Misya of Silver Leaves


Misya was the daughter of a Haltan general and grew up learning much about the ways of war. Unlike most Haltans, she never grew comfortable with the Fair Folk because her village's remote location meant that interaction was rare. Though her father stressed that the Fair Folk were essential to Halta's continued survival, it was one of the few things she never accepted. At eighteen she joined the Haltan Guard to serve her mandatory term, full of confidence because of who she was. The first two years wounded her confidence and she realized that it wasn't enough to just know so she strived to learn more and more. She studied books on tactics from the Realm because she saw Halta's inability to fight beyond the forests as a crippling weakness. Her peers ridiculed her, telling her that if Halta couldn't fight outside of the forest, then they would just have to expand the forest. Near the middle of her mandatory service, she and her patrol were caught on a collapsing branch path and fell to the forest floor. The Fair Folk attacked them. The few that survived the few brutal minutes of fighting were knocked out and taken away as prizes. For months, Misya and her fellow Haltans fought as gladiators for the Fair Folk, who wanted to see what the worthy Haltan warriors could do. Eventually, they were forced to slay each other. When there were only two of them left, Misya refused to kill her last comrade, Reman, and defended against his desperate attacks. She exalted just as he was about to strike the killing blow and parried it away. She defended herself flawlessly against her comrade until he finally tired out and collapsed. The Fair Folk were at once ecstatic at Misya's defense and outraged at her for not killing her opponent. They did not kill her. Instead, they played a cruel trick. She was forced to care for Reman until he recovered. The Fair Folk had poisoned him and Misya was only given enough supplies to save herself. Despite the risk of starving or exhausting herself, she cared for Reman for two weeks before she reached her limit and he expired. She grieved for a long time, blaming herself for Reman's death. Then the Fair Folk casually revealed to her the truth. For the first time in many weeks, she felt essence flowing through her again and she broke out, obliterating every single thing that came before her as she fled with Reman's decaying corpse in her talons. A pack of Lunars found her at the edge of Fair Folk territory and left her at the nearest settlement.

It took her a week to tell the whole story. She was praised for her actions, and Reman and the others that died were honored for their valiant actions. For a brief while there was a bit of a cry of vengeance but it died down quickly. The Fair Folk were just a part of life. Misya's experience was the exception to the rule and it was the cost of having Fair Folk assist Halta in times of war. She was not the least bit happy about this and started rallying others to her cause to expel the Fair Folk from Halta. She gained almost a hundred supporters from the town and nearby settlements, and lost it all. Without warning, the area was hit by heavy storms for a week. The few that ventured out during the torrential downpour were attacked by animals, even the docile ones. She didn't find out until later from her mentor that Silver Python had made his move to remove her from Halta for trying to interfere. Once the week had passed, two travellers arrived in the town and asked for Misya. She immediately recognized them as her rescuers and seeing the futility of her cause, agreed to leave with them. She was stopped on her wait out by almost two dozen of her followers, most of them soldiers, who agreed that hers was a cause worth dying for and that they would go with her. If Halta couldn't change now, they would return when it could. The Full Moon Korei Many Moons and the No Moon Lakel were reluctant to take so many mortals with her but grudgingly allowed them to follow. They left Halta after Misya received her tattoos. Lakel parted with them then. Korei taught Misya about the world beyond Halta and how to fight away from the trees of her homeland. Her followers also had great trouble in adapting but they managed to adopt more conventional combat tactics. Like her mentor, Misya joined the Swords of Luna. Though she was still a novice, she parted ways with Korei, feeling that she needed some time without him as a test.

First Impressions

Misya looks like the typical Haltan with her waist-length green hair and blue eyes. Though she prefers to dress lightly, the Scavenger Lands aren't quite as warm or humid as her home so she wears suitable clothing instead. Her Moonsilver Lamellar Armor consists of a vest, bracers, a skirt, and greaves. She typically wears boots but quickly sheds them if she's going to climb up a tree. Her Moonsilver Grand Grimscythe is a sight to behold with its long curved blade. Under the full moon the blade curves even more though this appears to be an optical illusion of some sort; it curves so much that it should be less effective but it performs without trouble even then. She leads twenty Haltan soldiers wearing buff jackets with a green sash that they wear to remember home.

Anima Banner

Misya's anima banner takes the form of a large steel shadow with outstretched wings behind her.

Concept: Raksha Hunting Lunar
Caste: Full Moon
Spirit Shape: Steel Shadow
Motivation: Expel the Fair Folk from Halta
Tell: Feathers in her hair

  • Halta
  • Fair Folk (Negative)

Essence: 2

  • Personal: 16/16
  • Peripheral: 29/38
  • Committed:

Willpower: 7

  • Compassion 2
  • Conviction 4
  • Temperance 1
  • Valor 3

The character becomes a creature of pure selfishness. She ignores the needs, feelings or very survival of others, and does not consider how her actions may impact those around her. The Heartless Weasel has no mercy, and she will slaughter innocents who impede her as surely as her enemies. She may not expend effort or take risk in order to help another. She may flee if threatened, though she will do nothing to help her comrades who are left behind.
Bastion of the Last Stewards; Snakeskin Stone

  • Comfort Zone: 1
  • Magical Conveniences: 1
  • Large leaves that can act as shelter and cover
  • Vines and branches that grow from the ground and nearby trees to form barriers to create rooms. The walls are thin and may have holes. They are roofless.
  • A small pond about five meters in diameter, a foot deep at its shallowest and three feet at its deepest. The water is not clean but can be boiled to be safe; it can never be poisoned or tainted. Small animals like fish or insects can live in the pond but are not replenished if killed.

