01[23:42] <Shizuka_tsukioka> 1d5+8 for net information on 'Magical Picoha Love Friends Fight Arena'
[23:42] <Unlovable_Halfbreed> Shizuka_tsukioka, for net information on 'Magical Picoha Love Friends Fight Arena': 10 [1d5=2]
01[23:45] <Shizuka_tsukioka> 4d10+8 to remeber correct name even~
[23:45] <Unlovable_Halfbreed> Shizuka_tsukioka, to remeber correct name even~: 35 [4d10=4,8,10,5]
[23:45] <Thoon> You manage to find that its a fairly popular online game for the latest VR consoles
01[23:46] <Shizuka_tsukioka> "Hmm…. lets try tips?"
[23:46] <Thoon> All the words on the case are jmubled up so it gets a different name depending on how people read it.
01[23:46] <Shizuka_tsukioka> ((scratch that then))
01[23:46] <Shizuka_tsukioka> "… maybe a differnt order?"
01[23:47] <Shizuka_tsukioka> 1d5+8 for differnt name
[23:47] <Unlovable_Halfbreed> Shizuka_tsukioka, for differnt name: 10 [1d5=2]
01[23:47] <Shizuka_tsukioka> ((dice gods dont' quite hate us enough, or are evil))
[23:48] <Thoon> You find lots of bitching about which classes are overpowered. Esspecially the secret dark magical girl class.
01[23:48] <Shizuka_tsukioka> "Secret classes? why would they hide them?"
01[23:49] <Shizuka_tsukioka> 1d5+8 for last attempt to figure this out
[23:49] <Unlovable_Halfbreed> Shizuka_tsukioka, for last attempt to figure this out: 9 [1d5=1]
01[23:49] <Shizuka_tsukioka> (( finally~ ))
[23:49] <Vega7285> ((Yes~))
[23:50] <Thoon> Its hidden and hard to get because its so powerful~
01[23:50] <Shizuka_tsukioka> ((that for the 1~?))
[23:50] <Thoon> Yes.
01[23:50] <Shizuka_tsukioka> ((aww~))
[23:51] <Thoon> Let's just say it doesn't detail on how exactly to unlock it~
01[23:51] <Shizuka_tsukioka> "…"6 she gets her phone and dials eroly's number 1"… I guess I have to ask…"
01[23:52] <Shizuka_tsukioka> "Why would people complain about a game though…"6 she wonders outloud as she calls up the eroly
[23:53] <Thoon> Ecchin answers "Hello, Tsukioka-chan?"
01[23:53] <Shizuka_tsukioka> "Um hello Eroly-san…um…um…"6 she puases not sure how to go on
[23:55] <Thoon> Ecchin on hearing the stuttering and pause "What's wrong? Something up?"
01[23:55] <Shizuka_tsukioka> "Um first let me ask… is Koizumi-san around?"
01[23:55] <Shizuka_tsukioka> ((sorry if I fuck that up I always refrence saya's last name from the nick~))
[23:56] <Thoon> (( Some friend you are~ ))
[23:57] <Vega7285> ((It's Koizumi. Just like that weird psychic guy in Haruhi.))
01[23:57] <Shizuka_tsukioka> ((I had to beat tanaka into my brain already ;_;))
01[23:57] <Shizuka_tsukioka> ((I did get it right~))
[23:57] <Thoon> Ecchin: "Nope, Saya-chan's watching some anime she just got. Bugs could attack the school and she'd not notice."
01[23:57] <Shizuka_tsukioka> ((every day magical page tages >loli< ….))
[23:58] <Vega7285> ((In the background ,you can probably hear her cheering something on or stomping around…))
01[23:58] <Shizuka_tsukioka> "Um… could I ask you for some helpl? I-If you're not busy that is…"
01[23:59] <Shizuka_tsukioka> 6 sounds embaresed
Session Time: Wed Jun 23 00:00:00 2010
[00:00] <Thoon> Ecchin: "Oh, sure. I can't have any fun with her like this anyways. Maybe when she's done she'll be tired…"
01[00:01] <Shizuka_tsukioka> "Ok, um lets meet at the mall?"
