06* Shizuka_tsukioka looks at the bottles trying to read it, doubt latin will cover anything on them
11<Thoon> Alien gibberish is all you see.
11<Thoon> Ecchin: "So, who wants what piece?"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Eh what piece?"
<Saya_Koizumi> "What were they again?"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "And why would drinking be a game…hmm"6 she stares trying to find somethign in those bottles
<Shizuka_tsukioka> (( she's only seen beer cans~))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> 3d10+8 for occult
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Shizuka_tsukioka, for occult: 30 [3d10=10,5,7]
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((18 for non existant cult roll~))
11<Thoon> "Someone drinks every time there's tentacles, eyes, mouths or naughty bits on a monster on screen."
<Saya_Koizumi> "Drinking's a game when you drink when certains tuff happens. It's fun~ Though, uh, I've enver used real alcohol before…"
<Hatsumi> "There'll be naughty bits?"
<Saya_Koizumi> "I call tentacles~ I like those~"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Eh it's beer? I thoguht that only came in a can"
11<Thoon> "Duh. It's Picoha. Okay Saya~"
06* Shizuka_tsukioka fidgets a bit nerviously 1"Um should we really be drinking?"
<Hatsumi> "I'll take… eyes?"
<Saya_Koizumi> "It'll be fine, Shizu-chan."
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Eh? You too Tanaka-san uwww?"6 she gives up 1"Um… alright I'll just take what's left…"
11<Thoon> "You can have naughty bits then, Shizu~"
06* Hatsumi continues to look somewhat confused at the proceedings.
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Eh! B-but…uwww.."
11* Thoon Ecchin opens up the bottle, coughing already from just the smoke "Hopefully this'll be as good as it should be."
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((Also asume we're in pajama mode at this point after dinner and such))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((Actually, they'd have to change into something after the bath hmm))
11<Thoon> (( Yep. Probably right. ))
06* Shizuka_tsukioka looks at the smoke 1"… are you sure it's safe?"
<Saya_Koizumi> ((Yep. Saya wears Picoha ones~))
<Hatsumi> ((Yep, that's when I got PJs.))
<Saya_Koizumi> "Sure, sure. We'll stop before we get sick or anything."
11<Thoon> "Yeah. It was really popular when it was made."
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((cream blue top and long pants bthing or whatever it si))
<Saya_Koizumi> ((huge-ass t-shurt and panties, here.))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((ah the moe t-shirt, in before shimu shimu))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> (( ))
<Saya_Koizumi> "So, Shizu-chan, what do you want to drink on?"
11<Thoon> "Shizu said she'd drink on naughty bits~"
06* Shizuka_tsukioka looks at saya 1"Eh? Drink on um.. I thought I got… um.. naughty parts …"6 she blushes a bit
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Um so how much do we drink of this each time we see … our item"
11<Thoon> "Just a small mouthful so we can make a few episodes?"
06* Shizuka_tsukioka looks over at Hatsumi 1"Um… have you drank this stuff before?"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((er ever drank))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((granted she's a year older but at this age shizu probly thinks shes' had a dozen boy friends drove a car and has held down 3 seperate part time jobs~))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> (( ah here we go )))
06* Hatsumi shakes her head. "I haven't had something like this…"
<Hatsumi> ((Did it smoke when it was opened?))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((I belive so, might have just be some sort of carbonization~))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((may be deadly nerve gas))
<Saya_Koizumi> "Ok, well, I guess we're all set. And a sip to make it last longer is probably a good idea~."
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((It's a migou product))
11<Thoon> (( One or the other. No one's feeling faint yet, but it's certainly got a potent smell ))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> (( ah ))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((has eroly poured glasses at all?))
06* Saya_Koizumi pops a Picoha disk into her entertainment center. "Well, let's get started~"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> (( also that song is why I play the OP every time nier starts up ))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Uwww…"6 she looks in her glass grimacing a bit
06* Saya_Koizumi takes her glass and looks at it. "Hm…this doesn't seem like sake. What's it made of, Ecchin?"
11* Thoon Ecchin pours out glasses of the clear liquid that hisses as it makes contact with the glasses and places them infront of each of the girls wherever they're sitting. "Dunno. I can't read Nazzadi."
<Hatsumi> ((Incidentally, Hatsumi favors these kinds of PJs. ))
<Saya_Koizumi> "Oh."
<Hatsumi> "Eh? Ah."
<Saya_Koizumi> The episode's starting…
<Saya_Koizumi> ((so ,how do we hande this?))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((beliveing it'll come alot from thoons end~)
11<Thoon> (( Okay, d5, roll that many more d5, take that penalty on a tenacity check for the first episode~ ))
06* Shizuka_tsukioka murmers something inchoerent about ritual miscast and luck
<Saya_Koizumi> 1d5
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Saya_Koizumi, 1d5: 4 [1d5=4]
<Shizuka_tsukioka> 1d5
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Shizuka_tsukioka, 1d5: 1 [1d5=1]
<Saya_Koizumi> 4d5
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Saya_Koizumi, 4d5: 12 [4d5=2,4,1,5]
11<Thoon> 1d5 Ecchin drinks
<Shizuka_tsukioka> 1d5
09<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Thoon, Ecchin drinks: 2 [1d5=2]
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Shizuka_tsukioka, 1d5: 2 [1d5=2]
11<Thoon> 2d5 Ecchin drinks
09<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Thoon, Ecchin drinks: 7 [2d5=3,4]
<Saya_Koizumi> 5d10 penalty: -12~
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Saya_Koizumi, penalty: -12~: 21 [5d10=3,1,3,4,10]
<Hatsumi> d5
<Hatsumi> 1d5
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Hatsumi, 1d5: 4 [1d5=4]
11<Thoon> 3d10-7
09<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Thoon, 3d10-7: 0 [3d10=1,2,4]
<Saya_Koizumi> ((21-12 = 9~))
<Hatsumi> 4d5
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Hatsumi, 4d5: 18 [4d5=4,5,4,5]
<Hatsumi> (( Oh my. ))
11<Thoon> (( 4~ ))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> 4d10+7 shizu got lucky
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Shizuka_tsukioka, shizu got lucky: 27 [4d10=8,1,5,6]
<Shizuka_tsukioka> (( 12 ))
09<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((also we getting any info on episode thoon or at least where it leaves off~))
<Hatsumi> 5d10-9
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Hatsumi, 5d10-9: 26 [5d10=4,10,4,7,10]
11<Thoon> (( Oh you will~ ))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((heh~))
<Hatsumi> (( 11 ))
11<Thoon> The drink is insanely bitter and strong Shizu somehow manages to bare it a little (probably by taking only the tiniest sips) but everyone else starts to feel very, very comfortable. Ecchin's practically leaning on Saya "Think this was a good idea~?"
11<Thoon> Meanwhile, on screen the evil magical girl rapidly charges at Providence, stripping her off and summoning hordes of tentacles around her while she screams.
