Moe Horror Npc List


Teachers for year 2

Fujiwara Midrori

Sociology teacher.
Seen as a bit harsh and rough around the edges. Is typically brash and honest in the worst ways and has had the reputation of causing more than a few girls to cry in her class by calling them stupid to their faces. This does not work well for her in the world of dating as seemingly no man wants to deal with her more than a few dates.

Inoue Yoshi

Science Teacher
A tall lanky man who seems to have the eyes of a Yakuza. However is seemingly a passionate man about his practice. Known for being a bit odd he's shown up every lab day with a typical scientist outfit which he claims is from his last job. Commonly late or showing up tired to his own class. Occasionally seen trying to help Ogyu Yuka to seemingly no real results.

Kato Akira

Physical Education
With the body of a runner Kato is a stickler for discipline from his students. He always runs the line of being too tough and when he realizes it he gets crestfallen and gives more slack than needed. He has a general dislike for people who takes advantage of others and has been heard calling Akaike Mitsuaki and his gang scum which often gets him scolded at by other teachers. Is a friend to anyone in the sports clubs and is oddly enough the Adviser of the Journalist club. Which comes at little surprise as he is often seen having his head burried in some newspaper or another even in the middle of class when he believes the students aren't watching.

Matsumoto Shizuko

Language and Literature teacher.
A soft spoken women with long black hair. She diligently teaches her class with patients and help, more so than some students deserve but she gives it to them all the same. Seemingly withdrawn and over thinks problems she is also the adviser of the "occult" club or the alternative literary club as she dubs it. Some rumors are that Mado cast a spell on her to have this happen as seemingly Matsumoto would have nothing to due with something as hooky as occult beliefs.

Hida Shiro

Mathematics teacher
A quite forgettable man who seemingly does just what's needed to get the job done. Students like him as he doesn't give hard homework. He seems competent if underwhelming and not much is known about him beyond he doesn't socialize with the staff and tries to avoid students questions.

Kobayashi Yuuma

Liberal studies teacher.
The Youngest teacher in the school. A real energetic go getter who has some unorthodox teaching methods that were used in the past, he's toned down a lot more though holds some odd views on his subject. Constantly tries to get students to think of their own solution which generally gets him in trouble.

Other teachers

Kazuki Koizumi

Arts Teacher
The arts class occasionally is substituted for liberal studies or literature class based on time of year and grade. Class B2 has already had their share of him early in the year but are due for another round later in spring. An unkempt man who students don't seem to like. He just has an attitude and posture that makes him seem dangerous and not a person to be around. He displays some of his older work in class mostly realism which is the standard though what people remember him for is the surreal and focuses on graveyards and otherworldly beings living about them. All his works are decade old and no one knows if he actually has made anything new. He is proficient at teaching, and at least gives people an opportunity to try out their ideas on various media.

Chiyoku Tanaka

A somewhat pretty nurse who cares all too much about the students that come in. She is always too willing to let a student sleep in the nurses room or go home and commonly tells teachers that just a little sprain isn't enough to let them go back to class. She wins the battle of wills with other teachers more often than not. While too overprotective she's good at what she does seemingly having some family in the medical field, she possibly could go to a real practice but likes the school setting.



Akaike Mitsuaki

A problem child. Has his own little gang and a reputation of causing trouble. The teachers generally ignore him unless he's activly causing trouble and he gets away with a lot of it. Commonly has fights with Amagawa Junnosuke as he does bully lower class boys. There are rumors of him seeing Akimoto Yui as she's been seen with him after school.
Appearance: Short messy hair and seemingly intimidatingly tall all his life. Well built and has a jagged scar on the left side of his neck that he says he got in a knife fight.

Akimoto Yui

Somewhat of a mystery. She's quiet and scores well on the tests. She is in no clubs and often absent from things young people would attend outside school.
Appearance: Medium length brown hair and a pleasing face. She doesn't show much emotion but has had the eye of a few boys at one time. Though her elusive nature and general lack of passion seemingly keep anyone from taking the steps to try doing anything with her.

Amagawa Junnosuke

A headstrong boy who commonly helps people. He's quick to help and come up with solutions, even if he doesn't actually know what he's doing so most people try to turn down his help. Though if you need a body to move, lift, or do handy tasks he's the person to get. Well liked by most people, commonly has tussles with Akaike Mitsuaki due to the bulling that goes on.
Appearance: Jet black short hair and short for a boy he's seemingly wound like a spring and twitchy. considering the few scuffles with Mitsuaki this was probably what kept him from getting a terrible beating.

Ayugai Kit (Kimiko)

A cheerful pretty looking girl always in style. She is always in on what's going on in the class and has many friends. Commonly seen about in the shoping area alone or with her older sister and some of her sketchy friends. Otherwise known for playfully flirting with the boys though not actually dating any. Anyone who knows her knows she goes by the nickname kit, she took it on considering her real name to be too formal.
Appearance: Stylishly medium black hair Kit knows she's attractive and uses it to the best of her abilities.

Ogyu Yuka

Quiet girl who seems to be in her own little world most of time. She doesn't show initiative to do things but will do reasonable things when asked. She doesn't talk much, usually keeps the conversation short before excusing herself for some chore for home.

