11<@Thoon> Its the same/next day from where last left off, I suppose. Seemingly quiet so far, and with <s>Crysalis attempting its evil plans somewhere no one is interested in finding</s> nothing eventful happening, maybe its time for some girls to hang out.
06* Saya_Koizumi drags Shizuka to the mall so they can go shopping.
<Shizuka_Tsukioka> "Aren't we a bit early…"6 she says as saya in all likelyhood is glefully skiping and holding a bit too tightly on her arm
<Saya_Koizumi> "Hm? Nah. We'll just hang around and peoplewatch if we are anyway, so what's the big deal?"
06* Saya_Koizumi totally has a deathg rip on Shizuka's arm.
<Shizuka_Tsukioka> "… I guess it isn't that big of a deal…"
06* Hatsumi arrives shortly afterward (assuming we coordinated this and all that).
06* Shizuka_Tsukioka thinks for a second 1"So… what sort of clothing would be good for an interview to be a waitress?"
<Hatsumi> (( I was thinking weekend. Weekend? ))
11<@Thoon> ((I suppose that works~ ))
11<@Thoon> It doesn't specify, but it does say to look your best.
06* Hatsumi switched back to casual clothes, though that kimono was nice~
<Shizuka_Tsukioka> (( I really need ot keep your page up))
06* Shizuka_Tsukioka looks up 1"ah Tanaka-san"
<Hatsumi> (( Profile page? ))
<Hatsumi> "Shizu-chan, good morning." She glances at a wristwatch. "I'm not late, am I? I thought I'd be here first…"
<Shizuka_Tsukioka> ((for Hatsumi's last name))
<Shizuka_Tsukioka> "I don't think so. I thought we were early"
<Hatsumi> (( I could just change my nick. Or you could remember, you terrible friend. ))
<Saya_Koizumi> "No, you're on time, because we're here too. So, uh, whare do we go for stuff to look good for this sort of thing?"
06* Saya_Koizumi is dressed in the current fashions for casual clotehs. Though perhaps the more modest of them.
<Hatsumi> (( I had the idea that Hatsumi would know a fancy clothes shop, but hadn't bothered to check what a setting-appropriate name might be. ))
06* Shizuka_Tsukioka is dressed up in her usual sort of clothing, longish sleaves and dress something that wold look vicotianish in todays world
<Orrin|Somewhere> ((… White Rouge))
11<@Thoon> (( don't worry, I suck at names more then anything else, so I'd of offered nothing of value~ ))
<Saya_Koizumi> (( The King in Yellow?))
11<@Thoon> (( There we go, Orrin have I mentioned I love you? ))
<Hatsumi> (( White-red, for all your miko needs.))
<Shizuka_Tsukioka> ((warning may cause zombification))
11<@Thoon> (( Need name puns. So Noneuclidian Gap. ))
<Orrin|Somewhere> ((Euclid's Corner))
<Shizuka_Tsukioka> "Um… So Tanaka-san do you have any idea on what to buy for an interview like this being… I mean… um"6 she seems a bit awkard with this
<Saya_Koizumi> "i'm not sure what to get either, but we can't look all dumpy like Shizu-chan." Assuming, of course, Shizuka is in typical geek chic such as turtlenecks and formless clothes.
<Hatsumi> "Oh yes. Well, I can't be sure, (because this ad looks incredibly shady), but I know a place that's sure to impress anyone."
06* Shizuka_Tsukioka looks down at herself 1
<Shizuka_Tsukioka> "Eh? there's somethign wrong with this?!"
<Saya_Koizumi> "Yes."
11<@Thoon> (( and so she should. Certainly was my mental image of her, and Saya's likely right, there. ))
<Shizuka_Tsukioka> "Uwwww…. but it's comfey….."
<Saya_Koizumi> "Well, lead the way~"
06* Saya_Koizumi pushes Hatumi forward, forcing her to start showing the way around.
<Shizuka_Tsukioka> ((It pretty much is true~, she wears a sweater vest over long sleve shirt after all~))
<Saya_Koizumi> ((ITC: What not to wear in the strange aeon.))
<Shizuka_Tsukioka> ((and tha tis pants and a top))
<Hatsumi> "Alright, alright~" She leads on, to White Rouge.
06* Shizuka_Tsukioka is pouty but gets draged along or follows if left to it
<Shizuka_Tsukioka> (( I swear CTech designers watched witch blade based on half the feamle outfits))
<Shizuka_Tsukioka> (( I don't like skirts how do I show off my thighgs!? ))
11<@Thoon> (( Yep. ))
<Hatsumi> ((Can't have absolute territory without a skirt~ ))
06* Shizuka_Tsukioka looks around
<Shizuka_Tsukioka> ((absolute territory is for whores, pantyhose is for those who really want to show things off without showing how easy they are~))
<Saya_Koizumi> "ooh~ So, what sort of place is this?"