[00:04] <Thoon> Ecchin: "Okay, sure! Anywhere in particular?"
[00:04] <Vega7285> ((Try to jump on Saya now, and she'd probably punch you in the face by accident. Eroly's got good self-preservation instinct…after it happeend already, chances are~))
01[00:05] <Shizuka_tsukioka> (("I'll gladly take all of the saya's punches she can give me~~~"))
01[00:05] <Shizuka_tsukioka> "Um… where does Koizumi get her games?"
[00:06] <Vega7285> ((The porno shop.))
[00:06] <Thoon> Ecchin: "Porn shop."
01[00:07] <Shizuka_tsukioka> "… t… the porn shop?"
[00:07] <Thoon> Ecchin: "The same one she said you dragged her too from what I heard."
01[00:08] <Shizuka_tsukioka> ((also ~))
01[00:08] <Shizuka_tsukioka> "I-I didn't drag her there!
01[00:08] <Shizuka_tsukioka> 6 shaizu expclaims in an uncharacteristic asertvie way
01[00:09] <Shizuka_tsukioka> "Ah.. um sorry…"
[00:09] <Thoon> Ecchin: "Oh, guess I misunderstood something then. Anyways, that sounds like a good place to find each other, so meet you there?"
01[00:10] <Shizuka_tsukioka> "Um..ok, see you there."
01[00:11] <Shizuka_tsukioka> ((time skip~?))
[00:12] <Thoon> (( Sure ))
[00:13] <Thoon> Ecchin arrives at the area outside the store just a little after Shizuka got there.
01[00:13] <Shizuka_tsukioka> 6 arives at the mall and proceeds slowly the 'porn shop' making a few 1"uww…"6 noises in the mall
06[00:13] * Shizuka_tsukioka notices eroly 1"Um hey Eroly-san…"6 she seems a bit embaresed returning here
01[00:14] <Shizuka_tsukioka> ((… hello eroly))
01[00:14] <Shizuka_tsukioka> (( I forget how proper I need to have her speak))
[00:15] <Vega7285> ((At least it's not Ecchin-san, thus appending a proper honorific to a nickname~))
[00:16] <Thoon> Ecchin: "Just Ecchin's fine. Don't need to try and pronounce my name~"
01[00:18] <Shizuka_tsukioka> "Um.. I'm not to comfortable with that… um do you think you could help me with… buying a game like the one we played at the sleep over? I don't know much but.."
[00:19] <Thoon> "I don't really remember much about the sleepover… Which one was it?"
01[00:20] <Shizuka_tsukioka> ".. Um love love picoha fight arena… I want to sorta prove I can get good at it after losing…"
01[00:21] <Shizuka_tsukioka> "But woudl it really be at a place… like this?!"
[00:22] <Thoon> "Oh, right! I've not really tried that yet, so sure!"
[00:22] <Thoon> "I think so. It was made by some company that doesn't make mainstream games."
01[00:23] <Shizuka_tsukioka> "Oh?… I guess it sorta made sense it'd be here now that I think of it…"6 she starts to slowly walk in 1"Um would you know where it is?"
[00:23] <Vega7285> ((Therie other titles inclde Tentaclay~))
[00:23] <Vega7285> ((Why msut I make horrid comments~?))
01[00:24] <Shizuka_tsukioka> (( becuase it needs to be said~))
[00:25] <Thoon> "In their game section, duh. Luckily this store never asks about ages for stuff so we'll be fine."
01[00:25] <Shizuka_tsukioka> "It's restricted?!"6 she says in a hushed explanation and heads the way that eroly pointed out
01[00:26] <Shizuka_tsukioka> 2d10+3 for things not meant to be seen by shizu~
[00:26] <Unlovable_Halfbreed> Shizuka_tsukioka, for things not meant to be seen by shizu~: 16 [2d10=7,6]
[00:27] <Thoon> "It's just a rating. Who pays attention to that part." and Ecchin leads Shizu to the eroge/VR section of the store
01[00:27] <Shizuka_tsukioka> ((18 shoudl be 3))
01[00:27] <Shizuka_tsukioka> ((er 3 shoudl be 9))
01[00:27] <Shizuka_tsukioka> "Um but shouldn't you follow htem?"