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "It's really really bitter…"6 makeing a face after her first sip
<Saya_Koizumi> "Totally~ This is really good schnuff"
<Hatsumi> "I think it's an acquired taste…"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "uwww… I'm not sure…"
<Saya_Koizumi> "It is kinda bitter, though…is this what alcohol's like?"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "I don't know…"
11<Thoon> "It's a lot stronger then anything else I've tried~"
<Saya_Koizumi> "Wow. Really?"
06* Shizuka_tsukioka seems suprised 1"You drink?"
<Saya_Koizumi> "Should we do another episode?"
<Hatsumi> "I don't think it's all like this… sake's supposed to be sweet, isn't it?"
11<Thoon> "Jus' once 'er twice. Yeah, lets get more drunk~"
06* Shizuka_tsukioka looks at saya 1"I guess, I still don't know why this is a game…"
<Saya_Koizumi> "Becuase it is~"
06* Saya_Koizumi starts the next episode.
11<Thoon> (( D5+1 D5s~ ))
<Hatsumi> 1d5+1
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Hatsumi, 1d5+1: 3 [1d5=2]
11<Thoon> 1d5+1
09<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Thoon, 1d5+1: 4 [1d5=3]
<Hatsumi> 3d5
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Hatsumi, 3d5: 9 [3d5=2,2,5]
11<Thoon> 4d5
09<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Thoon, 4d5: 10 [4d5=5,1,3,1]
<Hatsumi> 5d10
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Hatsumi, 5d10: 28 [5d10=3,3,10,8,4]
11<Thoon> 3d10+7-10
09<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Thoon, 3d10+7-10: 8 [3d10=6,2,3]
<Hatsumi> (( 10. ))
11<Thoon> (( Woo, 3~ ))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> 1d5+1
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Shizuka_tsukioka, 1d5+1: 2 [1d5=1]
<Shizuka_tsukioka> 2d5
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Shizuka_tsukioka, 2d5: 5 [2d5=2,3]
<Saya_Koizumi> 1d5+1
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Saya_Koizumi, 1d5+1: 4 [1d5=3]
<Saya_Koizumi> 4d5 again~
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Saya_Koizumi, again~: 11 [4d5=2,1,5,3]
<Shizuka_tsukioka> 4d10+5
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Shizuka_tsukioka, 4d10+5: 38 [4d10=9,10,7,7]
<Saya_Koizumi> 5d10 -11 again?
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Saya_Koizumi, -11 again?: 22 [5d10=10,1,6,1,4]
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((14 ))
<Saya_Koizumi> ((at elast I didn't botch~ 10))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((also so much for makeup~))
11<Thoon> A naked girl like monster with telekinesis is throwing naked girls at Picoha and Providence on screen. Ecchin's somehow managed to get an arm around Saya and is moving it around. Saya and Hatsumi start really losing control, while Shizu's only a little dizzy now.
<Hatsumi> (( Drunken makeup~ ))
11<Thoon> (( Exactly~ ))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "….This…this is geting really weird"
<Hatsumi> "I think I'm startin' to be affected… an' how are naked people a weapon, anyway?"
<Saya_Koizumi> "I think maybe this is getting to be a bit much…"
<Saya_Koizumi> "Well, y'see, it's all very symbolic. Like, they're uh, Um…"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Eh? Really?"6 while being a bit flushed from it she seems fine 1"It doesn't seem that bad "
11<Thoon> "I think they're jus… tryin' ta' get more people watching. If this is too much we can try somethin' else, huh? We had… stuff to do, right?"
<Saya_Koizumi> "Uh, yeah, I think. Stopi it, Ecchin, that tickles~ Hey, wanna play video games?"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "I guess, weren't we going to practice makeup?"
<Hatsumi> "Hm… we were…"
11<Thoon> "Oh right. Which should-we do?"
06* Shizuka_tsukioka swishes around the last bit in her glass before drinking it
<Shizuka_tsukioka> 6 after all it isn't that bad
09<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((thoon~))
11<Thoon> (( tentacity with -10~ ))
<Saya_Koizumi> "Uh, we could do that, I guess. That was what we were here for, right?"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> 4d10-1
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Shizuka_tsukioka, 4d10-1: 26 [4d10=4,7,9,7]
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((13))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((shizu suppirzingly loved by dice))
11<Thoon> (( Shizu could go drinking with Akane ))
<Saya_Koizumi> ((Somehow.))
<Hatsumi> (( Darnit Shizu, be more drunk. ))
<Saya_Koizumi> "Still got your make-up stuff, Shizu-chan?"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Yeah it's right here"6 she goes over to her bag and gets it out her little kit
06* Shizuka_tsukioka she brings it over 1"um.. do you have a desk lamp or something?"
11<Thoon> You somehow down the whole thing in one go. It's horrible, but over in a second. You still feel fine, somehow. you're sure that won't change as the night goes on.
<Saya_Koizumi> "Huh? Yeah."
06* Saya_Koizumi switches the lamp on her desk on.
11<Thoon> Ecchin crawls over to her small bag and pulls out a few things "Here's my stuff. It's all for Nazzadi skin but might help~"
<Hatsumi> "I wonder if it'd be a good idea to use that."
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Hmm um… I guess you use this like this?"6 picks up some eyeshadow
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((use calligraphy? also its perception based and totally agree))
<Saya_Koizumi> "Hm? I think you put that on your eyelids. I'm not sure what's a good color for you, though…"
11<Thoon> (( Calligraphy seems like a good applicable one. ))
<Hatsumi> "Hmm, what else do we have in here…"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> 1d10+9 for 1
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Shizuka_tsukioka, for 1: 17 [1d10=8]
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((god damn it shizu))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((17))
11<Thoon> (( Artist, Savoir faire and seduction would probably be the skills to go for. ))
06* Hatsumi looks through their supplies.
11<Thoon> You think you have the right stuff sorted out.
06* Shizuka_tsukioka is trying her best to apply it seeming to be very very cautious
11<Thoon> It seems fairly presentable. It could be better, though.
<Saya_Koizumi> "Hm…maybe you should try some basic lipstick next. That's usually all you need~"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Eh? Um.. ok"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> 1d10+9 for lipstick
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Shizuka_tsukioka, for lipstick: 11 [1d10=2]
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((… 11 __
11<Thoon> Shizu's hand starts shaking, the alchol's clearly kicking in.
06* Hatsumi sorts out what she needs, and moves over to Shizuka on her knees. "Here, let me finish that up~"
<Hatsumi> 3d10+8
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Hatsumi, 3d10+8: 19 [3d10=2,4,5]
<Hatsumi> (( 13 ))
<Saya_Koizumi> "Hm…so, uh, what do we do after this?"
06* Saya_Koizumi is probably leaning a bit on Eroly by now.
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "hmm….I'm starting to feel a little warm…"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Hmm not… how about you try some on saya?"
06* Saya_Koizumi gets up to borrow some of the available make-up to try herself. Though no mirror, so this should be good~
<Saya_Koizumi> 1d10 seduction for makeup
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Saya_Koizumi, seduction for makeup: 1 [1d10=1]
<Saya_Koizumi> ((whee~))
<Hatsumi> ((hehe))
11<Thoon> Hatsumi, you do a much better job, making those lips start to look very luscious and appealing… Ecchin is probably barely able to stand with those older rolls but offers "We could play some games… adulty ones maybe, then you'd know how to act~?"
