
  • Gender doesn't actually matter. Males can be magical boys just fine. Magical Girl will probably be the most used term by accident though.
  • You all at least did go to the same class at the same school, and are in second year Japanese Junior high school, meaning ages 13-15.
  • If the wish affects you mechanically in some way, you pay for that with your power points.
  • More, but they'll only be revealed later, maybe~


  • Energy points are used, they work as presented in Mutants and Masterminds' Mastermind's Manual, except: They do not regenerate, and instead of exhausting you at low levels, they cause you to roll a will of DC10+ranks in the power used or gain despair, when you do not have enough energy to pay for it normally. Once this happens your character shifts to an almost monochrome state, even magically, only those with magical experience can perceive this, and its entirely aesthetic, colour powers are fine.
  • Two new stats to track: Villain Points and Despair Points. Alongside Hero points will be Villain Points, they act as super hero points, but when spent, become irremovable, otherwise they cost 1 hero point to remove 1 villain point, if your total meets your PL, you permanently lose control of your character.
  • When a villain point is spent, it gives twice benefits of a regular hero point, recovering either one thing twice as fast or two things, two rerolls and you pick, two extra effrots including the same one twice, triple dodge bonus, etc.
  • Despair points will also need to be tracked. These are hard to remove without focused effort. If these meet your PL you succumb to depression, lose access to your soul weapon and most importantly, create a personal Eidolon.
  • New -1/r Flaw: Soul Weapon, attached to a container or select powers not in a container, Whatever has this is a direct product of your Soul Weapon, if you give life to an Eidolon or die, this and any effects caused by this instantly vanish.
  • Somewhat new -1/r Flaw: Corrupting: The power causes severe mental damage, calls on dark forces or is just cruel enough to influence the character's mindset, When using a power with this attached, the character must specify a D20 roll that's part of the power (the attack roll, a save against a side effect, if there is no D20 roll attached, you just roll a d20 instead.) If that D20 roll results in either a 1 or a 20, reguardless of any other results the character also gains a Villain Point.
  • Drawback: More Corrupting: This lowers the cost by 1pp and can only be attached to a corrupting power. Each time it's taken it increases the numbers needed to be rolled for a corruption check by 1. (eg. Corruption gain 1 activates on 1, 2, 19 and 20.)
  • New -1/r Flaw: Depressing: The power weighs on the user's emotions heavily, either actually affecting them or by evoking unpleasant memories that do so, Like corrupting, When using a power with this attached, the character must specify a D20 roll that's part of the power (the attack roll, a save against a side effect, if there is no D20 roll attached, you just roll a d20 instead.) If that D20 roll results in either a 1 or a 20, reguardless of any other results the character also gains a Despair point.
  • Drawback: More Depressing: This lowers the cost by 1pp and can only be attached to a Depressing power. Each time it's taken it increases the numbers needed to be rolled for a Despair check by 1. (eg. Despair gain 1 activates on 1, 2, 19 and 20.)
  • 1 point feat that can be attached to devices: Barrier Guide, it points the direction of the nearest barrier out like a compass. It provides no details beyond direction with a subtle glow of light.
  • Luck is split along the several classic feats, like we always use.
  • Enemies cannot be stunned (from damage) again while already stunned, everyone always effectively acts once a round, even though if it may only be failing to escape an effect preventing actions, or if stun causes them to take no actions one round, then they'll have two actions the next round.
  • Power point advancement is different from normal: Power points are earned by the Essence defeated Eidolons drop. Each essence gives half a power point, as well as healing (rank 1, no extras) and energy restoration (of up to 20). Please take intense care to detail your exact total of essence, its location, and how much you consume. This need not be public but I need to know, but any not logged will be considered foolishly lost forever.
  • An alternative method of gaining Essence has been found, Pure essence, drawn from 'consuming' a human in some way that results in death (wholly, the bioelectricity in their brain, their blood or other bodily fluids, this can be mundanely or with magical assistance but both take at least a full action and point blank range, at least.) This essence heals one teir higher then normal. Typically meaning with a +5 bonus, restores 40 energy and provides the drinker with 1pp per an intake.
  • Unless your wish is related to being fearless, Use Lionheart instead of fearless.
  • Things that come back at the start of a new session may not come back so easily, if combat or the days events drags on multiple sessions. They're normally restored at every in character resting point. Typically a night's sleep.
  • You may start with despair points, and get 2 PP for each one, please discuss first if you have plans for this.
  • When designing character pages, please include information on the energy costs of abilities and descriptions of what the attacks ideally meant to do.
  • A Magical Girl's magical outfit is oddly reprehensible. Any effects if suffers, damage, removal, are permanent and while dismissal can hide this, it'll be back in its former state next transformation. But, for only 1 essence and a standard action, it can be restored or repaired from any sort of damaged state. This cannot be done if something would be in the way or cause interference with the process, so it can't 'telefrag' any clingy assailants or ropes, and won't get in the way of such either.
  • Giving Essence to a normal human somehow gives you powerful ability to order them around. A full container needs to spent for this effect, and you can direct how their newly gained powerpoints will be spent. Multiple doses slowly reduce this effect, but it'll work at least three times.
  • Essence Absorbtion has been discovered to be a trait. The energy stored within essence has far more potential then intially suspected. By default, most of it vanishes into something else, but with concentrated effort, this trait can be improved, going by this table
Level Effects Detail
Basic 1/2 a power point, 20 energy and a heal check of con+1 The natural level of a magical girl
Advanced Absorption 1 Power point, 40 energy. Con+5 on heal checks, and marks mysteriously appearing on the girl, these are easily dismissed as just a tan or rash, and at worst embarrassing. A ritual first brought to the group by Yuuki, he claimed it helped the girls absorbing more of the essence they were drinking, and it seems to do so, matching Keiko's levels without the awkwardness of killing people.
Ascension The benefits of this have yet to be discovered. The nature of this has yet to be discovered
  • More, but they'll only be revealed later, maybe~