09<Hatsumi> (( I suppose I should describe things. Unless Thoon wants to. ))
<Shizuka_Tsukioka> (( I should look up that bit on it, something akin to the slut filter that you slap on in photoshop for AT, while pantyhose are like a ripe orange that you just want to peel away to get at the good stuff))
<Saya_Koizumi> (( slut filter? AT?))
11<@Thoon> (( Go ahead, if you're rolling and have no idea what you'll wind up with, I'll take advantage of it, but if you're leading them to somewhere you know about~
<Shizuka_Tsukioka> ((absolute terriotroy))
<Shizuka_Tsukioka> ((and I don't know about slut filter, but more or less cheap easy filters to make them look hot))
<Hatsumi> (( I'm not thinking too fast tonight. ))
<Shizuka_Tsukioka> ((fair enough, I think we put more lines in this than we usually do in this time~))
<Hatsumi> (( And the book isn't giving me any easy inspiration as to what things should look like. ))
11<@Thoon> (( well, we can help, no pressure either day. ))
11<@Thoon> way*
<Hatsumi> (( You can take it, then. What's White Rouge the clothing shop look like? ))
<Saya_Koizumi> ((Well, it seels clothes. It's upscale. Probably, it's got racks of clothing like msot any such store. and mannequins displaying the more popular or newer fashions. possibly a lot of nazzadi fashion, as Nazzadi designers are big these days.))
<Shizuka_Tsukioka> (( Nazzadi are odd in their fashion sense, very experimental))
11<@Thoon> (( Nazzadi store named white~ But actually that's a very good idea, we can go with that. ))
<Hatsumi> (( Well, white makeup, but yeah. ))
<Shizuka_Tsukioka> ((actually those are tattoos))
<Saya_Koizumi> ((ANYWAY… We're at the fucking store.))
<Shizuka_Tsukioka> ((yep))
06* Shizuka_Tsukioka looks at a manakin that seems really revealing to her 1"um…."
11<@Thoon> Yes. Its very fancy, and has lots of clotheing of varrious modern styles. Much of it is skimpy, but there's a good amount of more covering as well.
<Saya_Koizumi> White Rouge is a nice, upscale store. The storefront contains several mannequins modeling the fashions of the day, some of which are even designed locally and seem in incorproate a traditional Eastern flair. Most all of them are by Nazzadi designers. Some well-known, some just up and coming. The clothes amy be a bit more expensive than some are used to, but it's not as horrible as upscale can get.
06* Shizuka_Tsukioka looks around for somethign more suitable to her tastes and finds what seems to be an older fashioned vest and white shirt
06* Hatsumi stops to think, looking slowly around. "Taking into mind what we're applying for…"
<Saya_Koizumi> "Hm…I've got some clotehs that are at least nice…"
06* Saya_Koizumi notices something that looks like it at least was a miko's outfit at some point in time. "Hey! I've got a real outfit kinda like that~"
<Shizuka_Tsukioka> "Hmm?"6 she says while looking at hatsumi, she has the small business like outfit with her
<Shizuka_Tsukioka> "… It does look like that… but why are the sleeves like that…"
<Hatsumi> "We should try to look like the kind of people they'd want to hire. So…"
06* Hatsumi snaps her fingers, as if suddenly getting the answer. "Dumb, fashionable, and loose."
<Saya_Koizumi> "So, like Onee-chan?"
<Hatsumi> "Was she dressed like that?"
06* Hatsumi tries to remember.
11<@Thoon> She was~
06* Hatsumi nods.
<Shizuka_Tsukioka> "Eh what do you mean by loose?"
<Hatsumi> "This way!" She leads on to another section of the store.
06* Saya_Koizumi happily follows.
06* Shizuka_Tsukioka follows along seeming a bit timid from Kagami being mentioned
<Hatsumi> "I mean… well… like the kind of girl who would make her parents very worried."
06* Shizuka_Tsukioka doesn't seem too happy but still follows along 1"uww…"
<Saya_Koizumi> "I'm a good girl, though~"
06* Shizuka_Tsukioka looks at saya, the tone doesn't help her statement
06* Hatsumi leads them to a side of the store with newer, popular fashions with less fabric (and unnecessarily high prices).
06* Saya_Koizumi takes down something mostly in dark colors which would either clash with or complement her lack of skin tone. "Hm…what do you think?"
06* Shizuka_Tsukioka is blushign a bit 1"I'm not sure…"
<Hatsumi> "It really draws attention… which makes it perfect."
06* Shizuka_Tsukioka picks up someothing that looks suprisingly simlier to what she was forced to wear before 1"…eh?…."