[00:30] <Thoon> "Eh. Not if people don't mind."
01[00:31] <Shizuka_tsukioka> "Alright…"6 she looks around for the game
01[00:31] <Shizuka_tsukioka> 2d10+9 for the second look
[00:31] <Unlovable_Halfbreed> Shizuka_tsukioka, for the second look: 20 [2d10=10,1]
01[00:31] <Shizuka_tsukioka> ((so 2 looks thoon~))
01[00:31] <Shizuka_tsukioka> ((ones a crit fail~))
[00:32] <Thoon> (( Missed that first one, but~ ))
[00:32] <Thoon> Shizu spots under another game a really shiny case reading "Love fight"
01[00:33] <Shizuka_tsukioka> "Oh is this it?"6 she picks it up
[00:34] <Thoon> It seems to be. Though it says it's a collectors edition and offers extra content on the front
[00:34] <Thoon> Ecchin: "Looks like it."
06[00:35] * Shizuka_tsukioka checks the back 1"What's a collectors edition though?"
[00:37] <Vega7285> ((Saya will be jealous~))
[00:38] <Thoon> "It'd be special and come with crappy toys or exclusive stuff" It says on the back that the game comes with varrious extra options for a character and so on.
01[00:39] <Shizuka_tsukioka> "Extra options? Why would they sell another game with extra options… starnge but if this is it… I hear the system is more expensive right? "6 she goes about looking for the helmets she saw before
01[00:39] <Shizuka_tsukioka> 2d10+9
[00:39] <Unlovable_Halfbreed> Shizuka_tsukioka, 2d10+9: 16 [2d10=1,6]
01[00:39] <Shizuka_tsukioka> ((also how is colectors edition a failure~?))
[00:40] <Thoon> (( YOu've not yet seen the extra content. ))
01[00:41] <Shizuka_tsukioka> ((:3c))
01[00:41] <Shizuka_tsukioka> (((also fail on looking for the system, or at least the helmets))
[00:42] <Thoon> You spot a helmet and other bits of eqiupment that looks a bit like the one Saya. It says it gives a higher level of response to the player and all sorts of other buzz words.
01[00:42] <Shizuka_tsukioka> "Ah there's one…"6 she looks at eroly 1"Um guess I should get two… huh? they aren't that bad but where are the control things?"
[00:43] <Thoon> "You get those with the console. The VR parts only used by some games. Its way more fun, though."
01[00:44] <Shizuka_tsukioka> "Oh? I thought Koizumi said she didn't use them…"
01[00:44] <Shizuka_tsukioka> 2d10+9 to look for consol
[00:44] <Unlovable_Halfbreed> Shizuka_tsukioka, to look for consol: 22 [2d10=7,6]
01[00:44] <Shizuka_tsukioka> ((16~))
01[00:49] <Shizuka_tsukioka> ((no crit so don't find the fast processor kind that the VR helments would take~?))
[00:50] <Thoon> You manage to also find the console. It's a lot of money put together. Ecchin will help with her own poor not really smart high power VR hemlet but you can both afford it. Hopefully that job will pay you well…
01[00:51] <Shizuka_tsukioka> "Um… can I borrow some? I-I'll pay you back when I do that part time job…If I get it but I can still pay you back sooner or later"
[00:52] <Thoon> "Well… alright. It shouldn't be a problem." Ecchin offers Shizu the money she needs
01[00:54] <Shizuka_tsukioka> "Um thanks… um want to come over and test it out?"6 she asks as she heads to the counter 1"I-I mean if you want… it's sorta yours right now too"
[00:55] <Thoon> "No, its fine. Like I said, Saya won't be any fun until way later. Lets go."
01[00:55] <Shizuka_tsukioka> "What do you mean by fun?"
01[00:55] <Shizuka_tsukioka> 6 takes transit and such home
01[00:57] <Shizuka_tsukioka> ((any other comments or can we roll for horrible accidents setting this up~?))
