Moe Horror Locations List

Welcome to Shinmidoriirozan!

A bustling town that maintains a small town feel!

Springing up around a modernization of a sawmill around 1978 Shinmidoriirozan has been the home to families for generations.

Layout of the town.

Eastern town

The industrial section. Many businesses are run down here and if you're looking for a job this is the better place to look with the electronics and higher end department stores. A few notable locations.

Mays department store
Spend wonderful days at your local Mays~
A department store that has appeared in the past 4 years it has been doing well for one stop shopping. Its fast food plaza has quickly become a hangout for highschoolers of the town. The only down side is that it constantly has a jingle play over the local stations.

Kaede Bakery
Cakes are our specialty
A shop that specializes in western wedding and birthday cakes. They also sell more traditional baked goods and general bread.

Shinmidoriirozan Hospital
Every respectable city needs a Hospital and this is Shinmidoriirozans.

The River

The sawmill which established Shinmidoriirozan would use the river to transport the lumber out. It is central feature to the town.

Shinmidoriirozan Highschool
Education is the path to success
The local high school that has an unfortunate nickname for it's female students as "wasps" due to the schools colors of black and yellow. Not a renowned school by any means but it has a very lax attitude to the happiness of most student.

Ao Park
Established around an oxbow lake the Ao park is a serene place. A pavilion was erected, a road made through it, and trees were planted but this area hasn't been developed much to preserve its beauty and view of the river. The lake and nearby river is frequented by fishermen.

The Hills

To the west of the town was an area with very useful lumber. A shrine was built in the hills to appease the forest spirits as the trees were cut down. It holds occasional festivals open to the public on it's grounds.

Nozomiyochinojingu (The shrine of wishing earth)
One of The earliest permanent structures in the fledgling town. Before any major woodcutting began the first structure of the shrine was layed down. It commonly has local festivals in the fall and winter seemingly derived from the harsh lives that the earliest people had. The oldest parts were said to have been built decades before the town had any major population.

The old lumber mill
Largely disused the lumber mill is not currently in operation. A decade ago it was officially closed down for continuous work due to drop in the timber it was processing. It is seemingly used on rare occasion and has hired from the town for temporary work. While the main facilities is well kept there are a few storehouses and other structures falling apart due to disuse. In the old days before the lumber camp got industrialized the lumber was often taken out by boat. Now with the bridges installed it is easily taken out by truck.

The old lumber housing
Fenced off and shut down the houses made for the seasonal workers has fell into disarray decades ago with the town being built on what was largely the first patch of land harvested by the lumber mill. After real housing was made, rented, and otherwise bought by the workers.

The Residential area

The north end of town in what was heavily forested in the hay day of the lumber mill. With the prosperity of the mill many of the workers established some of the oldest housing in the Shinmidoriirozan. The area includes many family run shops and restaurants. While the shops are seemingly having tough times the restaurants are seemingly never having a problem.

Shinmidoriirozan Primary School
Closer to the residential area than the the high school. This was original the high school for a time period until the present building was built.

South of the river

While most of the town is north of the river there is some housing to the south of it. The ones on the river front are inhabited though there is a vast majority in the rougher terrain in the hills that are not.

The forgotten rows.
To the south of the river in the foothills near the lumber mill are some abandoned houses. Old and some falling apart through no one living in them the children commonly refer to these as the forgotten rows. Not much is known about them though it is thought these were used by the original lumber camp workers.

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