Paige Zanados

Paige Zanados

Paige is an average height for girls her age. Long black hair and a kind of quite though caring demeanor. Is commonly seen reading and writing in books when she isn't corralling her childhood friend Kuko in town or at school. Seemingly has no interested in dating though is fairly popular with boys due to what the boys allude to around Kuko as "maturity", but really mean she's has a chest.

Quick rolls
roll 8d10 tn 8 untransformed knife 4 dex 2 wep 2 damage
roll 11d10 tn 8 Knife 5 dice knife 5 dex 3 wep 3 damage

Practical Magic
A Princess of Swords should be a well rounded individual. Able to pen a theorem, command the dance
floor and throw a hefty right hook. Whether in your Transformed or normal state, you may spend Wisps
to add to dice pools involving your Power attributes – Strength, Intelligence, and Presence. Normally,
each Wisp spent adds 1 die to a single roll; high Belief increases the bonus.
Invocation: Fuoco
Fuoco applies at no cost when the target of a Princess’ Charm is a flame, on fire, or hot enough to burn;
and when the target is someone or something the Princess loves. It also applies without cost when a
Princess intends to aid a person she loves, to strike at enemies with her full force, to take great risks for
great gains, to inspire others to heroic endeavors, and at the culmination of a major campaign.


Power Intelligence 3 Strength 2 Presence 3
Finesse Wits 3/4 Dexterity 4/5 Manipulation 2
Resistance Resolve 2 Stamina 1/2 Composure 2



Academics 2
Computer 1
Crafts -3
Investigation 4
Medicine 1
Occult 2
Politics -3
Science 1


Athletics -1
Brawl -1
Drive -1
Firearms -1
Larceny 1
Stealth 2
Survival -1
Weaponry 2/3


Animal Ken -1
Empathy 2
Expression 2
Intimidate -1
Persuasion 1
Socialize 1
Streetwise -1
Subterfuge 3

Other Traits


Familiar (Shared) 1
Eidetic Memory 2
Trained Observer 1
Fast Reflexes 2
Royal Tongue 1


Embarrassing secret : Loves Malcolm Clancy
Obsession : Malcolm Clancy
Charge : Kuko Chiyo, has to keep tabs on the girl
Size 5
Defense 3/4
Initiative Modifier 6 + 2
Speed 11
Experience 0


Legno 0
Acqua 0
Terra 0
Aria 0
Fuoco 2
Lacrima 0
Tempesta 0
Specchio 1
Health 8
Bash Lethal Aggravated
Current 0 0 0
Willpower 1 7
Wisps 4 11
Inner Light 2
Belief 7
Type Amount
—- 0
Calling: Seeker
Court Swords
Virtue: Charity
Vice: Lust
Investigation: Crime Scenes
Stealth: Shadowing
Empathy: Motives


* Investigation: Crime scene
* Stealth: Shadowing
* Empathy: Motives


Shikigami [1+ (Special)]

As part of the local magical girls, part of Paige's magic's helped make this.

Trained Observer[1]

Prerequisites : Wits 3 or Composure 3
Effect: A Trained Observer can spot the smallest anomaly. No detail escapes his notice. With the one-dot version, the TO ignores penalties of up to -3 on Perception rolls. The three dot version gives Perception rolls the Rote Action quality (see “Rote Actions”, the World of Darkness Rulebook, p. 134).
* Paige has spent many nights honing her ability to distinguish small detail in the darkest of places, bustle of a crowd, and in everyday activity while actively pretending to not look.

Eidetic Memory [2]

Effect: Your character has a near-photographic memory, being able to recall vast amounts of observed detail with astonishing accuracy. You do not normally need to make a roll for your character to remember an obscure fact or past experience, unless he is under stress (such as in combat). Under stress, there is a +2 modifier on any Intelligence + Composure or other Skill based roll (say, Academics, to remember a fact) for memory recall. Available at character creation only.
* Paige was gifted with a mind that doesn't forget the details of everyday life. Like the way someone smiles, how the curve of their mouth is just at that cute 31.2 degree angle and the dimple that just subtly appears.