[00:57] <Thoon> "Nothing~" and Ecchin's evasive on the matter all the way
01[00:58] <Shizuka_tsukioka> ((0and then shizu can't get married as eroly sliped and 'pluged in' a cable in shizu1))
[00:58] <Thoon> ((Not that I can think of for sadism. You've got a extra perverted edition and an insanely high powered VR helmet, the worst I can do is let it all work just as intended. ))
01[01:00] <Shizuka_tsukioka> ((alright~))
01[01:00] <Shizuka_tsukioka> 1d5+8 for how long it takes
[01:00] <Unlovable_Halfbreed> Shizuka_tsukioka, for how long it takes: 12 [1d5=4]
01[01:00] <Shizuka_tsukioka> 6 Shizu pull out the instruction manual and gets the system up in suprising amount of time ,guess her reading comprehention helps her with it
01[01:01] <Shizuka_tsukioka> "And there… Um put the cube in to start?"6 she opens up the collectors edition game
[01:03] <Thoon> "If you got all the plugs right."
01[01:04] <Shizuka_tsukioka> "Yeah…"6 she takes out hte cube (any other things~?) and puts it in the system
[01:06] <Thoon> The title screen starts up on the TV! It seems you got the right one
01[01:08] <Shizuka_tsukioka> "Ah… um so um"6 she flips through the manulal sees multiplayer index 1"Um… we have to make charcters first and then we can start… co-op? Um have you ever done co-op, is it hard?"
06[01:08] * Shizuka_tsukioka starts to put on the vr helmet and takes up the game pad
[01:09] <Thoon> "Saya got me to like, once. It just takes a moment."
01[01:09] <Shizuka_tsukioka> "Um ok… I'll make a character first then, um help me out if you can…"6 she looks for the creat a character option
[01:11] <Thoon> "Alright. It uh." Ecchin looks in the book while Shizuka messes with the menus "You need to pick stuff like a class, gender and stats and maybe spells."
01[01:12] <Shizuka_tsukioka> "So there is a gender option? I thought it would be girls only"
01[01:12] <Shizuka_tsukioka> ((well what does teh first menu screen look like~)0
[01:14] <Thoon> "It looks like there is. I guess guys play this too. Give them a look?"
[01:15] <Thoon> It lists all the options, what class, what points are going where, gender, spell is highlighted on the appropriate classes. Then there's edit appearances
01[01:15] <Shizuka_tsukioka> "um classes first I guess"
01[01:15] <Shizuka_tsukioka> 6 accdess the classes bit
[01:16] <Thoon> It lists the four archetype classes
01[01:17] <Shizuka_tsukioka> "Hmmm"6 she goes thorugh them "Um what did koizumi-san play as?"
[01:19] <Thoon> "She's a Picoha type I think."
01[01:20] <Shizuka_tsukioka> "Oh hmm…maybe something else…"6 she goes through till she hits alice hazzard and sees a book 1"Hmmm… Says casts destructive spells. I guess this is good?"
[01:21] <Thoon> "If you don't want to deal with enemies a lot, yeah."
01[01:22] <Shizuka_tsukioka> 6 upon hearing that selcets it goes to gender and chooses female, why would she want to play as a guy? and goes to spells
[01:23] <Thoon> It lists the spells, asking to select one. You could have sworn you saw three options on that gender list, though~
01[01:25] <Shizuka_tsukioka> "hmm…what does charging mean?
[01:25] <Thoon> "It says it takes a while to cast bigger spells"
01[01:26] <Shizuka_tsukioka> "Hmm… I don't think that really would work…"
06[01:27] * Shizuka_tsukioka selects dread curse of chaos
06[01:27] * Shizuka_tsukioka goes to attributes which was forgoten
01[01:27] <Shizuka_tsukioka> "Huh… what does tenacity do… and … uwww this is confusing…"
[01:29] <Thoon> "Just pick default. There's all sorts of weird things for this."