<Saya_Koizumi> "Cool." She checks the price tag. "Damn ,that's a lot of money for so little. Jeez, are rich girls really this dumb?"
<Shizuka_Tsukioka> ((of course, the cheapre ones just fall apart with so little fabric~))
06* Shizuka_Tsukioka puts that down and tries to look for something more her style
<Hatsumi> "People who don't use their own money often don't notice prices."
11<@Thoon> (( Made with the latest arcanotech methods, they're very tough and completely safe from say, insects eating them while they're not in use.
<Saya_Koizumi> "Oh. Well, maybe I can manage. Though I could probably jsut wear some costume if this is what we're expected to wear…"
06* Shizuka_Tsukioka picks up somethign that seems akin to a tube top 1"… I don't think this will work.."6 she mutters a bit
06* Saya_Koizumi keeps what she found, she'll try it on with some other stuff later.
<Saya_Koizumi> "Hm…" Saya says, looking Shizuka over. "Probably not. You don't have the boobs to pull it off."
<Hatsumi> "Though…" She takes down a much cheaper outfit that lacks the brand name and well-known designer of the nearly identical dress next to it, "I wonder if they'd be more likely to hire someone who looked like they needed the money more…"
<Shizuka_Tsukioka> "hmm…"6 she lines up putting the outfit between her and saya almost seeing if it'd work
06* Hatsumi puts it back. "I guess that depends on how shady they are."
<Saya_Koizumi> "I doub't they're going to check to see who made our clothes."
<Hatsumi> "You can sort of tell if you're familiar with it. I can't with these kinds of clothes, but…"
<Shizuka_Tsukioka> "Eh? Why would they be shady? … I did a bit of reasearch and they just seem odd."
<Hatsumi> "See, the fabric's also a different material."
<Saya_Koizumi> "Hm…"
<Hatsumi> "Odd and secretive."
06* Saya_Koizumi picks a few more outfits or bits of them, seemingly at random. "I'm sure they're legit. Why else would they advertise~? Beside,s shady people don't usually want part-timers, do they?"
<Shizuka_Tsukioka> "… I guess…"6 she looks for something that at least has some form of sleaves, and finds sometihng with a plunging neckline. Why such things are made in her size no one will know
<Hatsumi> "We don't know if they really do or not, anyway."
06* Hatsumi continues hunting for something that she could imagine wearing that fits the image she's looking for. Unfortunately, the two don't really overlap.
<Saya_Koizumi> "Yeah. Oh, you can get some of those detached sleeve thingies if you want to cover your arms." Saya points to a display of several styles of free sleeves.
<Hatsumi> "Ooh, they have the trailing kind…"
06* Shizuka_Tsukioka goes over to look at the arm 'socks'1 ".. so how would you know if it works togheter…"
<Saya_Koizumi> "Try things on~"
06* Hatsumi points out an especially expensive pair. "It looks like these ones can change color."
06* Shizuka_Tsukioka takes a pair and her somewhat spagetistrap thing with wings and plunging neckline 1"… I guess…"6 and goes to the changing room
<Saya_Koizumi> "Ooh. That's probably really cool."
<Hatsumi> "I'm not sure a neckline that low will be good for her…"
<Shizuka_Tsukioka> 6 an uwww can be heard a bit as she exits to check herself in a mirror, the only slightly skimpy black thing and black arm socks on
<Shizuka_Tsukioka> "…."
<Saya_Koizumi> "What do you think, Shizu-chan?"
<Shizuka_Tsukioka> "… I don't think it works…"
<Hatsumi> "Hmm…"
06* Shizuka_Tsukioka seemingly hurris back to get her usual outfit back on
06* Saya_Koizumi heads into a chainging room to try on some outfits. She starts with the first one she found. Bras straps and panties are probably visible in places, when she steps out. "What do you think? Do I look slutty yet?"
06* Hatsumi looks about for something for Shizuka as well.
<Hatsumi> "Saya-chan, I'm taller than you, yet I can see your panties…"
06* Shizuka_Tsukioka gets out just in time to hear 'do I look slutty yet?'1"…um…"6 and turns deeper red
<Shizuka_Tsukioka> "…is that what we really should be going for?"
<Saya_Koizumi> "So? Hm…maybe the pants are a little low…"
<Shizuka_Tsukioka> "… A little low?"
<Hatsumi> "Ah, Shizu-chan, try this one with along with those sleeves from before." She shows her a sleeveless top that only covers the upper chest, loose cloth hanging to somewhat cover the sides.
<Saya_Koizumi> "Maybe this is too much."