11<Thoon> Saya, the alchol hits you and you trip, landing on~
11<Thoon> 1d3
09<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Thoon, 1d3: 3 [1d3=3]
<Hatsumi> "Adultery what?"
11<Thoon> Shizuka, face to face. From the sudden impact, Shizu's dazed and a bit unaware of the events as they fall together, though the white blob in front of you looks an awful lot like that model…
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Uwwww…Um…"6 turns a really bright red
06* Saya_Koizumi faceplants right on top of Shizuka. At least she didn't get a faceful of crotch or breasts. She might have accidentally stolen a first kiss, though. "Ow…" She hiccups and giggles, before levering herself up with her arms. "Shizu-chan?"
06* Shizuka_tsukioka now noticing who it is1"Ah koizumi…"
11<Thoon> The lipstick on Shizu's lips IS pretty smeared~
<Hatsumi> "Hey, what're you two doah, the lipstick!"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((it'd be pretty easy to tell with saya's skin))
06* Shizuka_tsukioka tries to get up 1"Eh?"
11<Thoon> (( this game needs a luck roll fff~ ))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((heh))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Owww…my head…"
11<Thoon> There's lipstick on both of of their lips, a bit smeared as it was hardly elegent
<Saya_Koizumi> ((pity we can't invent one.))
<Saya_Koizumi> "You ok?"
<Hatsumi> (( You mean a coin flip? ))
06* Saya_Koizumi gets off of Shizuka, and haltingly back to her feet. "So, uh, games? I've got that new Picoha one~"
06* Hatsumi looks back in the supplies for something to clean up.
06* Shizuka_tsukioka turns completely red 1"Ah um…."6 but refuses to say anythign else as she grabes her knees and looks a bit downtroten
11<Thoon> Ecchin: "Oooi~ that'sch mine~" waving a half fist in Shizuka and Saya's directions, before almost stumbling over from her safe leaning spot against a chair.
<Saya_Koizumi> "What's wrong, Shizu-chan?"
06* Saya_Koizumi still doesn't get it.
06* Shizuka_tsukioka looks a bit teared eyed 1"um… nothing…."
06* Hatsumi finds what she was looking for, and moves back again to Shizuka with the lipstick, stopping when she sees her expression. "Hey, now…"
<Saya_Koizumi> "Oh, ok. That kinda hurt though. I didn't like, smash your nose with my forehead or something ,did I?"
06* Shizuka_tsukioka whipes off her eyes a bit 1"Yeah nothing… um Tanaka-san um why don't you try putting some on?"
<Hatsumi> "Eh? But yours is smeared…"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "It's nothing…um should porobably get the rest off before it smears more..
06* Shizuka_tsukioka looks for a tissue
<Hatsumi> "Just hold still,"
<Saya_Koizumi> There's probably a box of tissues on the desk. Or bedside table. got to be some somewhere.
06* Hatsumi already got a wiping cloth, so she holds one hand to steady Shizuka while wiping away the makeup.
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "…thanks"6 she seems embaresed about it
<Hatsumi> "Okay, now, where's a mirror…"
<Saya_Koizumi> ((Actually, that's a good question. Probably one in Shizuka's make-up kit. Or there might be a full-body on in Saya's room, for cosplay.))
11<Thoon> (( Both are quite likely ))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((true lets assume full body one))
<Hatsumi> 3d10+8 self-application
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Hatsumi, self-application: 33 [3d10=10,9,6]
<Hatsumi> (( 18 ))
11<Thoon> Having more of a clue then anyone else in the room combined, you get something very nice and impressive looking going on.
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((as expected of the oldest~))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Uww… you've done this before"
<Saya_Koizumi> "Oh, totally. You look really nice~"
<Saya_Koizumi> "I don't usually do make-up, so I'm not very good at it…"
<Hatsumi> "I haven't much, really…"
06* Shizuka_tsukioka looks at saya 1"Why would you need it?"
<Hatsumi> "But I've seen other people use it a lot."
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "OH?"6 she looks intrigued 1"Who?"
<Saya_Koizumi> "Well, cosplay, mostly. I don't have any other reason to look really nice, you know?"
06* Saya_Koizumi wipes the smeared lipstick off her face.
<Hatsumi> "Like, when my parents have guests, or brought me while going to talk to people he wants to work with… though that was always really boring… but the older women always did their makeup really carefully."
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Oh hmmm.."6 looks at eroly a little devilishly 1"It's your turn now Eroly-san"
<Saya_Koizumi> "Yep. You've got to play, too, Ecchin~"
<Hatsumi> "Ah, that's right, that's right."
11<Thoon> Ecchin's stuck sitting down, unable to run away "Bu-h I'm not goin' to that job place…"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "You could come with us if you want, either way it is practice for later"
<Saya_Koizumi> "Yeah, come on~"
06* Shizuka_tsukioka walks over a bit and seems to be a bit off 1"Yeah yeah we had to do it, I want to see what your make up looks like too"
11<Thoon> "Well… if I'm free, fine." she seems convinced enough and tries to get up. Doesn't manage though before Shizu's on her.
06* Shizuka_tsukioka pulls her over much like saya pulls her around
<Hatsumi> "Ah, here~" She picks up and hands the lipstick and eye shadow to Shizuka.
<Saya_Koizumi> "Ooh, practicing on her might be good~"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Here we go"6 she starts to try and apply the obviously bad skin choice
<Shizuka_tsukioka> 1d10+9 (any penalties yet~))
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Shizuka_tsukioka, (any penalties yet~)): 12 [1d10=3]
11<Thoon> Eroly's own makeup is pretty much the inversion of everyone else's for darkness vs light, skin powder being jet black, light shades of eyeshadow mostly tinged red.
<Shizuka_tsukioka> (( well 12 ~ ))
11<Thoon> She looks like a badly burnt human.
06* Shizuka_tsukioka is applying it with a smile on it
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((on her))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Hmmm…. Well maybe somone else can do better?"6 she tries to whipe off the makeup
11<Thoon> "Is it working?"
06* Shizuka_tsukioka tries to hold back a bit of a laugh 1"Um.. I think I don't know how apply it, maybe saya does, she sees you everyday"
<Saya_Koizumi> "Uh…I'm not sure I'm any better… You should see yourself right now, Ecchin~"
06* Saya_Koizumi is in no way holding back her giggling.
06* Hatsumi is equally amused and inebriated.
11<Thoon> "Uwww." fortunantly, shizu removes her evidence before she's managed to get to a mirror and see.
06* Shizuka_tsukioka giggles a bit
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Tanaka-san would you like to try?"
<Hatsumi> "On her…? Ah, alright."
<Saya_Koizumi> "Maybe we should do something else? Oh, ok~"
06* Hatsumi makes her attempt after being sure to clear off the previous.
<Hatsumi> 3d10+8
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Hatsumi, 3d10+8: 22 [3d10=3,2,9]
<Hatsumi> (( 17 ))
11<Thoon> Again showing off what she can do, Hatsumi makes something that looks far more presentable in public.