01[01:29] <Shizuka_tsukioka> "oh.. Ok"
02[01:30] * Vega7285 (~PI.EDF1F9B1.C3714B27.E65164D5|5827agev#PI.EDF1F9B1.C3714B27.E65164D5|5827agev) Quit
01[01:30] <Shizuka_tsukioka> "UM then appearance"6 she goes onto aperance
[01:31] <Thoon> It lists all sorts of tweakable things. It starts off on varrious adjustors for breasts by default~
01[01:32] <Shizuka_tsukioka> "… W-why would you want to mess with breast size?"6 she gets them to about her size… then clicks them up a bit
01[01:33] <Shizuka_tsukioka> "Hmm um face next?"6 she goes to the face and starts making a moe eyed girl with her sort of hair, though bluer 1"I guess we go to clothing next?"6 and confirms the face
[01:33] <Thoon> There's some really in depth customization options for everything, all sorts of options to adjust tiny parts of things, lengths, circumfrences, etc~
06[01:36] * Shizuka_tsukioka is turning red 1"Why would you want to mess with these! Uwww this game is perverted…"6 she leaves them to defualt or may have accidently decreased the some things trying to back peddle out of the options~
01[01:37] <Shizuka_tsukioka> 1d5+8 for how badldy~
[01:37] <Unlovable_Halfbreed> Shizuka_tsukioka, for how badldy~: 9 [1d5=1]
[01:37] <Thoon> Once done, it says to finalize the character~
01[01:37] <Shizuka_tsukioka> ((take that as you will‘))
[01:38] <Thoon> You manage to get something looking a lot like you.
01[01:38] <Shizuka_tsukioka> "Eh I don’t get to pick clothing? I thought I could make her have a pink outfit or something"
01[01:38] <Shizuka_tsukioka> 6 finilizes the character 1"I guess you get to make one now"
[01:39] <Thoon> (( Hm. Quit for today and put up actual stats for next time? ))
01[01:39] <Shizuka_tsukioka> ((I can stay up more~))
01[01:40] <Shizuka_tsukioka> ((it's not like I haven't been hititng the hay 2 hours past this anyways))
[01:40] <Thoon> (( Alright. Just wondering as I can't, stuff tomorrow and I want to be up early enough to dick around at night ))
01[01:41] <Shizuka_tsukioka> ((Ah, so game then, possibly pick up tommorow?))
[01:42] <Thoon> (( Hm? ))
01[01:42] <Shizuka_tsukioka> ((OH I took that as you had to go to bed, though I can put up shizu's character in a charcter while we do this~))
[01:44] <Thoon> (( I mean I'd like to be in the next hour or two at max, but tomorrow I can. and will be free for most of the day, just a couple hours in the middle won't be usable. ))
01[01:44] <Shizuka_tsukioka> ((Works for me))
01[01:44] <Shizuka_tsukioka> ((Soudns about my limit too))
[01:44] <Thoon> (( cool then~ ))
[01:45] <Thoon> I figured we'd have longer, myself. We got distracted fapping about some sort of never going to happen crap~
01[01:45] <Shizuka_tsukioka> ((so eroly making a character~))
01[01:47] <Shizuka_tsukioka> ((and yea lots of fagotry~))
[01:48] <Thoon> (( I'll post up on the wiki about what she makes when I remember it. ))
01[01:49] <Shizuka_tsukioka> Alright
01[01:49] <Shizuka_tsukioka> ((er alright, just want at least what she looks like and does~))
01[01:49] <Shizuka_tsukioka> ((nothing technicle~))
01[01:50] <Shizuka_tsukioka> (( oh yeah also the skills))
01[01:51] <Shizuka_tsukioka> ((I forgot to go through their motions but yeah~))
[01:51] <Thoon> Ecchin looks over the classes "Melee looks kind of strong, so I'll cover that part. Female… These stats should work…"
[01:52] <Thoon> She then tries fiddling with character creation trying to make something look like her. "Aww, it doesn't have the right shades for skin.."
01[01:53] <Shizuka_tsukioka> "I … I don't think I could do close combat …"
06[01:53] * Shizuka_tsukioka looks at the screen 1"huh it doesn't?"