~*~Reblah Rules~*~

  • Every player may rework their characters, I guess theoretically completely changing every aspect though I'd prefer it o be mostly mechanical to resolve problems (And I don't think we have serious problems with characters themselves. Well not in that way, they're all a tad fucked up in character.) These changes must be finalized before the first session.
  • As a one time bonus, all characters, new or remade, gain 1PL (15 PP) from verterancy. Should they die a new character will go back to the default so be careful with these.
  • Essences held before are reduced to 5 per player. Any others have been lost, stolen, used for the timeskip powerup, possibly even enshrined, but utterly inaccessible. If you care for it and have somehow kept track over all this time, you may specify which essences are kept.
  • If a new character is made, the old character hasn't mysteriously vanished and were never there to be silently unmentioned, they are missing. I wonder what happened to them, they're probably fine though.
  • May be other discussed points worth reminding Thoon about.
  • Everything else is pretty much just lik̠̖̬̯̻͇ȩ̯̪ y̯͞o̳͝u҉̹ r͉͕̲̮̙̜̹͉͆ͦ̌̅̾e͚̦̫͚̹ͤ̊ͤ̑̿ͅm̧̦͉ͬͩ͂̕e̴̘̮̻͈͚͐͛ͤ̇̽̃́͝m͖͓̰̯̣̍̑͠b̧̢͖͖̜̲͍͇͍͈͓̱̘̟̳̯͕̪̪̗͊ͭͭ̏̀͗̇̑̈́̃͆ͦ̍̇̚͢e̶̛̯̲̮̫͎̖̦̹͍̱͍̮̦̯̳͓̤̔ͧ͆͊̄͗̌̓̐͑͊́͢r̨̛̲̭̟͇̹͖̠̼͈͙̗̯̒̇̍ͨ̋̈́̾́̆ͣ͑̓̔͠͝ͅ The magical girls protect Momoironiwa from R̪ȇ̜͎̤͎ͬ̚mͪͦñ̜̣͉̻̙ͯͮͤ̀a̳̲̜ͫͧͥ͆̀n̖͎̟͓̠͊͐̋ͧ̑ͫtͤͥ͗̈́s̭̯̜̠̘̫̺ hiding away in i̖̖ͬ̎̃͛͗͗n͍̥̲͉͕͖͍̊͛̑c͎͈͙̋̊ͦͅu͖̭̳̺r͚̔s̪͛̈́̓ͅi̗̾ͬ̇o͖͔̝̭̠̳ͭͩ͒̿̆̔̄n͎̬͙̘̫̝͇ͮ̏̂͛s̤͙͓͐̃̂ͮ̏́̚. The magical girl team is large, powerful, and its a relatively low risk job so long as you're quick. The danger is real, but you haven't suffered real losses in a while. Each day after killing one the whole team can relax and slowly regain 20 energy for their efforts per a death, so experience recommends you work together heavily, share the burden and ideally, kill multiple of the monsters a day. Reser hasn't shown up for a while, but there hasn't been a need to talk to him, has there? After all, things are great!
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