Fast Reflexes[2]

Prerequisites: Dexterity 3
Effect: +1 Initiative per dot Your character’s mix of sharp reflexes and steady nerves helps him get the drop on adversaries.
* Paige has always been quick on her anticipating a change. Always ahead to put everything back in order or to simply unsorted the sorted search in such a way that he'll think that he just left it a mess and think nothing more. Always ready to do this and always able.

Royal Tongue [1]

You know how to produce the Royal Tongue. You can use it to enhance your Charms.

If you spend a turn speaking the Royal Tongue, declaring that you will use a Charm on a
target, and forcing the qualia, the experience and feeling of what you are about to do, into the musical speech, your activation roll for the power gains the 9-again quality.

* Paige's experience with poetry while simple just clicked with the subtle flowery neuoncies the royal tongue has.



Kensai (Fight 1)

* Action: Permanent
* Strength + Weaponry, 2 lethal damage, Durability 2, Structure 4, Size ?
* Paige has a double bladed Sangrai knife that has stylized rounded flairs near the handle making it vaguely resemble a heart.
* Upgrade Burning (fire2)
* The Princess’ weapon erupts into flame. If she applies Fuoco to an attack, it gains the 9-again quality.


Keen Observation (Crime Scene) (Learn 1)

* Action: Permanent
* When the Princess transforms, she becomes keen-eyed, missing no detail when she fixes her attention. She gets the 9-again quality on mundane Investigation rolls within one of her specialties (chosen when she takes the Charm) and may apply an Invocation to those rolls.
* Upgrade : Alert The Princess’ keen perception becomes a matter of reflex. Whenever an Invocation applies at no cost, the Princess adds it to her Perception rolls based on sight and hearing. If more than one Invocation applies at no cost, the Princess uses the highest of them. She may also apply an Invocation when listening for a target while blind.

Scent Falsehood(Learn 1)

* Action: Instant and resisted, Wits + Subterfuge - target’s Composure
* 1 Wisp
* Duration: 1 Scene
* The Princess smells a lie as another in her hearing speaks it.
* Dramatic Failure: The Charm fails, but the Princess believes it has worked, and thus will believe the target implicitly, unless and until he says something she knows is not true.
* Failure: The Charm fails, but the Princess is aware of the failure.
* Success: Whenever the target says something he doesn’t believe, the Princess perceives the falsehood automatically. The Charm detects only literal untruth – omissions, evasions, equivocations and honest opinions don’t register. Factual assertions made in conscious ignorance do register as false.
* Exceptional Success: The Princess’ nose catches subtle misleadings as well as direct falsehood; when the target’s statements are true but significantly incomplete, she will know that something has been left unsaid.


Barrier charm

Jacket (Perfect •)
Action: Permanent
A Princess is always properly dressed. Of course, the proper dress for battle is usually armor. The
Princess may alter her Regalia into protective clothing that grants her Armor, rated equal to half her
Inner Light, rounded up, against all attacks. If the Princess applies an Invocation when she transforms,
she may give herself Armor equal to her rating in the Invocation instead of the default; however, this form
of armor fades out when the scene ends. A Princess may switch among all forms of armor available to
her, or return to her unprotected but transformed state, with a transformation action. (When a Princess
can’t apply an Invocation, the armor based on that Invocation is not available through a transformation

Shadow 1

11 EXP total
6 EXP for meeting naomi and fighting dark lings.
-3 exp for transfomred skill weaponry
3 EXP for meeting the Knight of tarnished sky.
-6 for barrier charm
3 for kuko barrier
3 for wolf wooping
4 for paint off
1 for yuring friends
-3 to transfer 1 transformed wep to 2 mundane wep
-3 for 1 transformed wep
4 for being beaten down
3 for rescuing a friend then getting her naked
-4 for Fighting finnese
1 EXP for dog fight
3 exp for Shadows
3 for theater fight
1 for Kuko!?!
3 for stage
3 for tentacles
-16 inner light 2 dots
4 for unwinable fight
3 exp for double double for
3 exp for double abuse
7 exp for rose double double double doubles.
4 EXP for play
-5 for transform stamina dot
-5 for transform dextarity dot
-6 for knife damage upgrade

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