Momiji Matsunaga


From the far off regions, where few humans dread to walk, a tribe exists. This tribe has existed since the Great Mother and Great Hunter united in a union some called rare, others called acceptable, and still others looked down upon. This is not their story. This is the story of a fighter, a wolf who seeks the ultimate goal of all wolves, to lick a God! Momiji is from the Matsunga clan, the youngest of her sisters and brothers. She learned to fight from the school of the devils, and somehow stumbled upon the party, licking them all to see if they were gods.

Momiji is the youngest of 10 brothers and sisters, and oddly enough never became ranked in her family, leading to her obsession about a leader. As a wolf, she is obsessed about family and other concepts like honor and roles in life, but she tends to become insane when "perverts" abound.


Her appearance varies from her massive wolf form to her normal humanoid fighting form, which keeps her wolf ears.


Character Sheet

Note: Values after slashes are with growth active.

Ability Scores

Str Dex Con Int Wis Cha
Score 13 12 12 13 13 15
Bonus +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +2

17 PP

Carrying Capacity (in lb): effective strength score of 33/46

Light Load Medium Load Heavy Load Maximum Load Push/Drag
200 pounds 400 pounds 600 pounds 1,200 pounds 3,000 pounds

Saves and Combat

Toughness Fortitude Reflex Will Attack Defense
+3 +2 +2 +0 +3 +3

4 + 6 PP (split between Template and Core)


Skill Ranks Ability bonus Check Bonus
Athletics 4 +1 +2
Nature 4 +1 +2

12 PP

Not sure where else to put this: Wealth bonus: +10 (Base of +8, +2 for profession skill over 5 ranks).


  • Harrier


  • Revival Bottle 8 PP * 2 = 16PP
    • Device, Power: Revives Holder upon death or holder's trigger(to revive others). Power Loss: Needs a fairy to renew its form
    • A thick glass bottle, used to revive others or self upon activation.
  • True Sword 13 PP (3r* 13 = 39 points)
    • Device, Power: A True Combined Weapon, making all of Mominji's powers into one form.
    • Form 1, Standard Single Blade, Truly massive weapon, with glowing crystals that seem to change.
    • 7 Strike + 1 Area Burst + 1 Selective (2 Partial)
    • 7 Shield + 3 AP
      • (Nullification:Nullification 2 ranks 4 points]+1 Selective + 1 Power Resistance)
      • (Deflect 2 ranks [6 points]+1 automatic)
      • (2 ranks Corrosion + 1 Reversible + 1 Incurable)
    • Diehard 1 Rank
    • 2 ranks of Blast (4 points)
    • 3 ranks of Accurate attack (3 points spent)
    • 2 ranks of Flight (4 points)
    • 1 rank of Morph (2 points) [Device change, morph from sword to shield; change costume]
    • 3 ranks of Regen (3 points)
    • 1 ranks of Super Sense (1 point)
  • Mimic: Servant of Ease 90 points (6r *15 = 90 points)
  • Type, Minion, "A captured Minion to serve Mominji in case of need."
Str Dex Con Int Wis Cha
Score 10 10 14 13 10 15
Bonus +0 +0 +2 +0 +0 +0
Skill Ranks Ability bonus Check Bonus
Disable Device 4 +1 +2
Disguise 4 +1 +2
Escape Artist
  • Alternate Form 7Points = 7PP
    • Momiji can change her form to her more "natural" state. She gains the ability to talk via a sort of telepahty (communication Rank 2), the ability to speak to inanimate objects, and to understand more languages (Languages 2 and Objects 2), as well as powerful biting and clawing abilities (Strike 4)
  • Stun 2 Ranks, 2 PP/rank = 4 PP
    • As a feared entity of the forest, Momiji can stare at a foe, causing them to loose control over their body for a short period of time. This is quite useful against beings that refuse to be licked.
  • Super Strength 2 ranks, 2 PP/rank = 5 PP.
    • Momiji is a wolf, and has the massive power of her body. Adds +5/rank to strength score for determining carrying capacity. Also adds +1 to certain strength-related checks involving sustained application of force or pressure. Akane can also strike the ground, creating a tremor radiating out from her to a distance of (str bonus x 10) feet. She makes a strength check, and anyone in the radius of effect must roll to resist a trip equal to her check result. The check result is reduced by -1 for every 10 feet between Akane and the target, up to its maximum range, and targets may make a reflex save to halve the strength check result.
  • Protection 3 ranks, 1 PP/rank = 3 PP
    • Akane has an additional +3 to toughness saves. This does mean she has a defense trade off, with a maximum defense bonus of +3, maximum toughness of +9. Her toughness is usually +7/+9.
  • Mighty Strike 3 ranks 2 PP/rank = 6PP
    • With the powerful ability of the wolf clans, Momiji can combine all of her strength to defeat foes with her fists, claws, or even a weapon, if she can find one that won't break.
  • Super Sense (Split into 4 parts) 1 Ranged Smell + 2 Radius + 2 Acute = 4PP.
    • A natural ability of wolves is their powerful sense of smell, and Momiji is no exception to this. She can smell objects from great ranges, all around her, and even figure out what it might be.
  • Shield 5 ranks at 5 PP/Rank = 4 PP
    • A powerful use of her massive strength, Momiji can use her fists to deftly block attacks with the greatest of ease. It makes her a fighter to notice in battle.
  • Speed 2 ranks at 2PP/Rank = 2PP
    • As a guardian of the forest, Momiji has the ability to run faster than a normal mortal can.


  • Momiji has a massive compulsion to lick any new person she encounters, to see if they were a god.
  • Thank to a stray magical bullet shot, Mominji has gained the ability to change her gender.

80+15= 95 PP used

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