Name: "Priest"
Concept: Wandering Do-Gooder
Exalt Type: Solar
Caste/Aspect: Zenith
Intimacies: Positive (+), Negative (-)
Mortals (+)
The Unconquered Sun (+)
The Solar Exalted (+)
The Innocent (+)
Creatures of Darkness (-)
Motivation: Protect the weak and the innocent.
Anima Banner: Golden Prayers to the Unconquered Sun in a language anyone can read spiral around him.


Priest was a homeless man. Kicked around, too worthless for even slave labor, he labored daily just to survive. Priest's heart never hardened, though—whenever he received food, he would share it with other less fortunate people. One day, Priest was thrown into lock-up by a guild caravan under the guise of being a runaway slave. While he protested his innocence, they ignored him and clapped the chains around his neck. It was then he learned that he and many others were to be an offering to a Fair Folk noble, in exchange for exotic ingredients.

When the time of exchange arrived, Priest threw himself at the Fair Folk, hoping to buy the rest time. It was in this moment that the Unconquered Sun spoke to him, offering these words "The strength of the mightiest is truly reflected in how he treats the weakest. Grant your strength to the meek." Now a Solar Exalt, Priest drove off the Fair Folk and freed the other Slaves, who now revere him as a god.

"Priest" is a self imposed title. While he has gained the worship of a few, he always insists that it is truly the Unconquered Sun who deserves praise. Following his dreams, he has gathered up some of the possessions of his past self, and seeks to right the wrongs of his predecessors—It is in the protecting of the weakest mortal that the Solar Exalted shall find their own redemption.


  • Compassion 5
  • Conviction 2
  • Temperance 2
  • Valor 2
  • Virtue Flaw: Red Rage of Compassion
    • Priest flies into a rage at the injustices committed against the innocent.

*Condition: Priest sees the suffering of innocents, but is unable to intervene.

Willpower 7
Essence 3

  • 45/55 Peripheral (Beacon of Power)

*10 committed

Attributes ( bold any favored attributes)

Strength 4
Dexterity 5
Stamina 3

Charisma 4
Manipulation 1
Appearance 2

Perception 3
Intelligence 3
Wits 3


  • Martial Arts 2 (Not favored or Caste)
  • Melee 5
  • Integrity 4
  • Performance 5
  • Presence 4
  • Resistance 2
  • Survival 2
  • Athletics 3
  • Awareness 3
  • Bureaucracy 2
  • Linguistics 2

Specialties—Melee (Staves) +3, Performance (Preaching) +3.


  • Cult 2
  • Artifact 2 (Reinforced Buff Jacket)
  • Artifact 2 (Wrackstaff)
  • Resources 1


  • Reinforced Orihalcum Buff Jacket
  • Orihalcum Wrackstaff


  • Beacon of Power

Charms: Peony Blossom Attack, Iron Whirlwind, One Weapon Two Blows, Dipping Swallow, Bulwark Stance, Heavenly Guardian Defense, Integrity Protecting Prana, Temptation Resisting Stance, Elusive Dream Defense, Heart Compelling Method, Husband Seducing Demon Dance, First Performance Excellency, Second Integrity Excellency, Second Melee Excellency.

COMBO: Spinning Sun Staff—HGD, Iron Whirlwind Attack, Second Melee Excellency

Dodge MDV 7, Parry DV 8,

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