Michael Gagarin

Age: 38
Archetype: Professional; ex-fighter pilot/officer.


Intelligence 8 Education 6
Cool 8 Stability 20
Attractiveness 6 Run
Reflexes 7 Jump
Empathy 8 Running Jump
Tech Ability 6 Stun 6
Movement Allowance 7 Encumbrance Value 4
Luck 6 Lift 60 kilograms
Body Type 7 Throw 20


Leadership +4 Teaching +4 Survival +1
First Aid +1 Athletics +2 Oratory +2
Dodge & Escape +2 Expert: Navigation +3 Awareness +5
Gunnery +6 Handgun +4 Missiles +7
Electronic Warfare +3 Fighter Pilot +8 Expert:Tactics +3
Persuasion +2 Driving +3 Personal Grooming +3


The CO of the PC squadron, Michael (possibly Mikhail), is an ex-pilot himself. He served several years in the UN Air Forces, making friends and enemies along the way, notably after a bad break with a girlfriend. And he still has a few harsh words for one of his old "buddies" who decided it'd be a good idea to paint his airplane pink. Which left both sides thoroughly humiliated after Michael proved he was the better pilot. Hard to save face when you just lost to someone flying a salmon pink airplaneā€¦

Eight years into his career, he was shot down by EMA fighters,and the resulting injuries left him lucky he could still fly, though he was grounded for some time. He did keep at it, until the top brass caught wind of it and made him stop with a promotion into a nice job as an officer and flight instructor of sorts.

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