<Hatsumi> (( And all while drunk. ))
<Saya_Koizumi> "Ooh, nice~"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Ehhhh you really are good at this"
11<Thoon> Ecchin looks in a mirror "Oooh, it's nice!" then turning around "What do you think, Saya~?"
06* Saya_Koizumi goes and sets up her game system, so there can be something else to do next.
<Saya_Koizumi> "I think you look really nice, ecchin~ You could totally get some guys interested in you like that~"
06* Shizuka_tsukioka goes over 1"so so Koizumi how do you ploay this?"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((nah she'd rather learn how to make a meal that'd get saya to have sex with her))
<Saya_Koizumi> "Hm? Well, it's one of those new VR-ish games. Really cool, though. You can practice fighting monsters~ Because you know how improtant that is to magical girls~"
11<Thoon> Ecchin seems dissapointed by that response, but perks up on seeing the game. "Oooh, that'd be fun."
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "OH?Hmmm…. so how do you play? I've only done the one with jewels th-that explode"
<Saya_Koizumi> "Huh? Well, you have to fight the tentacle monsters and things. you know, just like Picoha does~ So, you need to get whatever the nice items are and beat up the evil magical girl so her clotehs fall off and you can make her like you better."
06* Hatsumi lays down on the floor and stretches. "I feel so relaxed, for some reason."
<Saya_Koizumi> "So, go play~ You'll pick it up really fast~"
<Hatsumi> "Eh? Taking off their clothes makes them like you?"
<Saya_Koizumi> "Something like that. I don't quite get it."
11<Thoon> The device has a small but eye obscuring helmet and gloves, it's also plugged into the TV and reads "Magical Picoha Monster Love Love Fight For Friends"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Strange….Um so I just put this on?"6 she starts to without receiving instructions
<Saya_Koizumi> "Yep~"
06* Saya_Koizumi sits back to watch, probably happily close to Eroly.
11<Thoon> Shizuka, you see inside of it that you seem to be wearing a frilly dress, and holding a Picoha device looking stick. Meanwhile on screen the others can see her character. It also comes up with menus for a quick battle and what difficulty~
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Ah… it's working… um um what do I do?"
<Saya_Koizumi> "Pick whatever you wnat and go for it~"
06* Shizuka_tsukioka scrolls thorugh dificulties um um
<Shizuka_tsukioka> er "um um "
<Shizuka_tsukioka> 1d5
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Shizuka_tsukioka, 1d5: 1 [1d5=1]
11<Thoon> "Easy"
<Hatsumi> "Hm… come to think of it…" She looks at Saya. "Now only me 'n' Eroly have makeup on…"
06* Shizuka_tsukioka puts it on very easy 1"I guess this is a good dificulty for us?"
<Saya_Koizumi> "Hm? What?"
06* Shizuka_tsukioka starts the game
11<Thoon> A lizard-woman appears infront of Shizu's character holding a similar looking device. Roll Inish Shizu~
06* Saya_Koizumi gives Hatsumi her best drunken "who, me?" look.
11<Thoon> 1d10+2
09<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Thoon, 1d10+2: 11 [1d10=9]
<Shizuka_tsukioka> 1d10+8
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Shizuka_tsukioka, 1d10+8: 9 [1d10=1]
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((crit fail~))
11<Thoon> It charges at you and attempts to smack you with its staff.
11<Thoon> 2d10+5
09<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Thoon, 2d10+5: 8 [2d10=1,2]
11<Thoon> And swings well above your head.
06* Hatsumi holds an arm up and lets it fall. "Too lazy to get up now. Oh well."
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Ahh! Um It almost hit me!"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "How do I fight back uwww…"
<Hatsumi> "Swing your arms?"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Ah ok!"
06* Shizuka_tsukioka starts to swing wildly
<Saya_Koizumi> "Something like that. You'll figure it out in no time~"
06* Saya_Koizumi meanwhile does get the make-up to try on her own skills.
<Shizuka_tsukioka> 1d10+7
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Shizuka_tsukioka, 1d10+7: 14 [1d10=7]
11<Thoon> 2d10+5
09<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Thoon, 2d10+5: 14 [2d10=5,4]
06* Hatsumi wonders aloud, "But what's the point of lipstick if it smears when you kiss someone?"
11<Thoon> You hit! 3 damage~
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Ah I hit it!…um maybe it's some sort of old ritual for magic?"
11<Thoon> (( I meant 3 dice damage~ ))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Like christmas and it's summoning of gift giving monsters"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> 2d10
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Shizuka_tsukioka, 2d10: 12 [2d10=7,5]
<Shizuka_tsukioka> 1d10
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Shizuka_tsukioka, 1d10: 1 [1d10=1]
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((sorry~))
<Saya_Koizumi> 1d10 cosplay for makeup
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Saya_Koizumi, cosplay for makeup: 6 [1d10=6]
<Saya_Koizumi> ((12))
11<Thoon> It explodes into sparkley lights! Victory music plays.
<Hatsumi> "Ritual lipstick magic?"
11<Thoon> You're not quite sure you've got it, Saya.
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "I won!"
<Saya_Koizumi> "How's this look?"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "But I thoguth you said something about clothign falling off or somehting…"
06* Saya_Koizumi watches shizuka's victory. "Ooh, good job, Shizu-chan~ Now that you;ve got it, stop palying on Easy mode~ but you've got to play through this victory part, too~"
11<Thoon> "I don't know if looking like an anime character would be good for a job…" Ecchin offers.
06* Hatsumi can't see well from where she's laying. She waves Saya to come closer.
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Um ok.."6 she tries to get through this screen
06* Saya_Koizumi moves closer to Hasumi, so the other girl can get a better look. She might be pretty drunk, but she's still fairly mobile.
11<Thoon> Not quite sure what you're doing Shizu, you accidentally load something and the screen/world goes black for a moment…
06* Hatsumi reaches up and pulls Saya's head down with both hands, "hmm"-ing critically as she focuses from up close. Then she smiles, "Not bad, Saya-chan."
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Eh? It's black"
<Saya_Koizumi> "Thanks~ I tried, at least~"
06* Saya_Koizumi smiles.
11<Thoon> Before loading up again, you're standing in the middle of a street full of people, in front of a tentacle covered beast about the size of a bus, with a woman standing on its head "Oh-ho-ho-ho=ho~ Now I've got you, Magical Girl Saya~!" Saya, you notice she's loaded up your save from where you stopped playing.
06* Shizuka_tsukioka tries to get through this black screen 1"Uwww sayaa…"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Eh?"
11<Thoon> Roll inish, Shizu~
06* Hatsumi lets her go and collapses again, then rolls over to watch Shizuka's screen.
<Shizuka_tsukioka> 1d10+9
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Shizuka_tsukioka, 1d10+9: 16 [1d10=7]
11<Thoon> 1d10+9
09<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Thoon, 1d10+9: 11 [1d10=2]
06* Shizuka_tsukioka freaks out to seemingly spazing out starting the scene
11<Thoon> The monster leaps on you, you better react!
