Optional Ema Lifepath Addendum

Because the EMA is a bit unscrupulous and strange, here's some changes to the character-generation Lifepath to use for EMA child-pilots.

First off, rather than the usual lifepath assumption of taking you to 16, you can start as young as 13 or so, though I think I mentioned this on the main page.

Lifepath by table/section

Family Background - Rolled or chosen as normal (and you do get the relevant starting monies). However, due to the first of the additional charts below, you may not know your family. You can consider most family things, including siblings, as background material from before you joined the EMA forces.

Family Situation - All of this is primarily background, one of the "new" charts may invalidate it, but it might be useful.

Siblings - This is background too, but it's possible that one of your actual siblings went with you into the EMA.

Entry to the EMA - A new table, for how you joined the EMA. Roll 1d10 or choose.
1-4 War Orphan
5-7 Kidnapped
8 Forced into it by parents
9 Volunteered
10 Bought through black-market slave trade

Trauma - Most kids tend to suffer a bit during their Treatment and training. Here are some bad things that may have happened to you. Roll 1d10 or choose.
1-2 You've managed to avoid the worst of it, and still maintaim your innocence.
3. Abandonment and alienation.
4. You couldn't connect with anybody
5-6 You were abused and bullied by your peers
7-8 You were molested or abused by one of the adults near you.
8 Injuries or treatment rejection resulted in a lot of time in medical care.
10 You were always the last of you "class".

Friends - These would be friends within some part of the EMA organization ,but otherwise there's nothing unusual. Some can be as close as siblings, if you've known them long enough.

Love - No real reason for much to be different here, but depending on your character's age, it might beg a different interpretation ,such as a childhood crush, or being a manipulative Lolita leading on an older man.

Physical traits - Rolle 'em or pick 'em as usual. Keep in mind that most EMA girls have a sort of "gradient eyes" look to them.

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