The Obscure Sanctum of the Last is a Lunar-aspected Manse located near the southeastern borders of Halta. It consists of many trees arranged around a clearing with a pond near the center. Misya discovered this manse while leaving Halta and briefly occupied it. A cursory search revealed the artifact lamellar armor she now wears. The scythe she carries was discovered later when the light of the moon overhead revealed the scythe and hearthstone.

The hearthroom is in fact the deepest part of the pond and the hearthstone is difficult to see unless the moon is overhead. A simple search of the place reveals a number of small alcoves and chambers, ranging from small storage areas in the exposed roots of some trees or hollowed out sections of some trunks. If one climbs high enough, they will even find places where the branches and leaves have grown to form a small room. These natural spaces can serve as sleeping space. A bed of leaves may appear uncomfortable but the manse makes it as soft as a real bed. Another oddity is the manse's ability to create rooms. Upon command by the hearthstone bearer or someone attuned to the manse, walls made of branches, vines, and leaves grow out from nearby trees. The result is a wall that is translucent the odd space here and there covered by leaves. It does not offer complete privacy because the walls do not go above three meters, it is hardly soundproof, and the walls are barely a finger's length thick. Though the manse can create rooms, it cannot create furniture.

The manse was created after the Usurpation as a place to hide. Since the font of essence wasn't enough to cloak the place, the Lunar architects worked to make it as natural as possible so that mortals just aren't aware that it is a manse. The pond serves as a source of water though it wasn't exactly clean. For Lunars, this was not usually an issue but it did dissuade a hunter or a woodsman from making camp. The little alcoves and spaces are not immediately obvious. Over a dozen Lunars have used this manse in the past and its true nature has not been discovered by outsiders yet.

  • Strength 5
  • Dexterity 5
  • Stamina 3
  • Charisma 5
  • Manipulation 1
  • Appearance 3
  • Perception 2
  • Intelligence 2
  • Wits 3


  • Awareness 3
  • Athletics 3
  • Dodge 5
  • Integrity 2
  • Linguistics 2 Forest-tongue (Native), Riverspeak, Clawspeak
  • Lore 1
  • Martial Arts 5 With Scythe +3
  • Presence 3
  • Survival 3 Forests +3
  • War 5


  • Artifact 3 Grand Grimscythe
  • Artifact 2 Moonsilver Lamellar
  • Manse 1 (Snakeskin Stone)
  • Mentor 1 (Many Moons)


  • Deadly Beastman Transformation


  • First Strength Excellency
  • Impressions of Strength Rock-to-Pebbles Attitude


  • Second Dexterity Excellency
  • Golden Tiger Stance
  • Wind-Dancing Method

White Reaper Style

  • Falling Scythe Flash
  • Revolving Crescent Defense


  • Relentless Lunar Fury


  • First Charisma Excellency

Merits & Flaws

  • Omnidextrous: 1 BP
  • Multiple Personalities: +5 BP

Bonus Points: 23/23

  • Athletics 2 to 3: 2 BP
  • Dodge 3 to 5: 4 BP
  • Martial Arts 3 to 5: 2 BP
  • MA - With Scythes 3: 1.5 BP
  • Survival - Forests 3: 1.5 BP
  • War 3 to 4: 2 BP
  • Followers 2: 2 BP
  • Manse 1-3: 2 BP
  • Resources 2: 2 BP
  • Conviction 3 to 4: 3 BP
  • Omnidextrous: 1 BP

Experience: 28/36

  • War 4 to 5: 8 exp
  • Charm: Wind-Dancing Method: 10 exp
  • Charm: First Charisma Excellency: 10 exp

Blade of Seven Moons
This ancient weapon is so old that it's original name was long forgotten. The moonsilver weapon was forged during the First Age to fight against the Fair Folk. In the hands of the White Reaper practitioners of that era, countless Raksha fell to its silver blade. In time it became so feared amongst the Fair Folk that they finally devised a plan to eliminate it. It had recently been passed from an elder to a young Lunar who had a grudge against the Fair Folk. So they lured him, attacking him and then fleeing. He could not resist pursuing them and soon became stranded in the wyld. The Raksha descended upon him.and it is said that he fought on so long that the moon went through its phases seven times before he finally fell. With the wielder dead, the Raksha then tried to destroy the weapon but any Raksha that touched it lost a limb. The weapon had slain so many of their number that it hungered for more. A pack of Lunars managed to recover the artifact and would use it again and again. During the Usurpation, it is said that the wielder fought to defend her mate against the traitorous dragon-blooded. She guarded his inner sanctum long enough for the full moon to appear seven times. Finally, the usurpers retreated and she went to see her mate, only to find him long dead from a poisoned wound. Seven Moons would find yet another heroic wielder during the end of the Great Contagion. It is said that the elder No Moon, Seven Lives, took the scythe from its wielder and ventured into the wyld to confront the invading Raksha by herself. Between her sorcery and her experience, she ventured throughout the wyld around Creation. It is said that by the time the Scarlet Empress gained power, Seven Lives had circled Creation in her journey and slain countless Raksha.