<Shizuka_tsukioka> 2d10+7 to dodge as she makes panicy noises
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Shizuka_tsukioka, to dodge as she makes panicy noises: 24 [2d10=9,8]
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((16)0
<Saya_Koizumi> "Go for it, Shizu-chan~ And, uh, don't overwirte that save if you lose~"
11<Thoon> Well, leaps for you. I'll say you manage to get a distance from it, and your staff thing changes shape so it looks like one of the show ones when they shoot orgone beams
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Eh? Um Can I fire now uwww…."
11<Thoon> The monster however just stretches out its tentacles for you.
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Kyaa!"
11<Thoon> 4d10+10
09<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Thoon, 4d10+10: 31 [4d10=5,7,3,6]
<Saya_Koizumi> "Yeah, shoot at it. It's ok if the tentacle grab you, if you can shoot it enough or cut them off~"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Ahh but but!"
<Saya_Koizumi> "It's jsut a game, come on~"
11<Thoon> (( gonna dodge~? ))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> 2d10+7
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Shizuka_tsukioka, 2d10+7: 15 [2d10=2,6]
<Hatsumi> "Ohh, Shizu-chan's in a pinch…"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((a whole 15))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((also is this sensory based~?))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((er sensory confering, tacile and all that~?))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((in before 18+ label))
11<Thoon> 4d10 damage~ Fortunantly, Saya's character has 2 armor. It does almost feel real though.
09<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Thoon, damage~ Fortunantly, Saya's character has 2 armor. It does almost feel real though.: 26 [4d10=4,9,4,9]
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((18~))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Uwww saya I'm feeling somethign form this…"
11<Thoon> And in addition to the damamge, tentacles rapidly start wrapping around you. Strength~
<Saya_Koizumi> "It's part of the game. Force-feedback. Really cool, huh? Better start fighting back~ These can't really hurt you, but you know it might not be that way in real life~"
06* Saya_Koizumi is enjoying this, and paying far too little attention to Eroly.
<Shizuka_tsukioka> 1d10+3
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Shizuka_tsukioka, 1d10+3: 6 [1d10=3]
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((a whole 6~))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((saya probably rolls vidya games for this~))
11<Thoon> "You can kick its ass, Tschuiokah-san~!" Ecchin shouts out, enjoying the show on the TV
<Hatsumi> (( I thought you rounded up for feat test dice ))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((I don't belive so, but I've bene wrong with the rounding))
11<Thoon> ((Remember to roll that armor number, shizu~
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((hm?))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> 2d10
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Shizuka_tsukioka, 2d10: 18 [2d10=10,8]
11<Thoon> (( Saya's character has 2 armor worth of protection. This is a genuine fight you're soloing~ ))
11<Thoon> 5d10+11 strength
09<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Thoon, strength: 38 [5d10=9,1,3,7,7]
<Shizuka_tsukioka> (( ah~))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Ah it's not coming off!"
11<Thoon> The tentacles wrap completely around you and pick you up off the ground, holding you immobile as it pulls you towards itself. The crowd around you scream and you start feeling strange feelings around private places~
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "EH!?"
11<Thoon> Meanwhile, the non VR controllers the system uses crawl across the floor as they vibrate maddly.
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "AH ah saya saya it's feeling weird!?"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((So shizu's round?))
<Saya_Koizumi> "Uh, yeah, it does that. Looks like you're in a lot of trouble, Shizu-chan~"
11<Thoon> Opposed strength tests to try and escape every round, you get a -4 penalty for already being entangled though~
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((oh yes grappling, been so long~))
06* Saya_Koizumi is smiling, and maybe blushing a little. She's obviously enjoying Shizuka's suffering.
<Shizuka_tsukioka> 3d10-1
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Shizuka_tsukioka, 3d10-1: 10 [3d10=2,5,4]
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((er only the first 1 so -1))
11<Thoon> (( I've had this planned for half a week, I've got this memorized~ ))
11<Thoon> 5d10+11 strength
09<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Thoon, strength: 29 [5d10=6,1,5,3,3]
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((oh ho ho~))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "SAyaaaa is it suppose to feel this tingly!?"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Uwwww…"6 is blush red
<Shizuka_tsukioka> 2d10 for armor if needed
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Shizuka_tsukioka, for armor if needed: 11 [2d10=10,1]
11<Thoon> Shizu's completely engulfed, you feel like you can't move in real life either. Suddenly you feel it trying to pull away at your staff.
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Ah the staff!"
11<Thoon> (( str again for this~ ))
11<Thoon> 5d10+11 strength
09<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Thoon, strength: 38 [5d10=9,4,2,8,4]
<Shizuka_tsukioka> 1d10+3-4 ?
<Saya_Koizumi> "You're in real trouble if you lose that, Shizu-chan~ It's probably all over for you~"
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Shizuka_tsukioka, ?: 3 [1d10=4]
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((0 if the bit still applies))
06* Hatsumi rolls to sit up, watching the screen with rapt attention.
06* Saya_Koizumi does get up and move over toward the game machine for some reason.
11<Thoon> You feel the monster pull the staff right out of your hand, it holds it above you and snaps it in half there. The evil woman on top of it is cackling away.
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Uwwww… how do I get it back on Very easy!? Koizumi-sannn"
11<Thoon> Photograph flashes start to come from the crowd as the tentacles start sliding around under your layers of clothes… your round.
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((no staff correct?))
11<Thoon> (( Nope~ ))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((attempt to grab it back~?))
<Hatsumi> (( Snapped in half ))
<Hatsumi> "Losing your staff doesn't lose the game?"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((hurp))
<Saya_Koizumi> "Dunno, this hasn't happened to me before. I'm usually a lot better becuase I don't stand there like a lemon, Shizu-chan~" There's definitely derision in her voice, now~
<Shizuka_tsukioka> 1d10+3 to struggle
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Shizuka_tsukioka, to struggle: 4 [1d10=1]
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "But the staff I think they got it"
11<Thoon> 5d10+11 strength, I'm so mean for this~
09<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Thoon, strength, I'm so mean for this~: 33 [5d10=8,4,6,2,2]
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "uwwww…."
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((well hero points will come out if they're sill replenishable~))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((well fluffy session so~))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((either way you're not mean revenge for forcing light and fluffy~))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((Also I think hatsumi should be forced on it next~?))
<Saya_Koizumi> ((Or I turn it off and go online~))
11<Thoon> Its turn again. It now starts ripping away clotheing, it feels so realistic as you feel all the fabric of your top and skirt start to flay off in pieces. The screen displays a beautiful load of angles for all of this. Shizu only sees the UI read "WARNING: External clotheing removed."
<Saya_Koizumi> ((Not enough debauchery on Saya's part yet~))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((heh~))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((well she could keep it on~))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Kya!"
11<Thoon> The crowd are now in awe, and the monster starts displaying your underwear only wearing form to them. More camera flashes.
<Saya_Koizumi> "Jeez, Shizu-chan, you're really bad. How do you expect to last in a real fight if you can't even handle a game? You need more training."
06* Saya_Koizumi reaches over to turn the game off.
06* Hatsumi starts to get a bit teary at Shizuka's drawn-out defeat. "Shizu-chan…"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "WAit wait!"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Let me try a bit more!"
