Pact Beast And Price Suggestions

Beast Suggestions;

  • Manticore - Face of a man, body of a lion or tiger, and a stinger tail. Shoots poison spines and has crushing jaws.
  • Unicorn - The body of a stage, with a single spiral horn. Attributed numerous powers to neutalize evil and poison. Likes virgins. Considered to be knightly. Or lascivious.
  • Wyvern - A two legged, poisonous winged serpent. A small, poisonous dragon.:Barghest - a large black dog, an omen of death. A hellhound.
  • Basilisk - A large serpent that brings death with it. It's eyes turn men to stone, and it's breath is poisonous.
  • Cockatrice - A cross between a chicken and a snake, said to be the king of serpents. Another form of Basilisk. A mirror is said to be the bane of both.
  • Oroboros - A serpent that swallows it's tail. A symbol of eternity, and alchemy.
  • Roc - A large eagle that eats elephants.
  • Phoenix - A bird of fire and revival.
  • Cateblopes - A large land mammal like a buffalo or cow. It's head is constantly lowered, and covered in a shabby mane. It's breath is pestilence and it's gaze is death.
  • Leucrotta - A horse sized hyena like creature with a serrated jaw that can crush bone. It's mouth is as wide as it's head. It can mimic human voices.
  • Griffon - An eagle and a lion.
  • Siren - A beautiful woman who sings sailors to death.
  • Gargoyle - A creature of living rock that flies on stone wings.
  • Mandrake - A woman shaped plant with a horrible wail.

Or anything else you can think of, it can even be something not mythological if you convince me it'll be awesome. The game has fuckin' Beholders in it.

Price Suggestions

  • An arm or leg, rendering it useless and heavy, it probably doesn't however lose feeling, enjoy cutting it off to prevent it becoming a risk.
  • Magic, losing the ability to cast spells or use the powers of magical items, they are still sharp though
  • Skills, any one or two tightly bound to the character like stealth
  • Charm/respect: more or less unlikeable and useless at social events, however too noticeable to hide in plain sight, taunting might be effective.
  • Presence, ignored, almost always hiding in plain sight, even if they desire otherwise. Hard to play in an RPG.
  • Sight, speech, hearing, etc still really does work well despite originality being compromised.
  • Rest, removing the ability to relax, stress will slowly build up, won't demand much but a low will save or something.
  • And positive things could work too, forgetfulness. Forced to remember every. Single. Thing. You. See. Everyone you kill, every deed you do, etc.
  • Spirit, effort or some other word, perma-exhaustion.
  • Ability to stand sunlight/moonlight (fuck science, they are different here.)
  • Emotions, love, hate, hope, sadness, happiness, satisfaction, pride, modesty, benignity, cruelty, etc. Remember that absence of one thing != locked into the opposite, alternatively the ability to NOT feel one of these for every single thing.
  • Health, spending your life sickly, uncomfortable, but your body is just tough enough to not die. Likely just low physical stats and something like auto fail poison and disease, avoid assassins.
  • The ability to knowingly lie.
  • Patience, dunno how to RP that.
  • Perception, such as friends and foes, classes, making interaction with nobility difficult, gender, though that will take a good case to prove it's an expensive drawback.
  • Peace, at least one sense is constantly assaulted by something
  • Connection to a certain group you were/should be tightly tied to. May include all animals, humans, etc. No more connection with them and a certain dislike of them taints perception.
  • Place in history, in the immediate context, your deeds are recognized but including time before your pact it's like you never existed and fate will attempt to unwind all your old work.
  • Organs, like reproduction eating or a side of the brain.
  • Trust or a lack thereof?
  • Warmth, as in always feeling as If naked in the snow, reverse too.
  • Ability to keep a secret? "Don't you want them to know about our amulets or something?"
  • Spiritual Endurance, giving in easily to pressure, demands, etc. You'd need to mean it.
  • Inability to say no, the spirit of this problem is included, unable to turn things down, Ed may not exploit this, but I can~
  • Bloodlust, you'll be able to kill, but you'll utterly hate it, remember this has to be a loss of something you had, moralfags won't wind up with this
  • Strength, making you barely able to walk and carry light objects, let alone effectively fight with a sword and shield.
  • There's always time, the ability to age, or just physically change as the years pass.
  • Other odd social effects like the ability to insult someone, or shoo them away. Everything you say comes off as amusing or pleasant.

In many cases, the opposites might also work.

A pact price should reflect some serious loss to the character, even if minor to reality. Good examples are Inuart the bard, who lost his ability to sing and sooth Furiae, his lover who was in constant pain, or Arioch's womb, after being driven mad seeing her children butchered.

An effective way to think of this might be something like whittling, think of the character you want to play and a pact that doesn't ruin your ability to roleplay, then think of how having that removed would result in creating a character you want to play, instead of making a character you like and then removing something from that.

A simple example; I want to play an insane rapist-cannibal. I make him a happy father of three, I make the pact price be his sanity and let the obvious happen, I now have what I wanted.

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