Meta Things

The Players:

Each of the main talkers, and maybe even eventually special guests of the IRC room, these are used as bios for each other games, comments and even criticisms.
If you want to make suggestions or criticism, be smart, clear and constructive, do not delete shit or hold a grudge. Giving an example is fine but leave it as just that.
Think very carefully before you edit any profile besides your own.



Assorted experiments to make things easier for players.
See Edward Rant


Other things, notes and such. Possibly calendar links, whatever.

The World Time server's teleconference planner - Calendar links, you say?


Thoon and Edward's dicebot uses Bones, it shows results (eg, 3D10 = 6, 2, 5) and is better for Ctech. Does not use the word "Roll".

Scribble's does not show results, but is made for easier showing a complex result (eg, 2d6*2 = 12), good for D&D or Maid. Does need the word "Roll".

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