Kasamatsu Nari

A quiet seemingly stoic girl not getting excited over anything. She seemingly likes to help people, she never asks though and always has problems when asked to do anything important. While she seems emotionless she's gotten the reputation of a crybaby, in the past she has burst into tears when being singled out by a teacher for not turning in her work.

Sakuraba Saya

A troublesome headstrong girl who would rather take chances than listen. This would generally be bad but she's actually a bright girl who knows her limits. While generally possessing a good nature she doesn't get along with people choosing to do her own thing. She's commonly late for class and losing her homework and does not seem concerned over such things. For some reason her and Hiraki Rika have some bad history.
Appearance: Very long black hair kept very neat. Though pretty for her small build she gets talked about by the boys, though she's a bit short and has been mistaken for being from an earlier grade.

Shiba Kiyoko

A genius promoted through 3 years of school. She was in high school since last year and hasn't made many friends. While always seemingly, if stupidly, happy she doesn't get along with many other children at the school.

Sekigawa Ton

A clever but serious boy who easily comes up with concepts but is never able to proceed with them. He currently helps with the kendo club doing some of the menial chores, he says he has no interest in joining.

Takagaki Ryosei

A very composed if cold boy who wears glasses. Is the class president due to his ability to get straight to the point and get things done. Always concerned with inventory and locations of things and while the teachers may praise his attention to detail it's often annoying for classmates who borrow materials for their various clubs. Is known to be friendly with Mayuzumi Takeru.

Toyota Mino

A quiet girl who is always seemingly unsure of herself. She's never seen around many people beyond the few who get 'notes' from her. She's assumed to be a friend with Ogyu Yuka as she has volunteered to bring homework over for her. She's the assistant to teh class preseident purely on merit of her grades. In the past she dated Yamanaka kenzan but broke up, she didn't show up a week afterward home 'sick'. She also was disapearing rececently though still responding, but htat has ended.

Torii Eisaku

A young man with lots of rumors about him. Commonly late for class or forgetting assignments he doesn't seem to care much about the school work and is generally not sociable. He's notable for may scars along the right side of his cheek and down his neck presumably he was one of the lucky people from a strange outbreak roughly 9 years ago.
Appearance: Black Medium hair for a boy. A smile rarely crosses his lips and he is generaly keeping his left side to people when he speaks with them.

Hiraki Rika

The child of the family who reside at the local shrine. A happy person who is the defacto greeting person for any exchange students and is in fact continuaning to help Hartmann and Wright get used to life in the town. Known for her impulsive actions to do things. Known for actually leaving school mid day because she realized a movie she wanted to see was showing in town. While a good girl she gets talked out quite often by teachers for her irresponsible habits.

Fukuoka Toichi

He is a nerd and everyone knows it because he likes to bring whatever he can in to talk about at lunch. His tastes are eccentric by nerd standards as he likes "unique" or hard to find things he has a famous incident of accidentally scaring a girl to tears at the stairwell due to bring a full sized grey replica up it, for what reason no one knows. A while ago he was the boyfriend of one Tsukino Mado to the surprise of many people, they later broke up which wasn't a surprise to many people. Neither are letting on why so there are rumors about, mainly of him being so neglectful to her that she gave up on him.
Appearance: Unkempt brown hair and a somewhat awkward posture Toichi is easily missed in a crod until he does something to bring attention to himself.

Mayuzumi Takeru

A well liked boy with uncanny luck. Responsible and well liked by his friends and teachers. His tale of luck started when he won a lotto for a weekend at a nearby resort for his family as a child and it just snowballed from there. He has also miraculious survived being run over by a car.

Miyahara Kakuei

A lovable bumbling idiot. He's usually lost, looking for something, but always willing to help a person out or have fun. Friends with Yamanaka kenzan and Fukuoka Toichi. Also seen around Ayugai Kit whom at more than one school function he's claimed to be the servant of much to her dismay.
Appearance: Short brown hair and a round happy face he's otherwise unremarkable.

Yamanaka Kenzan

The face of the class, everyone knows him and he knows everyone to some extent. While he may look like a sly fox trying to swindle you with a few questions he's a very helpful guy always having an idea on who you can talk to about your situation. While he says he's friends with everyone he's close with miyahara kakuei and Mayuzumi takeru.

Yokokawa Kadiri

Artist of the class, always has new things to say and a new poem or another 'unique' painting to show off.

Hartmann Meira

Newer of the two exchange students. Oddly formal and proper for an American.
Appearance: Slim and tall for a Japanese standard with long bright red hair.

Wright Sophia

Family has been living in town for 4 years, during that time she has generally alone. A year and a half ago Hartmann moved into town and Wight became fast friends with her almost never leaving her side. She often speaks in English to Hartmann even in groups.
Appearance: Average high and very athletic. With her frizzy short trimmed hair and build she could pass for a boy given the right clothing.

Sawatari Minoru

A very short for his age boy with brown hair, he was out of school for many years due to being sick but is now attending again. Seemingly aloof no one has really connected to him.

Other notable school mates

Wakana Saito

of class C-2
A somewhat spacy girl with long hair she doesn't ask for much but when confronted with a new person or thing she panics trying to find the correct thing to say. Oddly serious and good with her writting though she tends towards what people ocnsider puply worthless things.

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