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moe horror note Because this game is running long and we coudl use a note list. Player theories encouraged.

NPC list Liberate Te Ex Inferis Friends and possible friends abound!

Location List —Where you are trapped forever! — Your local home!

~★☆Mahou Shoujo Meduka Meguka BBS☆★~ Message board for a popular show among girls and a few odd boys.

Calendar with important in character dates

Player Character rules.
Mutants and Masterminds second edition. PL2 no powers, no full up immunity or super sense refluff powers, this is a nearly mundane game. Fearless would be +4 to will saves vs fear and other such things. You may talk to me about mastermind manual like powers as feats as long as they are reasonable and roughly down to 1 pp power in the end.

Special rules.

Moe horror damage Some modifications to the recovery system. Still in the works contact me if you have ideas or grievances .

Luck This is a horror game under it's fluffy cute exterior and luck plays an important part. You have an additional attribute of luck just like you have Strength, Constitution, and the rest. Luck will play more of a roll for me or if things come up that seems luck based. Additionally on a failed a roll you may immediately re-roll with the luck modifier instead of the normal one (this includes attack bonus) . This may go up to the normal cap before tradeoffs. If you fail this time it is considered a critical failure and I get to come up with something bad that happens. If not you succeed. You may only use luck once a turn.

Almost supernatural ability Skill mastery has been changed. Instead of gaining 4 skills tagged with take 10 at any time you only tag 1. You can be focused but the 4 per power points was a bit much.

Body and mind Will and fortitude are trade offs. The total cap is PL*2+10, you may trade up to PL+7 and down to PL+2 for the other.

Equipment You will innately be able to get up to your PL + tradeoffs on attack and defense. You will be able to achieve higher by using actual weapons and things to defend yourself with. Though note most things are 1 strike + strength bonus, don't abuse this too much I don't want to regret it as it gives you a decent edge in what I have planed.

Skilled Skill cap is 10. This is to let you not max out them through a few attribute purchases and one power point. Note difficulty of mundane tasks may or may not be raised a bit, harder ones I want you to have a chance at something more than a DC 15 a little more than half the time. I expect more of a spread in skills and attributes though.

Language is fun Language are skills now. If you hit 10 you will understand mostly everything that english speakers say, but may miss out on some cultural things. I will roll more behind the scenes than ask you to roll while Sophia does what Sophia does best.

Freebies We will be using standard wealth for game so 8 wealth for everyone. Beyond that you will have at least one feat of equipment worth of common items. You will also be gaining 2 in Language(English) via the Japanese school system. You also have 10 in your natural language so we don't have to have a silly points dump unless you want such things.

Fill it up when you get back You also have access to most items in your household such as a broom, frying pan, tire iron, or even the family car. Doing so puts you at risk based on it's point value, how much your family cares about it, if you can replace it, and it's obvious size. Use wisely or you may have a lot of explaining to do.

Luck divide Luck has once again been divided into several virtual hero point feats. See AW for these until I move the section over to here. It is still up to half power level.

Friends for everyone You gain one contact free. Look from the NPC classmate list for a friend or talk with me about some other one and I'll work to bring them to life. You gain a valuable ally and more information about them without the need to establish it through roleplay.

Horror Your experiences may have some negative side effects on the character. This will be mostly working together to add some sort of complication or drawback to your character. Hopefully these are rare though you may spend a hero point to ignore gaining such a thing.

Behind the DM secondary monitor I will be doing 'passive' skill checks of the area where I roll things such as notice or sense motive. This will be your "scene" default. This keeps me from asking every room to ask for new notice from everyone, you may still ask to do a notice check for a room or if someone notices something and lets on but for the most part I think we'll benifit from having me take care of constant trivial rolling.

hero points Regular hero points stock up to PL*2 so 4 to start with. If at the start of a session that's more or less a new day and you have zero you get one.

Requests :

Have at least 2 complications with your character. One can be a motivation.

Player Characters go here
Tsukino Mado Played by Vega - Spacey occultist girl who keeps a dream diary and is a bit of a shut-in.
Himura Ami Played by Thoon - Cheerful, happy girl that doesn't give up.
Hisakawa Rin Played by Orrin - Formerly social girl who recently became more distant; has a penchant for knowing odd things about people or how to get things she probably shouldn't.
Hatsuharu Kimiko Played by Starfyre - Kimiko Hatsuharu. Tomboy, wannabe ninja, sports nut, and despite her best efforts otherwise, adorable.

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