<Shizuka_Tsukioka> "… are you sure…"6 she takes it hesatantly and heads back to the changing room a bit slower
06* Saya_Koizumi retreats back into the changing room to try her next outfit. Which is probably a bit more modest. Still shows more skin than she usually wears. "What about this?"
<Hatsumi> "Hm… it's not too bad."
<Hatsumi> "Oh, I still haven't found anything for myself…"
06* Shizuka_Tsukioka comes back out with the new outfit, she's seemingly a slow changer1"um…how's this?"6 she has her arms in front of her covering up her belly button at least and definatlly keeping the shorter than usual skirt down
06* Saya_Koizumi walks over to Shizuka and knocks the girl's arms aside into a more natral position. "Stop that with the arms, you look way too nervous~"
11<@Thoon> For both the now dressed up girls, there is the issue of glasses to remember for these outfits, Shizu esspecially probably hasn't got the most appealing pair.
<Shizuka_Tsukioka> "uww…"6 she somehow looks more nervous
06* Shizuka_Tsukioka looks in a mirror 1"w-will this really be the thing to wear?"
06* Hatsumi finds something that looks more like a two-piece swimsuit with a shawl hanging from the back of her waist and another covering her back and upper arms.
<Saya_Koizumi> "Hm, it seems alright on you, at least. How about mine?"
06* Shizuka_Tsukioka looks at saya 1"um.. I can't see your underwear at least…"
<Saya_Koizumi> "Oh. Hm…"
06* Saya_Koizumi tris to pull her skirt down a bit. "Hm…or would hiking it up be better?"
<Hatsumi> (( So… Presence stat = cup size ? ))
<Saya_Koizumi> ((dunno, lol.))
<Hatsumi> (( We need to know these things ))
<Shizuka_Tsukioka> "Are you trying to show them!?"6 she says shocked
11<@Thoon> (( Beyond the fact that until you've come along, we've been going with the seemingly self made in joke of tager power = size ))
<Shizuka_Tsukioka> ((so saya and hatsumi would be matched at least having exceptionals~))
<Saya_Koizumi> ((Apparently, symbionts need to go somewhere, so fancier symbionts need more, uh, room.))
<Hatsumi> (( Oh right, Yumi also had one ))
11<@Thoon> (( Yep. Meanwhile Shizu's barely got anything. If I ever get another player that picks a whisper they''ll accidentally summon hounds of tindalos if they lean on a wall. ))
<Shizuka_Tsukioka> ((Shizu: I have enough ;_; … at least gropers think my ass is worht something…))
<Saya_Koizumi> "Uh…kinda, yeah. Or is that going too far?"
<Shizuka_Tsukioka> "I don't know…."6 seems to fidget with here skrit
<Hatsumi> "Probably. We want to look like… sluts, not… street-walkers."
<Shizuka_Tsukioka> "There's a difference?"
<Saya_Koizumi> "Oh, ok."
<Hatsumi> "Yes. One knows what they're doing."
06* Saya_Koizumi leaves her skirt alone. She retreats to try on her next outfit.
<Saya_Koizumi> "What about this one?"
06* Shizuka_Tsukioka seems puzzled and looks for somethign similar to what hatsumi picks out and goes in she comes back out and part of her bra is showing due to the cut 1"…. I dont' think this one works at all….
<Shizuka_Tsukioka> "
06* Hatsumi looks, but what does she?
<Hatsumi> (( see* ))
<Saya_Koizumi> ((I dunno. I'm not exactly the best fashion designer for this sort of thing…))
<Shizuka_Tsukioka> ((for saya not sure, for shizu soem yellow clashing under a darker color~
<Saya_Koizumi> ((oh, wait, I've got an idea.))
<Hatsumi> "Something similar could work, but I thought you didn't like showing off your belly? As cute as it is…"
<Hatsumi> ((I can just make stuff up when you've nothing in mind ))
06* Saya_Koizumi could almsot be dressed in pajamas, it's baggy enough. But, a lot of the fabric is sheer, leaving far less to the imagination than its cut would suggest. "Hm, maybe Shizu-chan would look better in this. I'd have to get some black underwear, though…"
06* Shizuka_Tsukioka seems to tense up 1"I don't like showing off a lot of what these show off!"6 she looks at what saya has on 1
<Shizuka_Tsukioka> "… maybe i should try it on.."
<Saya_Koizumi> "If you want to."
<Hatsumi> "Ah, that's a good idea. Sheer fabric works better than just revealing it."
06* Saya_Koizumi goes back to get changed, and emerges in her normal clothes. She hands the one out fit to shizuka. "Here, give it a try~"
06* Hatsumi goes to try her bikini-and-drapes in the meantime.
06* Saya_Koizumi glances in a mirror. "Hm… do I need new glasses for this? I could just take them off, at least."