[01:53] <Thoon> "Why痴 that?" Ecchin asks while trying to edit tattoos around a slightly larger then her real chest
01[01:54] <Shizuka_tsukioka> (( http://everydaymagicalgirls.wikidot.com/shizuka-picoha will make it fancy later~))
06[01:54] * Shizuka_tsukioka plays with the control sticks careful not to hit confirm or exit just in case it screws up eroly
[01:56] <Thoon> "I thought I saw the right shade on pictures now and then. Ah well, this sort of works."
01[01:57] <Shizuka_tsukioka> "OH? Um I guess we go to the co-op option then…"
01[01:58] <Shizuka_tsukioka> ((Oh wiat all the options, or does she just breeze through them~))
[01:59] <Thoon> She fiddled with lots of options quickly enough and seems satified with her magical girl.
01[01:59] <Shizuka_tsukioka> 6 waits for the comfrimation and then heads to the co-op 1"Hopefully it isn't like last time…"
01[01:59] <Shizuka_tsukioka> 6 confirms and selects her charater when approprate
[01:59] <Thoon> "I still don稚 remember, what happened?"
06[02:00] * Shizuka_tsukioka blushes 1"I just lost horribly…"
[02:02] <Thoon> "Well it was just your first time, right?" Ecchin appropriately asks
01[02:03] <Shizuka_tsukioka> "… Y-Yeah… um ok I think we're both selected"
01[02:03] <Shizuka_tsukioka> ((horrible thoon~))
06[02:04] * Shizuka_tsukioka attempts to start co-op mode
[02:04] <Thoon> Options to select difficulty, enemy types, locations~
01[02:05] <Shizuka_tsukioka> "Huh? We get to choose?"
06[02:06] * Shizuka_tsukioka looks at the difficulty then towards where eroly should be 1"Um.. I-I guess we shoudl be fine on normal"
[02:07] <Thoon> "Yeah. I致e not really done more then watch a little, before. Saya said that it just selects the basic enemies, you might fight other stuff too though, so you can稚 really trust it."
01[02:08] <Shizuka_tsukioka> ((I see kanji~))
01[02:08] <Shizuka_tsukioka> "Um .. alright then what location…"
01[02:08] <Shizuka_tsukioka> 6 she cycles through them
[02:08] <Thoon> (( Yeah my text is fucked up saying I have to restart for no reason. Is it legible? ))
01[02:09] <Shizuka_tsukioka> ((for the most prat yea it's just '''s))
[02:11] <Thoon> Warehouses, beach, dark alleyways, love hotel, sewer, basement, fighting arena are a few of the options coming up…
01[02:11] <Shizuka_tsukioka> "L-love hotel?! Why would that be on the list?"
06[02:12] * Shizuka_tsukioka you can practically hear the blush in her voice
[02:12] <Thoon> "To be like some of the scenes from the show, right?"
01[02:12] <Shizuka_tsukioka> "… There's alot.. what should we ?"
01[02:13] <Shizuka_tsukioka> "Um… which scenes?"
01[02:13] <Shizuka_tsukioka> 6 she may or may not be playing stupid~
[02:14] <Thoon> "When they make friends and stuff."
[02:14] <Thoon> "Let痴 just go with that one, then."
01[02:15] <Shizuka_tsukioka> "Um…ok…"6 she hesitantly selects it
01[02:16] <Shizuka_tsukioka> ((also suprised eroly didn't pick futa, she's probalby a pure love only girl~))
[02:16] <Thoon> (( You called it exactly~ ))
01[02:17] <Shizuka_tsukioka> "Um… well I did read the manual this time.. and didn't drink anything it should go better…"
[02:17] <Thoon> The background changes with the highlighted arena. You pick something looking a bit like the upstairs area for the party you go to in the future.
[02:17] <Thoon> "Huh?"
01[02:19] <Shizuka_tsukioka> "Ah ah nothing…. Um any tactics to use?"
[02:20] <Thoon> "We can just dash in and kick their asses, right?" She has no clue what happens. You swear you can feel that squirm again~
01[02:21] <Shizuka_tsukioka> "Uwww I guess well I'll stay back and fire my device… I rellly didn't know how to use it last time"
[02:22] <Thoon> "That sounds like a good plan."
01[02:23] <Shizuka_tsukioka> "Ok… Lets do this"6 she presses start or whatever is required to prompt the game

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