Misya's Other Personalities

Living with the Fair Folk and fighting for them put a great deal of strain on Misya. To cope with this she crafted two personalities for herself. She pushed all her stress and grief on one, while the other loved fighting. They still persist now though they have changed. One merely seeks comfort and closure, feeling guilty about being the only survivor. The other seeks grander and grander battles.

Virtue: Compassion

  • Motivation: Find happiness
  • Intimacies: Herself, her comrades new and old

Virtue: Temperance

  • Motivation: Party until the gods come down to join in
  • Intimacies: Partying, excess

Virtue: Valor

  • Motivation: Fight a battle worthy of her scythe's history
  • Intimacies: Seven Moons, death in glorious battle

Steel Shadow Stats

  • Str 4
  • Dex 4
  • Sta 4
  • DDV 3
  • Soak 8B/12L

Deadly Beastman Transformation

  • Move: 10
  • Ascend: 5
  • Dive: 50

Combat Stats

  • Join Battle: 6
  • Join War: 8
  • DDV: 6
  • PDV: 7
  • Move: 5, Speed 0
  • Dash: 11, Speed 3
  • Jump: 8/16, Speed 5


              Spd  Acc    Dmg    Def  Rate  Tags
Punch         5   11     5B     12     3     N
Kick          5   10     8B      8     2     N
Clinch        6   10     5B     10     1     C,N,P
G. Grimscythe 6   17    19L/4   13     2     2,O,P,R
-Spirit Shape
Talons        4    8     6L            2     N
Punch         5   12     6B     13     3     N
Kick          5   11     9B      9     2     N
Clinch        6   11     6B     11     1     C,N,P
G. Grimscythe 6   18    20L/4   14     2     2,O,P,R

Soak:    12B/9L/8A
-Stamina  3B/1L/0A 
-Armor    9B/8L/8A
Hardness: 5B/5L/5A
Health Levels
-0: [ ]
-1: [ ][ ]
-2: [ ][ ]
-4: [ ]
In: [ ]
    [ ][ ]

Fury Charms: 1m, 1 wp; +1 success for all combat actions aside from DV, may spend up to Attribute + Essence for excellencies; may use up to Essence fury charms at once
- Golden Tiger Stance: 2m, eliminates up to Dex + 2 penalties on DVs
- Impressions of Strength - Rocks-to-Pebbles Attitude: 2m, add 3 dice to presoak damage

Mass Combat

Regular Troops

  • Number: 20
  • STR: 3
  • DEX: 2
  • STA: 3
  • Resistance: 2
  • WP: 6
  • Soak: 3L/7B (Buff Jacket)


  • Sword: 6 Acc, 8L Dam, 4 PDV, Rate 2
  • Self Bow: 4 Acc, 7L, Rate 2, 150 range

Basic Mass stats

  • Drill: 2
  • Endurance: 5
  • Might: 0
  • Close combat acc: +3 successes
  • Ranged combat acc: +2 successes
  • Close combat dam: +3 successes
  • Ranged combat dam: +3 successes
  • Armor: 1 (Mob: -1, Fat: 2)
  • Morale: 3 (This is total. Morale + Drill - Mag. = total morale)
  • Join War: 5

Close Formation

  • Close combat (Scythe): 17 +6s ACC, 19L +3s Damage
  • Ranged combat (Self Bow): 12 +2s ACC, 2L +3s Damage, 150 range, 2 Rate, 6 Spd
  • PDV: 10
  • DDV: 6
  • Soak: 12B/9L/8A
  • HL: 7x2
  • Double enemies Magnitude when they make ranged attacks against me
  • Difficulty rolls against hesitation are at -2 bonus

Relaxed Formation

  • Close combat (Scythe): 17 +3s ACC, 19L +3s Damage
  • Ranged combat (Self Bow): 12 +2s ACC, 2L +3s Damage, 150 range, 2 Rate, 6 Spd
  • PDV: 9
  • DDV: 6
  • Soak: 12B/9L/8A
  • HL: 7x2
  • Double DV bonuses by shield and cover against ranged attacks

Skirmish Formation

  • Close combat (Scythe): 17 +3s ACC, 19L +3s Damage
  • Ranged combat (Self Bow): 12 +2s ACC, 2L +3s Damage, 150 range, 2 Rate, 6 Spd
  • PDV: 9
  • DDV: 6
  • Soak: 12B/9L/8A
  • HL: 7x2
  • Increase DV by +3 against Ranged attacks
  • If an opponent hits group with Close combat, double their magnitude. If they are using close, triple it.
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