Magical Picoha Love Friends Fight Arena, Rules:

Character creation:

Picoha type:

Starts with:

  • Blaster Device +2 damage
  • Orgone Blasts
  • 2/2 Armor

Limit Break: Stars are Right Breaker
For one single attack, your device's becomes a -1 damage weapon. At integrity scale.

Providence Type:

Starts with:

  • Melee Device: +2 damage
  • Haste (+1 action without MAP)
  • 1/1 armor

Limit Break: Barzai's Scimitar
Your melee attack effectivly becomes a 15/25/40 ranged weapon that uses melee skill still and gains +1 more damage for D10 rounds

Alice Hazard Type:

Starts with:

  • One Destruction Magic
  • Orgone Blasts
  • Blaster Device +1 damage
  • 1/1 armor

Limit Break: The Biosexicon:
The Biosexicon floats beside you for D10 rounds, it acts as the host for Destructive spells until it goes away, letting you do something else, including charging up a second spell.

Jenkin Type:

Starts with:

  • One Support Spell
  • Melee Weapon: +1 damage
  • 2/2 Armor

Limit Break: Transform
You transform into a tiny little mascot animal for the rest of the fight or an hour. You gain the benefits of being a small mecha to humanoids who are effectively are medium and giant monsters which are large. You also gain a dodge focus for this form that stacks with any other focuses for dodge. You can still cast spells and fight as normal.

Material-HPL Type: (To be filled out soon)

Starts with:

  • One Aspect
  • Ranged Weapon: +2 damage
  • 0/1 Armor

Limit Break: Minions
Pick a type of monster when you make the character, you can summon a monster of that type relative to about your strength, Or, if the enemy you are currently fighting is that type, you may attempt to dominate them onto your side when you do damage to them in any form, unless they pass a hard tenacity test (penalties from injures apply to resisting this.) Either use lasts an hour or until it dies in your service.

Attributes and Skills:

You get 35 points, spread them around as needed. If you don't want to bother, you get a 6 on everything.
You also start with 5 skill points, these can be spent on;

  • Unarmed: Using fists and legs, it seems lame now but when disarmed…
  • Melee: Usage of melee weapons that you start with or pick up.
  • Ranged: Usage of ranged weapons that you start with or pick up,
  • Dodge: Dodging incoming attacks.
  • Block: Blocking incoming attacks.

You may also apply skill points to spells with ranks or Orgone blasts.

Attack Options:

  • Limit Breaks:

You may only use limit breaks while naked, willingly or not but only once per an hour.

  • Orgone Blasts:

As a Parapsychic power, no load time, +1 damage a rank, doesn't require device to use. Orgone Blasts can be combined by magical girls, doing so costs both of them all their actions and they have to be close enough to conduct the skinship involving ritual, but adds both their ranks together. Every rank of a combined orgone blast makes it's explosion 5 feet bigger.

Destruction Spells:

  • Living Black Flame: +6 Damage to 1 hostile, 3 rounds charging.
  • Tindalosian Breaker: +3 damage to every hostile, 2 round charging
  • Dread Curse of Chaos: 1 dice of damage a round for d10 rounds, additional casts add to the time it lasts, ignores armor. 1 round charging.
  • Song of the Red King: Causes 4 dice of damage to an enemy for each round maintained, maintaining being one action (armor reduces damage). 3 rounds charging

Support Spells:

  • Binding Spell: Inflicts 1d/rank grapple on enemy. Takes one action to Use/Maintain
  • Invisibility: Turns someone invisible until they attack. Takes one action to cast.
  • Heal Essential Fluids: Heals 1d/rank health. Revives the unconcious but only heals half HP when doing so. Takes one round to cast. Doesn't fix clothes.
  • Simulacrum Shield: Cloaks the target in a magical armor, gives them 1/1 armor for every rank for d10 rounds and prevents molestation. One round to cast, doesn't stack with itself.


  • Aspect of Brilliant Chaos:

You summon a gravity sink on an enemy and For D5 rounds the enemy cannot move from their location unless they succeed on a challenging strength test, just attempting the test deals 1 dice of damage per a rank of this taken.

  • Aspect of Mindless Space:

Each rank of this acts as an option that can be used instead of dodge, but if it meets of is higher then the attack you may redirect it at anyone else (friend or foe) besides you or the attacker.

  • Aspect of the tentacle mother:

You can make pheromones which assuming the enemy fails a tenacity check that start at average and goes up one difficulty per a rank, you pick if they must attack you or cannot until no other options remain

  • Aspect of The Red King:

Cast any destruction spell with a charge time, but you can sacrifice 1d10 health to remove a round spent charging. You can only pick how many rounds you'll skip once a round, but more then once in a single spell

  • Aspect of the Formless Man:

You can gain as many ranks as you desire (to a max of 5) for all skills for d5 rounds, then suffer a penalty of that amount of that same number of skill against you for twice that time. Both durations need to finish before you can use this again.


After every fight you gain "Pages of the Biosexicon" (Bioscroll?) when can be spent to improve

skills, gain new ones or buy items.

A spell (Orgone blast, offense, support, aspects) 5+5 for every rank you already have in pages. (eg, 5, 10, 15, etc)
A skill 10 for rank 1, 10+5 per a rank for later ones (15, 20, 25, etc)

If your class doesn't have a spell, aspect or orgone blast, you can get it for two times the normal cost.

Not yet done, but there are equipable items. Some classes can't use some types.

Monsters commonly encountered

  • Tentacles, which are typically tough
  • Machines, which are difficult to hurt
  • Oozes, which are resistant to physical attacks
  • Golems, which are resistant to magic
  • Swarms/hive minds, which have weird tactics
  • Evil Magical Girls, which are all different
  • Humanoids, which have superior numbers
  • Undead, which are especially strong or weak to types of attacks depending on types
  • Fey, which have all sorts of trickery
  • Demons, which are powerful with magic and immune to certain things

Special rules:

Casting a spell

Casting or charging a spell takes one action, it does give you a multiple action penalty, but it doesn't affect any rolls for the spell, just other actions done. You cannot spend more then one action casting spells on the same turn. When you start a spell that requires charging, that action counts as the first charging, only on the start of your next turn does the spell 'fire', the firing is a free action. (Eg. If you can take two actions and start casting Dread Curse on round 1.1, it doesn't do anything till your go in 2.1). WIthout the Alice limit break, you can only charge one spell at a time, no matter how many actions you have.

Damage Levels

You still take regular damage penalties from being hurt, it's just this also happens. You don't go unconscious at death's door and death is simply being knocked out.

Damage levels
Flesh Wounds Torn outfit
Light Wounds Top removed
Moderate Wounds Skirt removed
Serious Wounds Bra removed
Death's Door Panties removed

NPC Characters

As I'll probably need these sooner or later.

  • Ecchin (Picoha): Ecchin's Providence type modelled like herself. The chest is a tad embellished.
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