<Shizuka_Tsukioka> "Alright…"6 she goes in and comes back out 1".. why would you want black underwear with this?"6 she seems more comfortable at least
<Saya_Koizumi> "So people can see them?"
06* Hatsumi comes back out.
<Hatsumi> "At least it's easy to move in this…"
06* Shizuka_Tsukioka looks at hatsumi 1"Eh is that tru-"k6 and sees that she's basicly wearing a bikini and blushs a bit more agian 1"eh…uwww…maybe I should pick up a pair here…"
06* Shizuka_Tsukioka goes in front of the mirror and turns around 1"Um… does this work… I'm not sure on the black undewear bit…."
<Hatsumi> "I like the shawl, but… there isn't really enough… support from these straps."
<Saya_Koizumi> "Well, it was just an idea." She looks at Hatsumi. "Ooh, that looks nice~"
<Saya_Koizumi> "Well ,we don't have to wear this stuff all the time."
<Hatsumi> "True. My parents would be upset, I think. As to the underwear… if it being black means it can be seen, wouldn't it being white mean that they can't tell if you're wearing any?"
<Shizuka_Tsukioka> "I guess…"6 she looks around
<Shizuka_Tsukioka> ((is there a lingeree section in her at all?))
<Hatsumi> (( Has to be ))
11<@Thoon> There is.
<Saya_Koizumi> "Ooh, good idea, Hatsumi-chan."
09* Shizuka_Tsukioka turns bring red 1" if I don't wear them they'll think I'm going aroudn without any?!"6 she hurry looks around for whatever pair she can find ((thoon can say what they are~)) and runs to the changing room
06* Shizuka_Tsukioka emerges a bit later with them obviously showning through and head a bit down
06* Hatsumi goes to find some variation that at least covers enough for her to wear a bra under it, and something that'll go along as a skirt.
11<@Thoon> Shizu grabs something you don't quite manage to see before dashing back to the changeing rooms, meanwhine Saya's Nazzadi roommate Ecchin steps into sight "Damn it, Tsukioka-san stole my excuse to come over here~"
11<@Thoon> Shizuka having stolen a very thin bit of string, more or less~
<Saya_Koizumi> "Oh, hi, Ecchin~ You shop here, too?"
06* Saya_Koizumi is as oblivious as Eroly is unsubtle.
<Shizuka_Tsukioka> "I… I don't know if this works"6 as she see the thin strips under the dress
11<@Thoon> "Oooh, though if you're only wearing that much, I suppose it works. Hey there, uh, yeah! It's my people's types of clothes, right?" Not that she's terribly Nazzadi culture concious.
<Saya_Koizumi> "Yeah. Hey, anything you'd reccomend for a job interview?"
06* Shizuka_Tsukioka looks somewhat dishearteneed at saying it works 1"…can't I at least get…more decent underwear?"
<Shizuka_Tsukioka> ((ah yes erory, you haven't seen her yet, saya's roommate a skinny flat nazzadi))
<Shizuka_Tsukioka> ((not so sublty based off of kuroko))
11<@Thoon> (( I think they met, however yes, you're exactly right~ ))
06* Hatsumi returns from the changing room, now with something more like a skirt and tube top and less like a bikini, though otherwise the same. "Oh, from before… Saya-chan's friend."
<Saya_Koizumi> "You could if you want, Shizu-chan."
<Hatsumi> (( When we went to Enyo's apartment, I think? ))
<Saya_Koizumi> ((Yeah. Yumi's, apartment actually.))
11<@Thoon> "What kind of job interview? If its somewhere you'd need that Tsukioka-san's got on, not much~"
<Shizuka_Tsukioka> ((ah yeah ))
11<@Thoon> "Ecchin's fine, no one can really pronounce my real name anyways."
<Saya_Koizumi> "Well ,it's uh, waitressing. We think we're supposed to look kinda slutty."
06* Shizuka_Tsukioka goes to look for somethign a little more 'full' possibly even something that would be an outfit on here on it's own and goes into the changing room
06* Shizuka_Tsukioka emerges with here loins and breasts fully drawing atenciton now 1".. I'm not sure if this is better or worse…"
<Hatsumi> "Ah… Shizu-chan."
06* Saya_Koizumi looks around for more clothes to try. She still isn't sure what might be good, or what suits her. She usually doesn't dress like this unless she's trying to look like a Picoha villain.
11* @Thoon she scruitinizes the clothes "You've been doing good so far, you should just grab something that's small though, then you can not get such a mess on you if you trip or something."
<Shizuka_Tsukioka> "something small but….uwww…"
06* Hatsumi smiles, holding a hand to her cheek while looking at Shizuka's latest outfit. She doesn't actually say "ara, ara," but there's the impression that she could.
