Nerv Tirana Arcology

NERV Tirana

NERV acquired the Tirana facility shortly after it began reconstruction work following the second impact. The local government had begun expanding a existing military command command bunker into a full-scale underground city, and never finished, as the government collapsed before the project could be completed. The facility was snatched up by NERV as a clearinghouse for supplies and an experimental station when the UN instituted direct governance of the region, and it's been continually overhauled and updated since, but not expanded, as the arcology is far larger than NERV needs. The base has only within the last year been modified to support evangelion units as part of NERV's initiative to spread eva coverage over the independent nations and UN industrial projects in northern africa and southwest asia. Between the base personelle, UN military troops, and the civilian support structure that's grown up around it, close to thirty thousand people rattle about it's deep halls. The surrounding land is largely abandoned or evacuated per NERV security proceedures, but a respectably sized seaport town of New Durres services the base and mediterranean trade about ten miles away by rail. Many of the early AT field and eva reverse engineering experiments took place at tirana, though the research went much more successfully at nerv's boston location. As a result of some of the side effects of these tests, there's a persistent and strongly denied rumor that abandoned portions of the base are haunted, either by ghosts or bored engineers.

*There is a map of the base and its surrounding areas, but I don't have access to a scanner so I'll eventually have to hack something up in MSpaint.

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