11<Thoon> ((And yeah. you can drama point~ As many points as you had last session. )
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((wait she coudl see that~))
11<Thoon> ((Which was doubtless all of them. ))
<Hatsumi> (( Yeah ))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> 6d10 for grapple this time~
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Shizuka_tsukioka, for grapple this time~: 40 [6d10=4,9,8,10,5,4]
11<Thoon> 5d10+11
09<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Thoon, 5d10+11: 35 [5d10=4,6,4,5,5]
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((28))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "I think … I think I can get out!"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((also magicla girl saya? Is it based off of how saya looks~?))
11<Thoon> You manage to get your arm free! And then another! And then your legs, and you fall to the ground in front of the creature. No fall damamge fortunantly, so you're not phased, and are now mearly in bra and panties on a crowded street in front of the beast.
<Saya_Koizumi> ((as close as the character-creation can allow, Maybe with a modified bust, though~ your pick on bigger or smaller~))
11<Thoon> It looks like however Saya armored her, but with Shizu's appearance and shape.
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "See see!"6 she seems happy unaware that this extended losing is for perverts 1"Hmm… that weird feeling is gone now…"
<Saya_Koizumi> "Ok, now you jsut need to beat it. Hm, you probably can't use much magic without your staff, though. Uh, check your inventory. I think that pauses anyway."
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Umm umm how do I check?!"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((int check or d5 for computer~?))
11<Thoon> (( Computer~ ))
06* Saya_Koizumi explains it. "It's one of the buttons on the controller. You've hardly even touched it. Jeez."
<Shizuka_tsukioka> 1d5+8
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Shizuka_tsukioka, 1d5+8: 11 [1d5=3]
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "EH!?"6 she tries to search out for the controller and see what it does
11<Thoon> You manage to dive for the controller in time to pause it. The monster's starting to charge for you. The screen's slightly greyed out with a big PAUSE menu in the middle. Inventory's an option.
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Ah there we go, Um items…"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> 6 she selects it
<Saya_Koizumi> "No wonder you couldn't do anything. How'd you win that first battle if you weren't evne using anything to play it right?"
<Hatsumi> "Hm… guts?"
<Saya_Koizumi> "Maybe."
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((so anythign~?))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((so shizu can hurry up and lose~))
11<Thoon> There's several more outfits and devices here. They look like they were from previously beaten enemies. Mi-girl's Hide, Providence-HPL's Battledamaged Outfit, Invisible Dress, Wand of Orgone sucking, Chain of Bondage…
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Huh…"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> 1d5
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Shizuka_tsukioka, 1d5: 4 [1d5=4]
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Um um this!"6 she selects wand of orgone sucking
<Saya_Koizumi> "Hm…I'm not sure what this boss is weaka gainst, but you might want to try on a new outfit and get a weapon~"
11<Thoon> You equip the wand of orgone sucking device.
<Hatsumi> "You can get dressed in the middle of battle? How convenient."
11<Thoon> ((And you know you guys can also do stuff, I'm not wholly consumed by this~ ))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((yeah~))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Ummm Orgone sucker attack!"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> 1d10+9 for ranged attack with it
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Shizuka_tsukioka, for ranged attack with it: 12 [1d10=3]
<Saya_Koizumi> "Yah, it is. Helps if you lose your clothes. Shizu went and got my favorite one ripped off."
06* Saya_Koizumi goes voer to her computer to check some stuff and start messing around a bit.
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Uwwww Why are there people taking pictures of this…"6 she looks down and sees how flat and pale the character is 1"hmm?"
11<Thoon> 5d10+10 resist
09<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Thoon, resist: 40 [5d10=8,2,8,2,10]
<Hatsumi> "You haven't beaten this one yet, Saya-chan?"
11<Thoon> The orgone sucker starts draining slime off of the monster, but it doesn't slow down as it charges for you. The device does seem to get bigger, though. Clearly something good's happening.
11<Thoon> Meanwhile, looking up anything in particular while drunk, Saya~?
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Eh eh why isn't i doing anything!"
<Saya_Koizumi> ((Probably jsut browsing the usual places for Picoha stuff and checking the cosplay blog. Maybe drop by imageboards, dunno~))
<Saya_Koizumi> "Hm? That weapon drains their stuff and charges up."
06* Hatsumi shuffles over toward Saya.
11<Thoon> The cosplay blog seems to be full of comments for the most recent entries~
11<Thoon> The monster attacks Shizuka again~
<Shizuka_tsukioka> 2d10+7 for dodge and flailing shizu
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Shizuka_tsukioka, for dodge and flailing shizu: 10 [2d10=2,1]
<Shizuka_tsukioka> (( :3c ))
11<Thoon> 4d10+10 attack
09<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Thoon, attack: 27 [4d10=1,1,6,9]
<Shizuka_tsukioka> (( shizuk:;_;))
<Hatsumi> (( wwwwww, double-fumble ))
<Saya_Koizumi> "Ooh~"
06* Saya_Koizumi reads her comments, because she's an attention whore.
11<Thoon> The monster collapses on Shizuka. The wand seems to only grow bigger, but Shizu gets one of the many tentacles in her mouth. You wonder how this game manages to simulate taste.
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "GUA…."6 she seems to gag a bit1"HOW CAN I TASTE THIS EWWWW"
11<Thoon> The comments are full of typical requests for breasts or showing more, requests for advice on other people's cosplay, there's that guy who's always posting trying to defend you who's also sent a couple dozen PMs. Same old.
06* Shizuka_tsukioka tries to desperatly bash the orgone wand on the thing
<Saya_Koizumi> "It's, uh, realy ood, huh, Shizu-chan~"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> 2d10+3
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Shizuka_tsukioka, 2d10+3: 7 [2d10=3,1]
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((I think it's strenght for melee?))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((no wait agi))
06* Saya_Koizumi is feeling daring, so she gets her camera and pulls up her big, baggy shirt…
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((crit fail anyway))
11<Thoon> 4d10+10 dodge.
09<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Thoon, dodge.: 41 [4d10=9,7,10,5]
06* Hatsumi pulls herself up by the back of Saya's chair, resting her arms over her shoulders while she looks back at Shizuka's screen. "That seems really…"
11<Thoon> It bashes the wand out of your hand as you swing it into it, it explodes in loads of sticky white fluid that makes explosions on the ground a few metres away from you both.
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Ahh ahh um…"6 brings up the menu
<Shizuka_tsukioka> 1d4
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Shizuka_tsukioka, 1d4: 3 [1d4=3]
<Hatsumi> "Ah. Saya-chan, whatcha doing?"
11<Thoon> You equip the invisible dress.
11<Thoon> It says "Armor increase +1!" on screen as you do.
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Ah! … but how do I attack it!"
11<Thoon> You have your unarmed attack right now, there's also the chain of bondage in the menu.
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "…."6 She select the chain
<Saya_Koizumi> "Hm? Well, people always want to see my chest, so why not~?"
<Hatsumi> "Eh
eh? You're showing your chest?" She looks at the screen. "What's this… I can't really understand this writing style…"
11<Thoon> You unpause the game. Not that you notice it immediatly as you're not looking down, but the invisible dress makes everything under it invisible too, so now Ecchin, Saya and Hatsumi see a naked pale albino Shizu swinging a chain around.
