Game's run at 7PM Central standard time, Saturday, at #Psychoka on Rizon.

Until recently your home town, Momoironiwa, seemed very normal. That all changed when you met Reser, a strange, talking, flying, white and red rune covered fish. He offers you a simple deal: you could have one wish, almost anything you could think of in the whole world, for the price of joining him as a magical girl in a fight against terrible foes, Eidolons.

Eidolons are invisible monsters that tear themselves free from the broken hearts of people who can no longer contain them. They're the darker influences, hopes and reasons that these people have kept locked inside of themselves for all their lives. They hide away in barriers, but they draw on the lives of all around them. They eat hopes, cause traumas, drive people mad and kill almost anyone they can get close enough to their reach.

As a magical girl, it'd be your job to stop these. You'll gain a powerful weapon, and magical power, even if you've never had a fight in your life you'll find you'll find you've got the skills to now, some way or another. What could go wrong with such a deal?

Rules, both official and house

Psychoka House Rules The rules are now located here.

The city of Momoironiwa:

A moderate sized city located in central Japan. It's landlocked on the edge of the Gifu prefecture. It's a little known place but quite modern. Given its location, it's held a very rich history of battles and families and retains a very high Japanese population, many from the area or nearby areas for generations, Though it lacks major unique landmarks to make it appealing to tourists besides a failed amusement park nearby, mainly only appealing to locals now, and a nearby large JDF Base outside of the city.

Other landmarks include the central park which is very large and well kept, its the site of the occasional festivals and other events the city has. It has a full set of entertainment buildings, sports domes, concert halls and theaters, as well as museums dedicated to the history of the province. In addition to these, it has districts dedicated to industry where numerous buildings are in varying states of use, residential areas where most citizens live with shrines near the edges, some very popular and visited regularly, some almost abandoned. There are heavy commercial areas with shopping malls, movies and other entertainment, even at night this is considered the most 'alive' part of the city, all of these areas are positioned in such a way that they 'wrap' around the park, on their outer edge start the many, many roads and highways which lead to the numerous neighboring cities.

Crime rates in Momoironiwa are above the national average (especially in missing persons), but still quite low. The often used excuse for this is placed on people originating from the east and western halves of japan blaming each other. The city's police are numerous, but have a reputation of completely ignoring smaller crimes; the city is kept merely safe enough that no special laws are in place. The largest threat was a set of serial killings recently. The killer was eventually caught and several victims were confirmed, although the actual number of victims is believed to be much higher, including some students from the school whose bodies were never found.

The school (need name) is a busy place, tightly packed with students. It gets good marks in a lot of areas, though it seems to have as a major focus: its various sports teams. It both demands and produces excellent results among its students and they are raised as a major point of pride for the school and given more priority than any clubs. Due to this many students don't bother with clubs unless it's a major interest for them, which still happens and there are multiple clubs for people that share hobbies. Academically the school is far more average. If one wants to go further with education the only viable option seems to be additional schooling.

Uniform for the school (black with white and lighter blue highlights) is typical Japanese fair, though despite the complaints of (mainly only the female part of) the student body, the PE uniform has kept bloomers for girls, while guys get a more respectable uniform. The school allows a very small amount of customization to uniform students get around by wearing the uniform in different ways, shortening or omiting parts of it and hoping they'll not get in trouble for it. For the most part, teachers do not seem to care.

School spirit varies, but like all schools the majority of students when free gather into cliques of numerous sizes. It is common practice to ostracize anyone that steps out of line, this practice can be made especially clear with students who are more affected than others by things such as the recent disappearances of friends.

The Magical world

  • Reser: A mysterious magical creature that looks like a fish which contracts people into becoming magical girls for a wish. More detail on the character page. Reportedly not the only one of its kind.
  • Magical Girls/Boys: Those that have made a contract with Reser. They have been made powerful and given magical ability. Each of them has received a single wish.
  • Soul Weapon: A physical manifestation of a character's soul. It is most often a very powerful weapon. Its shape takes on a form that is important to the person, though they need not know why themselves.
  • Eidolons: Powerful monsters made from negative emotions that come from people's broken hearts. They live inside barriers, slowly growing stronger as they lash out at anything within their reach. Eidolons are nearly invisible to humans and have difficulty interacting with the normal world.
  • Familiars: The minions of Eidolons, providing anything from assistance in combat to food for their masters. Familiars are neither invisible nor nearly as hindered by reality as Eidolons.
  • Barriers: An extra-dimensional portal leading to a strange reality created by the Eidolons of that barrier. The barrier entrance is invisible to humans and its interaction with things that could go through it is selective.
  • Essence (Fluid): The name of both A strange rainbow liquid and the oddly shaped containers about the size of a teacup it comes in that are found on the spot where an Eidolon dies. Essence has a habit of falling out of collapsing barriers so in the worst case, they'll be found where the barrier entrance was in the real world. The fluid's taste is amazing, addictive and almost depressingly brief when just one essence is drunk. Essence provides a weak healing effect, restores mana and in larger quantities, empowers the drinker. It's effects are more pronounced on humans, temporarilly enthralling them to the providers will.
  • Essence (mana): The 'proper' name for the personal energy that magical girls can wield to use magic, it can be manipulated to cause all manner of unbelievable effects, though it is hard to manage and has been kept secret, when manipulated by a magical girl, is plainly visible to humans. It is also called Mana, Energy, Power or anything else. It's only known replenish-able source is the containers of Essence left by Eidolons.

Memories better forgotten: Defeated Eidolons.

Magical friendships: NPCs, magical and mundane.

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The Contracted (Players)

  • Atsuko Hayashi - a 14 year old girl local to the nearby area. Often seen running around or involved with sports, sometimes at the expense of more scholarly pursuits.
  • Junko Kohaku Junko Kohaku Reblah- a 14 year old girl who lived in town all her life. Energetic and fun loving she's always smiling as she goes about doing things.
  • Kanade Kondou - A 15 year old idol singer.
  • Adelaide Baudelaire - A foreigner.

The formerly contracted:

  • Makoto Nagaikawa- a 14 year old half-German high school student. Often finds himself dragged into Suzhua's dealings and escapades.
  • Suzuha Jackson a 15 year old high school student. She prefers to deal with problems the hard way.
  • Akira Rothwright - A timid new Magical Girl.
  • Naomi Chiyo - a 15 year old girl. She's devoted to fighting Eidolons.
  • * Keiko Tanaka - a 15 year old girl. She's excited to be a magical girl a bitch dead.

Book Thoon's Time

In the few hours of a day I'm not wasting days of my life on huttball being responsible and having lots of sex with attractive people, I am often free for oneshoty sessions to be spent hunting Eidolons or socializing with the (NPC and other avalible player) cast. For that reason, please feel free to list your name and a time here you'd like. Try and make the times something understandable, and add your name like, a week in advance if possible so I can plan. If I can't, I'll add in an excuse in the last box, if I can, it'll say 'Okay" or something. Just fill in the boxes with some plain stuff. These appointments can be made by a group.

Feel free to remind me in some sort of instant message if you add yourself or feel I'm forgetting.

Disclaimer: By electing to hunt you accept all of the risks for doing this solo, and may not justly bitch.

Book Thoon's Time
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