11<@Thoon> "Where's it going to be at?"
<Saya_Koizumi> "Hm?"
06* Saya_Koizumi digs around in her purse until she finds the now very crumpled flyer. "Here~"
<Hatsumi> "It didn't say, did it?"
06* Shizuka_Tsukioka looks at Tanaka 1"it…it works?"
11<@Thoon> "The job. Then you can pick based on that!"
<Saya_Koizumi> "You know, I'm not sure if it did say anything like that."
<Shizuka_Tsukioka> "um.. it's a waitressing job.. would you know the sort of clothign to pikc out for…"6 she trails off realizing the folly in this
<Hatsumi> "Saya-chan, did you decide what to get?"
06* Shizuka_Tsukioka realizes she's stuck with this and sighs a bit
<Saya_Koizumi> "No, I haven't decided yet."
11<@Thoon> "It all depends. If you're not sure, maybe you could just go naked if they allow that!"
<Hatsumi> "Hm… I think I and Shizu-chan are fine now…"
<Shizuka_Tsukioka> "eh!? you'd go naked?!"
06* Hatsumi looks at Ecchin like she's crazy. Which she probably is.
<Shizuka_Tsukioka> ((naz don't exaclty have a nudity taboo~, they just wear clothing if it's custamary/is functional))
<Saya_Koizumi> "That seems like a bit much. Besides, we'd get arrested."
<Hatsumi> "I'd think so."
11<@Thoon> "Only if its allowed, not if it'd break the law!" said in the same serious tone as someone would argue that they're not a gross for that or something
<Saya_Koizumi> "Oh. Well, that makes sense. Hm." She holds up the outfits she'd picked out earlier. "Any of these seem good, Ecchin?"
06* Shizuka_Tsukioka goes to change back into her regular outfit and comes out looking at the tags 1".. these are a little pricy…"
<Hatsumi> "I think the criss-crossing straps would look good with the trailing sleeves we saw earlier…"
<Hatsumi> "Oh, don't worry about that, Shizu-chan."
11<@Thoon> "Yeah, that one looked good. That'd be a nice addition." Of course, she wasn't <s>out of hiding</s> here when that was tried on…
<Saya_Koizumi> "Hm…I guess I'll go with that, then~"
06* Saya_Koizumi collects the outfit components mentioned to try them on. "So, like this?" She asks upon emerging from the changing room to show off.
06* Hatsumi makes a motion to turn around.
06* Saya_Koizumi spins slowly in place
<Hatsumi> "Ah, I was right. With your skin, it's best to show off your back like that~"
06* Shizuka_Tsukioka watchs unure about all this
06* Hatsumi unconsciously takes a few steps forward as Saya spins.
<Saya_Koizumi> "Really? But I'm all, pale and sickly."
11<@Thoon> "You don't look all that sickly anymore…" she sounds almost disapointed.
<Hatsumi> "Even if you think that, it just makes your shoulders look tastier, better."
06* Shizuka_Tsukioka looks at hatsumi imediatly
<Saya_Koizumi> "Well, yeah, I haven't felt that bad. I'm still, well, kind of relaly pale and stuff. Hm, speaking of should I just go without my glasses?"
06* Saya_Koizumi takes her glasses off. Not like they're corrective or anything.
<Hatsumi> (( lil bro playing Far Cry 2 in the room distracting me with his ammo depot blasting and brushfire starting ))
<Shizuka_Tsukioka> ((heh))
06* Shizuka_Tsukioka looks at her glasses in teh mirror 1"eh? what aobut mine?"6
06* Hatsumi just smiles when Shizuka looks at her.
<Saya_Koizumi> "Hm… I dunno. Mabe they work… They do make a girl look intellectual."
<Hatsumi> "What about contact lenses?"
06* Saya_Koizumi goes and changes back into her normal clothes, and keeps the outfit.
11<@Thoon> "If you want to look slutty that's not the right look, is it?"
<Hatsumi> "That's a good point."
<Shizuka_Tsukioka> "… wh-what would be.. slutty glasses?"
06* Hatsumi goes back to change while Saya does, to minimize time when everyone's not together.
11<@Thoon> "Could get a more sleek model, or… how well do you see without them? Or can you get contacts?"
<Saya_Koizumi> "Hm, well, I guess I'll get this outfit, then. Hm…not sure on glasses. I don't usually even think about mine."
<Shizuka_Tsukioka> ".. I like glasses contacts are too much trouble…"
06* Shizuka_Tsukioka looks to see if there are any glasses around
<Hatsumi> "They'll have some in another section, maybe… yours are prescription, aren't they, Shizu-chan?"
<Shizuka_Tsukioka> "They are…."
<Hatsumi> "They'd need to fit your lenses to them then, I think."
