Monthly Oneshots

This is a list for the monthly oneshots project:

Claim a month and then all hosts fight amongst themselves for the times. They probably don't actually need to be just monthly, just whenever the GM and players agree, till then though

Things in the running for these, make a page if needed for sheets/info

  • Carrion Crown by Thoon, Pathfinder Adventure Path, demo/teaser/taster - Low priority preferred, batting cleanup when no one else is interested?
  • Scribblefags Semi monthly CoC tease - Scribblefag attempts to shake thigns up by offering one off things to be played through using pre-existing scearios. May not always be CoC 7th, and may include maidthulhu, Bastardized paranoia, and Cuthlhu dark ages if he gets around to it.
  • Tenra Bansho Zero by Vega, some weird Japanese game with a setting easily as ridiculous and full of everything as Exalted, made for quick play, single-session games. Includes influences from Buddhism and Kabuki theater.
  • Kith-and-Kin by Scribs, an Invictus coc 7e game
  • Eclipse Phase By Thoon, crawl in a pleasent ship and earn a lot of money, in the future with disposable bodies.
  • Henumanera By Thoon, Help a charming skeleton expand his estate portfolio.

  • January:
    • Mass Sepuku
  • February:
    • Mecha Musume System by Vega, Formerly Dive into the Sky, testing homebrew rules and some roleplaying. May be more than just one shot, but no plans to be either long-running or substantial. Expect some bumpiness from testing various things.
  • March:
    • One Piece, by Maid. Feeling out the system, testing some of the mid-level stuff, and gathering interest for a possible full-blown campaign. Kind of rusty as a DM.
  • April:
  • May: Magic School by Vega. We'll be using nWoD Mages for this. Totally not a Harry Potter ripoff, because it's a Little Witch Academia ripoff. Might run a couple sessions instead of just one. Expect shenanigans between PCs and very little, if any, plot. Given how often we spend a session shopping for clothes, this should be just fine.
  • June: Relocated
  • August:
  • September: atkonkaiju Numenera game, where we fight the Jungle and the Kaijus. Or make friends with them, whatever.
  • October:
  • November:
  • December:
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