Might - 12 (10+2) (edge 0)
Speed - 18 (10+2+4+2) (edge 1)
Intellect - 12 (10+2) (edge 1)
Effort - 2

fletching trained
bowyer trained
stealth trained
deception trained
esoteries/special abilities for illusions/trickery trained
knavery skilled
lock-picking trained

Cypher count - 2
Flex skill (at start of day, pick one non-atk/def task, trained for day)
practiced in light/medium weapons
covering fire (1 spd) - fire second arrow, increase difficulty of target actions by 1 step
archer - spend effort from sp/int to apply effort to damage. +3 dmg per effort
hedge magic (1 int) - stupid prestidigitation tricks
practiced in armor - on the tin. -2 to might/speed armor penalties.
expert adventurer - apply effort to any noncombat roll, get minor effect (can be done after roll)

equipment -
well-made bow
24 arrows
stabbin' knife
other stabbin' knife
leather jerkin (light armor)
explorer's pack
light tool pack
8 shin

[19:42] <Thoon> Cyphers!
[19:42] <Thoon> Rejuvination Field
[19:42] <Thoon> Level 4
[19:42] <Thoon> Handheld Device
[19:42] <Thoon> This device projects a nimbus of energy that fills the immediate area. All characters within the area regain a number of points equal to the cypher level in Might
[19:42] <Thoon> Flying Cap
[19:42] <Thoon> Level 5
[19:42] <Thoon> Hat
[19:42] <Thoon> Three metal poles extend out from the top of the device, which clamps onto
[19:42] <Thoon> the user’s head and cannot be removed for the duration. Two poles fold down on either
[19:42] <Thoon> side of the user’s head, while the third rises straight up and sprouts four blades that begin spinning. The blades function as a propeller and lift the user into the air. She can control the direction of the movement by using the poles to either side. The device allows her to fly by making a Speed roll (level 2) each round. She can fly a short distance each round in combat or about 1 mile
[19:42] <Thoon> (2 km) each minute. The device operates for 3d20 minutes before breaking up and deactivating. If the user is still in the air when it stops working, she falls.
[19:42] <Thoon> Oddity: A chrime of synth objects that sounds like people talking.

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