My Name Is… Peppermint And I Am… a pony with a soft blue pelt and glittery orange mane. For some odd reason, she has a pony-pirate's greatcoat on, complete with tri-corner hat.

Why Aren't You Happy? I'm too afraid others will leave, and so make up reasons to stay or ways to be useful. Plus, I noticed that it'd be entirely too easy to fence in fellow ponies with candy-canes…

How Did You Realize This? I helped out a friend that was going to have something fall on them (that was partially my fault for trying to improvise) by making a small candy-cane house. When they thanked me and pranced away, I nearly locked the candy-cane door on them to keep them there.

What's On The Surface? Outgoing pony, always striving to have something to give.

What Lies Beneath? Fear of being left alone or behind.

Your Dream Is To… find a way to keep my friends forever, whether just in my heart or more literally…

When You Get Upset… Aggressive [_] Passive [_] [_]
Spark Improvisation [_] [_] [_] [_] [_] [_]
Cutie Mark (Power) Crossed Candy-canes [crossed swords] (Creation/Manipulation of Candy-Canes)
Friendship [x] [x] [x]

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