<Shizuka_Tsukioka> "I guess"6 she fidgets with them
<Saya_Koizumi> "Yeah. Hm, where do you buy your glasses? They should sell all kinds of frames and stuff."
<Shizuka_Tsukioka> "Somewhere around here… I don't think it's too far…"
<Saya_Koizumi> "Then let's go after we buy our stuff here."
<Hatsumi> "These three are enough for us for now, probably."
06* Hatsumi carries the last outfit she was wearing.
<Shizuka_Tsukioka> "Alright…"6 she looks at eroly 1"ummm thanks for the help"6 she bows a bit
11<@Thoon> "Any time~"
<Saya_Koizumi> "Yeah, we'll only need the one outfit each."
<Shizuka_Tsukioka> "I guess… not like we'd have the rightr waitress outfits right?"
<Shizuka_Tsukioka> ((too glasses shop or say saya/eroly picked out something that looks complelty unfiting on shizu~?))
06* Hatsumi proceeds to the checkout (?)
11<@Thoon> (( That works~ ))
06* Shizuka_Tsukioka follows along rumaging for the money that kagami gave them for spenidng money last week
06* Hatsumi takes out her father's credit card while humming happily.
06* Saya_Koizumi heads for the checkout as well. "Hm…I hope this isn't too expensive…"
11<@Thoon> Hatsumi's credit card takes care of it nicely. They're in total affordable, but still very costly.
<Shizuka_Tsukioka> (( >while humming happily.< ))
06* Shizuka_Tsukioka pays for it, she can actually save up a lot so this doesnt' bother her too much
<Hatsumi> "Shizu-chan, let me handle it, alright? It was my idea, after all."
<Shizuka_Tsukioka> "Eh?… I-I… Um thank you?"
06* Shizuka_Tsukioka lets hatsumi take care of the expenses
06* Saya_Koizumi spontaneously hugs Hatsumi. "Thank you Hatsumi-chan~"
<Shizuka_Tsukioka> ((sugermama~))
<Hatsumi> "Oh my," She returns the hug, "It's nothing, Saya-chan~"
<Saya_Koizumi> "Maybe~ But, uh, we kind of had to spend some money the other day… Um, well ,we got paid back, but…"
<Hatsumi> "Hmm?" She doesn't let go yet.
06* Shizuka_Tsukioka takes her bag and bows to the clerk 1"Um I think the glasses place is over htere"
06* Shizuka_Tsukioka she turns around to notice the two hugging 1"um…"
06* Saya_Koizumi pats Hatsumi on the back. "Yeah, Onee-chan gave us this weird shopping lit full of dildos and stuff."
06* Hatsumi becomes immediately flustered, "Ah
er, stuff?"
<Shizuka_Tsukioka> "ah!"6 she shriks out at the mentiong of that turning red
<Saya_Koizumi> "Yeah. I got her to pay us back, though. Shizu-chan shouldn't have to spend money on that stuff unless she's going to keep it.""
<Shizuka_Tsukioka> "B-But!"
11<@Thoon> "Yeah. Making someone pay for that sort of stuff is just rude." Ecchin adds, tagging along to the glasses shop, which you arive at.
<Saya_Koizumi> "Well ,if she didn't cough up the mone,y i would've at least kept what I paid for."
<Shizuka_Tsukioka> "Um.. here it is.."6 it's not a high end place or anything just a simple seemingly cheap place 1"Um.. they really don't have a big selection but I never look at the expensive ones…"
06* Shizuka_Tsukioka seemingly tries to stay out of the bad memories of that day
<Saya_Koizumi> "They'll probably have something nice."
06* Hatsumi mutters things like, "Ah, I'm seeing Saya-chan's sister in a new light…"
06* Saya_Koizumi steps inside to look at glasses frames.
06* Shizuka_Tsukioka tries lookign for somethign sleeker and holds up a pair 1"… but it doesn't even cover most of my field of vission…"
<Saya_Koizumi> "Well, you keep your normal glasses for that. Stylish usually doesn't mean practical."
06* Saya_Koizumi picks up a pair with rectangular, thick plastic frames. "Hm, wasn't something like this popular once?" She holds them up to Shizuka's face.
<Shizuka_Tsukioka> 6 they match for the most part
<Shizuka_Tsukioka> "I .. I guess…"
<Hatsumi> "Was it? I don't recall."
06* Shizuka_Tsukioka she looks a bit more and finds something that has less of frames overall and more glass 1".. Hows this?… I still think the lens is too small…."6 she looks at saya 1"… Are you going to get a pair Koizumi?"
<Hatsumi> "Saya-chan is right—you don't need to wear it all the time, so it's alright if it's not as convenient."
