Moe Horror Note

Moe Note

Whoever's name is written in this book will become moe because of natural causes
This is a place for notes. Notes are good. This game has lasted over a year and the GM takes it for granted he remembers all this shit.

Note : GM has seemingly written first pass in faux Ami level writting. Feel free to edit as you choose.

Other world?

There's an other world, we can't stay in it long. Fall out in random(?) places

Taboo shrine

It's behind rikas shrine
It has a burnt down house next to it.
The shrine is plastered with protection charms from the inside.
It has a plaque that talks about a godess being dead.

The Plauge

It was really bad, people died. Torri's face is all weird because of it on that one part.

Weird things

Takeru got run over and got better!
Yui was out of school. Her parents were weirdly not knowing how bad she is. She was in her own strange world on the other side! She's better now.
Sawatari and Takeru got all sickly when touched by Shiba
Shiba doesn't hear mado's ghostly phone calls.
Toyota is randomly vanishing, did she become a ninja?
Ami almost got crushed by a light at the play! something held her there!
People are sick at school, a lot of them.
Mado's old coworkers wanted to know things at work, did that qualify as a wish?

Mr. Takanaka

Can't move from his room. Babbles, how do we save him?

House behind the cafe past the well

It's haunted!


A crying girl in snow?
A man in a study with a cigarette and a bunch of books?
A girl crying in a corner with blood on her hands?
Someone reallllly reallllly thing and sickly on a white bed in a white room. Big window though.
A girl in a crowd with people that have dark faces and a really fake smile. One with no smile approaches the girl but can't get near.
A girl falling over and over as careless faceless people walk by. One with only a large smile kneels down to try and help her, she does nothing, he leaves and then cries.
A boy on a bed with like a reallly big eye!
A boy pounding his fists into the ground as a man falls over and over down stairs near him.
A man crawls out of a well and asks "why" it gets really weird and hard to remeber after that.

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