Okumura Isamu

Surrounded by trees in a less developed part of town is an old shrine that's said to be from from the time the town was founded, dedicated to the guardian fox spirit of the area, it saw regular visits from hunters and warriors hoping for the foxes assistance with good skill and fortune in their jobs and when they return and would leave small gifts and donations for such.

As times passed, a lot of the shrines purpose has changed. No longer visited by hunters its now simply a place of worship, particularly by people seeking fortune in their lives, most often with relationships. Still its said to be protected by the long line of foxes, often spotted running around or sleeping on shrine grounds in the mornings.

Of course, now days its managed by the equally long lasting Okumura family. At the moment a handsome young man with sharp features being the prime caretaker.

Henge 3
Animal 2
Adult 2
Child 1
Name Wonder Cost Name Wonder Cost
Alluring: 0 Oracle: 6
Able to charm the opposite sex, when a impression check is made against a Human/Fox Henge that matches the connection is increased by one. Can alter the dreams of someone sleeping, if Henge beats their Adult you can influence actions they'll take. May fail (if too edgy.)
Fox Fire: 6 Invisibility: 8
During the Evening or Night, can make scary/alluring fire on tail. An Adult check vs. Henge is needed to act properly. Turn invisible. They need to beat Henge+3 with a Henge check to see. Lasts a scene.
Fake: 10 Fairy Rain: 12
Turn an object into something else (living or not) of similar size. Only an illusion. Lasts a scene. Cause a light rain in the area. While in the rain, may take human form at no cost and use Wonder and Feelings interchangably.
Shrine: 0 Marriage Knot: 4
Has a shrine dedicated to them, which receives up to 10,000 yen a session in donations. Also won't chase after or harass the fox and can speak with the local gods as an equal. By coldly scolding one person, can strengthen a connection with another by one by lowering their own by one. Can raise a connection from 0 to 1.
Pride: Cold:
Arrogent with humans and other Henge, increasing connections cost an addtional 2 Dreams Emotionally cold, this reduces the strength of connections from others gained with Impression checks by 1.
Partner Your Connection Your Content Their Connection Their Content
Town 2 Shrine 'assistant' 2 Acceptance
Sora 1 Birdbrain to keep an eye on
Shiro 2 Even more birdbrained to keep an eye on 2
Ami 2 Helping find non euphamism cat 2
Wonder 7
Feelings 2
Dreams 0
Partner Contents ?? Threads
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