11<Thoon> It's turn though. It attacks.
<Hatsumi> (( It's like an invisibility cloak, but useless. ))
11<Thoon> 4d10+10
09<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Thoon, 4d10+10: 28 [4d10=1,9,7,1]
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "EH?! B-B-But this is really pervy!"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> 2d10+7
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Shizuka_tsukioka, 2d10+7: 21 [2d10=4,10]
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((17 to dodge))
11<Thoon> But, it seems sluggish still from the orgone draining. It clearly was weak against that. Saya can use this knowledge later on.
06* Hatsumi looks back from Saya's screen to Shizuka's, still holding onto Saya.
11<Thoon> Saya, you do have your camera right there by the computer~
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Ah! UWWW"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> 2d10+7 to hit it with the chain
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Shizuka_tsukioka, to hit it with the chain: 17 [2d10=2,8]
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((15))
11<Thoon> 4d10+10 dodge
09<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Thoon, dodge: 28 [4d10=4,10,3,1]
11<Thoon> It's tentacled form wraps around them. It explodes into tentacles again to grab you once more.
06* Saya_Koizumi takes a few quick pictures of herself. It can't hurt any, right. She makes sure to leave her face out of it.
11<Thoon> 4d10+10
09<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Thoon, 4d10+10: 40 [4d10=10,3,7,10]
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((So saya's just lifiting her shirt up for this~?))
<Saya_Koizumi> ((Yep~))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((all coseplayers are attention whores~))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((whats eroly doing during this~))
<Saya_Koizumi> "Hm…maybe I shouldn't put these on my blog. People would know it was me, then. Hm…"
06* Hatsumi looks back, then down, seeing Saya baring herself. With a curious expression, she lets a hand fall over Saya's right breast. Honk honk.
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((so damage?))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((no wait tha'ts a miss))
<Saya_Koizumi> "Ah~ Hey!"
06* Saya_Koizumi quickly covers herself up again. She's still got pictures to post, though.
11<Thoon> Ecchin's looking back and forth, but more focused on Saya now. "Where else could you put'em~?"
11<Thoon> (( I was waiting for your dodge attempt~ ))
06* Hatsumi looks at her hand. "Hmm,"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> 2d10+
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Shizuka_tsukioka, 2d10+: 9 [2d10=5,4]
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((12))
11<Thoon> Tentacles wrap all over you once more~ It seems to have even more vigor now that you're (seemingly) naked.
11<Thoon> 5d10+11 strength~
09<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Thoon, strength~: 43 [5d10=5,9,5,10,3]
<Shizuka_tsukioka> 1d10+3
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Shizuka_tsukioka, 1d10+3: 9 [1d10=6]
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((no chance but still~))
11<Thoon> Fully entangled~
11<Thoon> Your turn, though~
<Saya_Koizumi> "There's those imageboards where you get to be anonymous, right?"
06* Hatsumi reaches down for Saya's left this time, her expression determined and serious.
06* Saya_Koizumi posts the pictures to her blog, though. With a ltitle teasing message about everyone asking to see them, and since she's drunk…
<Shizuka_tsukioka> 1d10-4 to try and get free
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Shizuka_tsukioka, to try and get free: -3 [1d10=1]
<Shizuka_tsukioka> (( :3c))
06* Shizuka_tsukioka seems to do quite the opposite of keeping it off her and flails letting it get a really good grip whever it chooses
11<Thoon> Shizuka kicks her legs open trying to get it off of her, while the mean lady just says "Oh-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho Giving up, magical girl Saya?" and suddenly a very hard feeling starts pushing against Shizuka's crotch. Only saved from outright penetration by the panties that can't be seen
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "EH!????KOIZUMI!?"
<Saya_Koizumi> ((:3c poor Shizu-chan~ This evening's going to ruin her for marriage~))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((Well virtual marriage at least~))
<Saya_Koizumi> "Hm? Shizu-chan! How'd you let that happen to you? Just turn it off or something."
11<Thoon> Saya however, while being gropped, managed to post the pictures online for the world to see. Comments mostly along the line of "fapfapfap" and at least two "shlicks" are already coming in, while Shizuka feels the dress start getting torn off all over again. It really feels like she just lost her paramas.
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "AH! AH!?"
<Saya_Koizumi> "Hm… hey, you girls wanna take some pictures too?"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((it's it's turn~))
11<Thoon> (( Nah, that was its turn~ ))
06* Hatsumi gropes Saya through her shirt, making thoughtful "Hm," noises.
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "UWwwww"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> 6d10-4 to ungrapple~
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Shizuka_tsukioka, to ungrapple~: 33 [6d10=6,7,9,4,3,8]
<Hatsumi> (( 4 straight, highest roll yet ))
06* Saya_Koizumi notices the groping. "Hatsumi-chan, cut that out."
11<Thoon> 5d10+11 strength
09<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Thoon, strength: 32 [5d10=2,5,2,2,10]
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((26))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((and no more drama points for this~))
<Hatsumi> "I said it before, but you're really surprising for your height… and being this firm, ahh, I'm jealous…"
11<Thoon> With your virtual so very virginity threatened, you desperatly do anything you can to escape, twisting around uncomfortably, you manage to fall down again, safe.
11<Thoon> (( don't you still have the gift drama points? They CAN be used on this~ ))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((Eh~))
<Saya_Koizumi> "Hm? What do you mean? I just drink my milk every day. Don't you take care of yourself like that too, Hatsumi-chan?"
06* Shizuka_tsukioka gets to back away a few stesp 1"Uwwww this won't actually hurt me will it koizuim it's all fake right?!"
<Saya_Koizumi> "Yeah, it's fake. It won't really do anything to you. You can always quit if you need to."
11<Thoon> Remember, it's your turn. Your only outfits are a battledamaged one and a weird one. No weapons whatsoever anymore, and that felt so real that time…
06* Shizuka_tsukioka changes to weird one, the invisible one just makes it attack harder
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "B-but this is your magical girl trianign right? I… I can't run away from it…"
<Hatsumi> "Of course I do. And even so… uu…" She rests her face against Saya's shoulder.
11<Thoon> A message comes up "Cannot be equiped" for the weird one, battledamaged seems to be the last choice…
<Saya_Koizumi> "Ah. Well, um, at least you're healthy, right?"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "uww…"6 equips the battle damage
06* Saya_Koizumi decides to try and cop a feel of her own. Turnabout is fair play and all.
11<Thoon> This thing's barely hanging in there, but it's on you. You feel like fast movements alone would rip it.
<Hatsumi> "I'm always doing badly in gym, even with the health foods my mom bought…"
06* Shizuka_tsukioka looks down 1"…at least it's visible…"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((Also panties of steel form before))
<Hatsumi> (( But how can Saya? She's getting hugged from behind. ))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((double jointed))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> (( I doucl do it~))
<Saya_Koizumi> "Hm? maybe you're eating too much stuff that'll help you slim down? It's mostly fat in breasts, right?" ((ok, she tries to cop a feel. She could just go for ass, at least~))
<Saya_Koizumi> ((and she is double-jointed, yes.))
