Nerv Hq Npcs

NERV commander;
Donovan Hunt
The enigmatic founder of NERV, Donovan Hunt is single-mindedly devoted to the destruction of the angels and everything associated with them, seeing them as the single greatest threat humanity has ever faced. His pursuit of that goal has netted him significant condemnation of his methods and his willingness to run roughshod over international opinion in the pursuit of the most effective weapons and tactics possible. More than a few people, publicly or privately, are convinced that his actions are less about the good of humanity and more about advancing his own personal power. Foremost among the criticisms are his unwillingness to release the design documentation and construction specifications for the evangelion units to even the UN military, rapidly followed by his unnerving willingness to pick fights with anyone who opposes or contradicts him. He hasn't done anything that can pointed at as a blatant abuse of power, but that doesn't stop people from trying.

base commander;
Leiutenant general Ryan Kaplan
A prematurely graying man in his early fifties, General Kaplan is something of an oddity among official NERV personelle; A career soldier. While originally only working for NERV as a military coordinator for it's relief efforts, he acquitted himself well, personally leading several conventional engagements against angels until the UN managed to refit most of their hardware with drone control systems. After that, he was assigned to a less immediately suicidal position leading from somewhere behind the front, where he continued to serve in an exemplary fashion. While he's widely respected as a compassionate and effective commander, if driven by the death of his immediate family during the second impact, he's been under something of a cloud lately. Despite the prestige of the position, his transfer to command of the Tirana arcology was regarded as an exile, though no one has elucidated precisely why…

wild-haired researcher type/bridge crew;
Professor Arielle Hadrian
Transferred from NERV Boston, Arielle is one of the greatest scientific minds of the age and one of the few people to have any real grasp of how AT fields function. She's intelligent, quick-witted, and a hopeless pedant, taking it upon herself to educate those around her on any subject they're unfortunate enough to express an interest in in her presence. This is usually treated with amused tolerance among most of the other higher ups at the base, but the more stressed she gets the more she takes refuge in the facts she knows. She is the self-appointed tutor of the eva pilots, covering any holes in their education their schedule and education might have missed. According to her, that's quite a lot. She also doubles as a member of the bridge crew during battles, being one of the few experts on eva and angel design and construction in the world, and is capable of providing excellent information on enemy capabilities and weaknesses. Eventually.

crazed eva mechanic;
Rudolf Brown
Rudolf Brown is one jacob's ladder away from being a stereotypical mad scientist (it got coopted for the tesla bolt prototype). An invertate tinker and scavenger, he's constantly butting heads with major messerschmidt and lieutenant yamamoto over one bit of 'borrowed' equipment or another. However, this is largely overlooked due to his almost supernatural ability to jury-rig eva unit repairs or other more advanced bits of hardware. His behavior has infected many of his subordinates as well, much to the dismay of anyone trying to enforce proper military discipline. The eva hangars are carpeted in half-finished projects and experiments, and with very few exceptions, such as the base commander and the eva pilots, it's worth more than their lives for any intruders or follow employees to attempt to penetrate the engineers' sanctum.

chief medical officer;
Doctor Katherine Halloway
The good doctor is a recent transfer to NERV operations, and only recently out of her medical residency, but she had good marks and came with many recommendations from her teachers and fellows. Like so many other doctors in the post second impact world, she spent as much time covering and treating psychological illnesses as physical ones, for reasons that go without saying. As a recent graduate and a new employee at NERV, doctor Halloway is solidly a civilian, and often has little appreciation or sympathy for the authorities that put her charges through such trouble.

military liason;
Major Johann Messerschmidt
A pale, cadaverous officer on loan from germany, Major Messerschmidt is the regular UN military liason to the Tirana arcology. During angel attacks johann has the unenviable job of coordinating between NERV's eva strike teams and the more conventional UN forces in the area that are conducting evacuations, slowing or baiting the angel, or simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. Not during angel attacks, he has the even more unpleasant job of attempting to paper over the inevitable friction between a group of hyperactive teenagers in giant murder machines and the often only marginally older troopers stuck holding the bag for them. This has left him permanently rather curt and short-tempered with his fellows at the best of times.

bridge crew - sensors officer
Lieutenant Yamamoto Takeo
Someone has to pay attention to and oversee the maintenence of the sensor systems that track and warn of incoming angels, and in NERV Tirana, that someone is Yamamoto Takeo. Despite his best efforts to get assigned more techs or at least a commanding officer that can pull enough rank to keep Rudolf and his wrench monkeys out of the secondary arrays, he directly oversees the care and feeding of one of the most expensive pieces of hardware known to man short of the eva units themselves. Some of his comrades even recognize this, and cut him a lot of slack, but even on his best days he looks like he's on the verge of a panic attack. However, he does admit that all the messes he's put through here still beat his previous assignment in NERV Tokyo. He may or may not have a crush on professor hadrian, but he definitely has a case of hero worship.

bridge crew - magi interpreter
Lieutenant Adriana Herrera
Barely out of secondary school and NERV academy, Adriana is a bona-fide genius and entirely obsessed with computing and electronics of all sorts. A common joke around base is that she's more fluent in machine code than english, which, like all good jokes, has a kernel of truth. However, someone has to maintain the MAGI system, collate reports, feed it new information, seperate the wheat from the chaff, and go through all the coding and support work needed to keep it and NERV up and running, and she's very good at it. She is more than a little otherworldly, and little short of the ten-pound sledge of subtlety will get her attention on a personal level.

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