Psychoka - Atsuko Hayashi


Appearance and Personality

Of middling height with an athletic build. Brown hair just below shoulder length; often enough in a ponytail or otherwise a bit out of the way. Sharp green eyes that dull during boring classwork but light up when running around. Prefers clothes that leave her some range of motion or that can be shucked to free her up (of course with something else beneath it).
Prefers activity to sitting around, though naps are good too. Previously, often smiling with an open face. Curious and easy-going, except for some of the athletic competitions that tend to focus her in a competitive way.
Her magical girl outfit has a sleeve-less black top and a layered skirt (green over black) with a green-on-gold sash around her waist. The top has a black collar with gold accents as well as a green separated sailor collar with more gold accents; under the collar and around her neck is ruffled white lace. Green bridal gauntlets with golden accents for her arms. Leggings in muted greens and golden browns for her legs; this is partially covered by green enamel leg armor with black soles that go to her knees. She has a necklace and bracelets around both wrists of small golden chains with the occasional green sparkle; the necklace has multiple chains in a choker style with a green gem set to the front.

Traits (PL 1)

Traits (PL 8)

Traits (PL 9)


  • Miscommunication: 'mishear' English
    • Atsuko's understanding of the English language is unusually fluent (at least in HER mind…)
  • Loathing: Hatred (Familiars/Eidolons)
    • The only good Familiar or Eidolon is one suffering or dead…
  • Incident
    • Somehow she just seems to be a target when she's physically or socially obligated to not just run off. She tends to avoid mass transit if she can help it.
  • Like The Back Of My Knee
    • Atsuko knows the city and surrounding area very well. But she doesn't always remember that people with her may have trouble taking her routes. And some routes need to change on the fly or lead through areas it's unsafe to stop in…
  • Tsuchannnnnn~
    • Atsuko likes Tsubasa. A lot.

Experience (120+?/120+?)

2 spent to raise Wisdom by 2
.5 spent to train Craft (Cooking/Art)
? Essence stored away or used.
? empathy

Experience (135+?/135+?)

  • 2 spent to raise Dexterity by 2
  • 2 spent to raise Constitution by 2
  • 2 spent to raise attack (melee) by 2
  • 2 spent to raise Dodge Focus by 2
  • 1 spent on feat: Porn Logic
  • 2 spent on power: Gender Equality
  • 3 spent on upgrade/update Attack Powers
  • 1 spent towards improving Empathy towards general emotional broadcast/receive


Trade-off: +1 Damage Cap, -1 Attack

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