11<Thoon> (( Which is probably frightening to be groped by someone with. ))
11<Thoon> ((So, going to finish your action, Shizu~? ))
06* Shizuka_tsukioka looks for the orgone wand it couldn't have really exploded could it?
<Shizuka_tsukioka> 2d10+9
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Shizuka_tsukioka, 2d10+9: 18 [2d10=5,4]
<Hatsumi> "Maybe, but it's not like fat people ever have a good shape to—Ah! Mm…"
11<Thoon> It's lying a distance away. It seems some distance away, in a pool of white.
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((well lets see let me stand up next to a chair or something))
06* Shizuka_tsukioka runs for it to try and pick it up 1"Ah!"
11<Thoon> Strength check as you do~
<Shizuka_tsukioka> 1d10+3
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Shizuka_tsukioka, 1d10+3: 10 [1d10=7]
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Eh?"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((if they are shorter I could get the bottom at least~))
11<Thoon> The pool or orgone seems to still be active and your feet become immediatly stuck to it, you barely manage to not fall over from the sudden stop, but your feet are deffinitly stuck~
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((that close and the sholde rsocket doesn't want to rotate into the position so can't get highre unless I flip over))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "EH!????
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "
<Saya_Koizumi> "Oh, man, I remember that happening in the fight where I got that thing~ It's a real pain."
11<Thoon> "Kya-ha-ha-ha-ha! My pet's got you now, Magical girl Saya!" and it swings its tentacles towards you to pluck you off the ground~
<Hatsumi> ((Yeh, it's pretty difficult, but I can roll with it ))
11<Thoon> 4d10+10
09<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Thoon, 4d10+10: 26 [4d10=3,5,2,6]
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "What is it!"
06* Saya_Koizumi lets Hatsumi go pretty quickly, it's really not that comfortable for her. "Hm…What else could we do? Hey, Shizu-chan, when you're done getting ra- er, palying, we could try to sneak into onee-chan's room~"
11<Thoon> Shizu gets grappled, and unless someone interveines when she starts crying, brutally defiled. She managed to get the tentacle breeder ending. The girls sleep together on the futon with relative comfort as they're all exhausted, Ecchin cuddling Saya and Hatsumi covering Shizuka. They all wake up the next day extremely sore, still tired and barely able to remember last night at all.
11<Thoon> And it's only a few days from their job interview, which'll be the next session, unless any preferences are made.

  • Shizuka continues her game.

<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Eh?!"6 she says as her charcter is stuck fast approachign the staff
11<Thoon> Your feet are stuck on the white slimey floor, while the beast turns towards you, it's rider, "Kya-ha-ha-ha-ha! My pet's got you now, Magical girl Saya!" and it swings its tentacles towards you to pluck you off the ground
11<Thoon> 4d10+10 Attacking with tentacles
09<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Thoon, Attacking with tentacles: 32 [4d10=7,6,2,7]
<Shizuka_tsukioka> 2d10+7
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Shizuka_tsukioka, 2d10+7: 20 [2d10=8,5]
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((15, 1 less))
11<Thoon> The tentacles scoop you off the ground, your feet sting for a moment but its like ripping off a bandaid.
11<Thoon> 5d10+11 strength for entangling~
09<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Thoon, strength for entangling~: 29 [5d10=1,2,7,4,4]
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Ow.."
<Shizuka_tsukioka> 1d10+3
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Shizuka_tsukioka, 1d10+3: 12 [1d10=9]
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((12))
06* Shizuka_tsukioka strugles her hardest agains these tentacles but seeminlgy isn't doing much
11<Thoon> Vs. 19, the tentacles start wrapping around you, the flimsy battledamaged threads already snapping and the dress starting to fall off. Forunantly, it's your turn.
06* Shizuka_tsukioka flails about and attempts to bash off the tentacles it's her only chance
<Shizuka_tsukioka> 2d10+7
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Shizuka_tsukioka, 2d10+7: 23 [2d10=9,7]
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((16))
11<Thoon> 5d10+11 strength
09<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Thoon, strength: 42 [5d10=7,9,8,5,2]
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((strenght here?))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((I know I roll to hit and vs roll, oh wait I fail~))
11<Thoon> (( That's the opposed str check to escape the grapple.))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((oh didn't do a strenght check was trying to attack the tenatcles))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((ah wait sorry))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> 1d10-4
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Shizuka_tsukioka, 1d10-4: 2 [1d10=6]
11<Thoon> The tentacles slip across your body, ripping up the last shreads of the robe, and you get the message of external clothes lost yet again, while they squeeze your arms to your body, others spread your legs and yet more start to play with your underwear.
11<Thoon> "Now you'll be the wife of my tentacle monster, Magical Girl Saya!" its owner calls down to you as it pulls the flimsy cloth off and rub against everything underneath it.
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "UWwww not again!"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Eh?…. this didn't happen last time…"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> 1d10-4 to try and break out
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Shizuka_tsukioka, to try and break out: -2 [1d10=2]
11<Thoon> Your turn, as you're now earnestly naked, surrounded by flashing cameras and in the grip of the tentacles~
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "UWWW "
11<Thoon> 5d10+11
09<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Thoon, 5d10+11: 43 [5d10=8,3,10,10,1]
06* Shizuka_tsukioka tears up a bit 1"Why are they taking picuters…"
11<Thoon> It just spreads your arms out so you're that much more vulnerable.
06* Shizuka_tsukioka then turns a deep red 1"Ah…Uwwww why did they make a game like this…."
06* Shizuka_tsukioka is trying to move aroudn the controls around as if though it would stop it 1"UWWW COME ON DO SOME-SOMETHIGN."
11<Thoon> Very long tentacles crawl up your body, one forcing its way into your mouth, and before you have time to figure out the taste you suddenly feel another tentacle enter you down there with shocking detail~
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "EWwww it's"6 6 her legs slam together 1"a…Ah….ga…."6 she stammers seeming to be paralizde
11<Thoon> And all you can hear is the cackling pet's owner, as yet another tentacle starts moving on the other entrance after failing to get into the first.
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "UWWWWWW…."6 tries to switch to the unkown battlesuit as some tears well up1"D-Do something…."
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "I..I can't quit I have to win…"
11<Thoon> It lowers you on the cold ground surrounded by the people who all seem that much closer, taking photos while looking down at you. The UI starts to get dark while the cackling woman asking "Do you like being my pet's wife?" and monsters grunts become the only sounds you hear.
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "'s hurting…and perverted…."
11<Thoon> Then the game over screen appears and you feel some sort of sqiruming in your gut, above where the tentacles were pounding.
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Uwww…."
06* Shizuka_tsukioka touches her stomach
11<Thoon> squirm~
06* Shizuka_tsukioka takes off the vr kit hastly
11<Thoon> And you're perfectly fine, clothed, dry and not even sweaty in the middle of Saya's room, looking at the TV reading "Tentacle breeder end".
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "*Sniff* Saya… that's … UW…."6 she's crying a bit and heads off to the batrhoom
06* shizuka_tsukioka comes back seeming less upset and more grumpy 1"That was really perverted! Why would you have a game that does that!"

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