Melissa's Notes

Melissa often ends up uploading and downloading often, these are some of her notes. Feel free to speculate her development in a nice bulleted list in some way.

Subject: Vengence

  • Target 1: Sister Loretta
  • Other attacker unknown.
  • Uncertained about her future

Subject: Endymion Project

  • Project Subject is Biochemistry, Goal is Human Cloning and Enhancement
  • Canceled due to deaths of 3 People in a Lab fire.
  • * Has noticed the Fire was just a cover up for something else…
  • Husband/Wife team killed alongside a small child. Project Leader did not calculate the child appearing at all.
  • Police has Incident Report, while her other contact sees the Endymion Project as something in competition to their Cybernetic field.
  • A "Dr. Shirakawa" has a key role in sending the Endymion Project south in a hurry.
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