<Shizuka_Tsukioka> "..I guess it's like.. this outfit right…"
<Hatsumi> "Right, like that."
11<@Thoon> "Only if you want to look fancy again for another job that demands you look slutty~"
<Hatsumi> "You really shouldn't make a habit of that, though."
<Saya_Koizumi> "Hm…I think I'll just keep what I have. Or go without them. They're just to cut glare anyway."
<Shizuka_Tsukioka> "….probably not… I guess this works…"6 she heads to the counter and gives her perscriptions, she's near sighted it seems
<Shizuka_Tsukioka> "Um… so what to do now?"6 she says coming back to the group 1"they said they could have pair of glasses delivered so we don't have to wait…"
11<@Thoon> "Do you know if you need anything else for this? Makeup, maybe."
<Shizuka_Tsukioka> "Makeup?"
06* Shizuka_Tsukioka obviously does not wear any
06* Saya_Koizumi gives Shizuka a flat look. "You wouldn't wear any, would you? Hm… well, I don't usually wear much myself, but it couldn't hurt~"
<Shizuka_Tsukioka> "I don't even know how to put it on.."
06* Shizuka_Tsukioka pokes her fingers togheter
<Hatsumi> "I'm not very experienced in that regard…"
<Saya_Koizumi> "It's not that hard. Takes a little practice, maybe… Hm, Hatsumi-chan, think we can get her to sit still long enough to do something of a makeover~?"
<Hatsumi> "Oh, that shouldn't be a problem."
<Shizuka_Tsukioka> "eh?"
<Saya_Koizumi> "Hm… then maybe we should give it a try. Really, though, the basic stuff isn't too hard. Lipsitck ,things like that."
11<@Thoon> "You could practice on each other 'till you figure it out."
<Shizuka_Tsukioka> "… maybe? that could take a while though…"
<Hatsumi> "Well, it is the weekend."
<Saya_Koizumi> "Well ,we could always jsut all spend the night at someone's house."
<Hatsumi> "Oh, that could be fun."
06* Hatsumi claps her hands together.
<Hatsumi> "But… whose?"
<Shizuka_Tsukioka> "Like a sleepover?… I don't think I've ever bene to a sleepover"
<Saya_Koizumi> "That's becuase you're weird. They're fun~ Hm, I used to invite people to my house alot. they liked it there becuase it's pretty big~""
<Shizuka_Tsukioka> "hmm I guess it is pretty big… I just live in an appartment so that wouldn't work…"
11<@Thoon> "It is big, would there work then?"
<Saya_Koizumi> "Yeah, probably. Onee-chan's still mad at me, though…"
11<@Thoon> "We'd outnumber her~"
<Shizuka_Tsukioka> "You're coming too?"
<Shizuka_Tsukioka> ((It's a stupid question as we all know she'd take any excuse to sleep with saya~))
<Hatsumi> "Why's she mad?"
<Saya_Koizumi> "Well, I kind of spied on her, or something. I don't get it either, but she'll calm down any time, I'm sure~"
<Shizuka_Tsukioka> "She wouldn't try anything bad would she?"
<Hatsumi> "She might try…"
11<@Thoon> "Still say we'd outnumber her even if she did~"
<Saya_Koizumi> "Probably not. She's not that bad. And Ecchin's right, there;s mroe of us~"
<Shizuka_Tsukioka> "I guess… so get makeup and some clothing for tommorow and go over to sayas?"
<Hatsumi> "Yes. Oh, this is a little exciting."
<Shizuka_Tsukioka> "Eh exciting… why?"
06* Shizuka_Tsukioka says confused
11<@Thoon> (( So, do we want to wrap up here and force me to finalize plans for this event, or we still got more ideas, or what? ))
<Saya_Koizumi> "Yeah. Sounds good. My parents shouldn't mind~"
<Hatsumi> "I haven't had the chance to have a sleepover since… I'm not sure."
<Shizuka_Tsukioka> ((I can go longer~))
<Saya_Koizumi> ((I'm fine wrapping up here. Not sure what else to do.))
<Saya_Koizumi> "Hey, what about your place, Hatumi-chan?"
<Hatsumi> "Well, there is space, and food, but I don't have much else there…"
<Saya_Koizumi> "We've got a shrine~"
<Shizuka_Tsukioka> "Hmmm, well koizumi-san has an achery range …"
<Hatsumi> "Hm, I think I could try that…"
<Shizuka_Tsukioka> "It was fun if..6she looks at saya 1"You don't get interupted and such…"
06* Saya_Koizumi looks completely innocent~
06* Shizuka_Tsukioka thinks a bit more 1"We'd have to be more careful though… I don't know how we shot that dryer"
<Hatsumi> "Eh?"
<Saya_Koizumi> "It was a really bad shot."

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