Melissa Kitazaki

Name: Melissa Kitazaki
Title: "Unbreakable Body" HiME-01

Advancement Points earned: 40 CP, 40 Skill

Name Melissa Kitazaki
Age/Gender 15/Female
Height Average
Weight * 120 lb/420 lb

*: She has two numbers, apparent/true

Known Languages: Japanese, English

Henshin Method (Device): Classic Kamen Rider V3-style (Magic Gem-intergrated Belt)

Background: Melissa Kitazaki is the kind of girl that you've never expect to be a Magical Girl… then again, she is only because of an accident involving a fight between two other Magical girls. As the two argued, Melissa ended up in the middle of the two, as both of them slammed their weapons at the same time towards her, before she can react fast enough to activate her armor…

Her Injury unfortinatly was grave…, as two direct hits from two high-powered Magical Girls would leave her with little to survive. However, because of some miracle, she was healed and restored, using various advancements in Cybernetics. However, due to one of the Scientist's connections with the famous Kamen Riders, they took it further, creating another form for Melissa.

The costs of the project however affected Humanity's Wings as most of the project cut into the budget, creating a finacial situlation. Some of the scientists were very skeptical however, though two designs were rejected while she laid there. The resulting design is that of the third one, which puts emphasis on speed instead of power. Despite all of these enhancements, she is now a mechanical character, enhanced to fight who that stand in her way. However, Melissa might be able to get back at those that took her humanity away…

The only thing she sorta knows about her attackers is simply that she knows the name of one of the Magical Girls involved in the fight, that is Sister Loretta. This name was given to Lt. Ukita to send over for aid. Her known contacts are the Police Department and a mysterious organization that rebuilt Melissa from her ashes.

Character Type: Construct-Human Hybrid (10% Human, 90% Mechancial)


Unhenshined Form: Melissa has brown hair styled in twin tails, tied with red ribbons. Her outer wear simply consisted of a long white shirt, blue jenes, and white shoes. Her Henshin Device stood at middle of her waistline, an oval-shaped buckle with the mark "H1" as her designation, which is littally attached to her body.

Note that physically, Melissa tends to be curvy, before and after her enhancements, as she tends to be the envy of the school, despite her resent acts of acting distant towards others.

Henshined Form: As HiME-01, her armor is similar to that of Kamen Rider G3, though the dominate color is Gold, with white highlites instead.

Limit: 150 Points, 40 Skill Points

Body: 13
Mind: 14
Soul: 12

CP Spent in this field: 68, Advancement CP used: 10


Alternate Form 7 (HiME-01): Alternate Form's CP Stock 70
Combat Technique 2: Accuracy and Lighting Reflexes
Extra Defences 2
Special Attack 3 (Flare HiME Kick: Unarmed Attack (Striking), Uses Energy, Flare (sight), Short Range, Vampiric, PMV: Range 2, Duration 1, Range 1, Target 1): 40 Damage/10 Energy, Area of Effect of 1 m, Lasts for one Round, Range 10 M, Targets 1 Person
Special Attack 1 (Stun Glove: Unarmed Attack (Striking), Uses Energy, Melee, Stun, Drain Soul, PMV: Range 1, Duration 2, Target 1): 40 Damage/10 Energy, Non-Lethal, Drains Soul (makes attacks less accurate), Targets 1 person, lasts for 2 rounds, Range 10 meters
Gadgets 2 (Major: Motorcycle and Light Pistol, Minor Gadgets: Grenade Launcher Attachment, Concussion Grenades, Flashbang Grenades, Citizen's Band Radio, AP Ammo, Hollow Point Ammo, Laser Sight Attachment, and Scope, Mundane: Standard Ammo, Clothing, Fragmentation Grenades)
Heightend Senses 2: Sight and Hearing
Highly Skilled 3
Massive Damage 1: Damage +10

Attributes (HiME-01):

Melissa's Attributes in addition to:
Gadgets 2 (Major: Long Sword, Heavy Pistol, Light Minigun, HiME-01 Power Suit)
Special Attack 4 (Hyper Grenade: Grenade Launcher Attachment to either Heavy or Light Pistol required, Uses Energy, Special Range Attack, PMV: Area 3, Duration 1, Range 2, Flare (sight), Area Effect): 60 Damage/10 Energy, 10 Meters, Lasts for 1 Round, 100 Meters
Special Attack 3 (Energy Slash: Melee attack (Sword), Melee Disability, Uses Energy, Penitrating Armor 2, Penitrating Force Field): 60 damage/10 Energy, Attack Ignores Armor Rating of 40, Ignores Forcefield of 20
Armored 7: Damage Received -70
Force Field 5 (PMV: Area 3, Limited: Does not operate in EM Fields, Field-Penetrating, Regenerating): Damage Received -80 in non-Electromagnetic Fields, Area of 10 meters
Special Movement: Cat-like

CP Spent in this field: 82, Advancement CP spent: 30
Aternate Form CP Spent: 70


Gun Combat (Handguns) 3
Heavy Weapons (Grenade Launchers) 3
Heavy Weapons (Minigun) 3
Range Defence 1
Melee Attack (Long Sword) 2
Melee Defence 1
Unarmed Attack (Striking) 2
Law 1
Mechanics 2
Special Ranged Attack 2
Languages 1: English
Demolitions 2
Seduction 3
Occult 2

Skill Points used: 70, Advancement SP used: 40

Defects: N/A

CP Gained: 0

Equipment (Note: * indicates that it can only be used with HiME-01):

Light Pistol (May have a Grenade Launcher attached to it)
Grenade Launcher Attachment
*Heavy Pistol (May have a Grenade Launcher attached to it)
*Long Sword
*Light Mini-Gun
Clothing (Subtle)
HiME-01 Henshin Belt (with HiME Gem)
*HiME-01 Power Suit

Final Stats:

Health: 120/120
Energy: 130/130

Attack Combat Value: 13
Defence Combat Value: 11

Equipment Description:

  • Light Pistol: A standardized E-71 "Arcane" Handgun used with her academy, this is Melissa's main gun that she carries around even before her enhancements, this weapon has some stopping power, though not the best in her Arsenal. This gun has been modified to have a Grenade Launcher attached to it, due to the fact that students carrying Grenade Launchers is against the law.
  • Grenade Launcher Attachment (Type: Accessory for Handguns only): Due to laws that regulated the use of heavy weapons (such as Grenade and Rocket Launchers), this Attachment is availble for outstanding students who show interest in military work in supporting Law Enforcement. Unlike the Grenade Launchers used by Law Enforcement and to an extention, the Military, the Grenade Launcher Attachment can only hold one Grenade, perhaps as a safety precaution.
  • HiME-01 Henshin Belt: After Melissa's surgury, this belt was created for her with her HiME gem attached to it. The belt, which is intergrated to her body, contains the data of the HiME-01, a prototype Powersuit designed for the rising female Cyborg population. For her to become HiME-01, she simply has to jump in the air when the turbines start to spin (performing various hand motions to get them to start up), perhaps inspired by older heroes.
  • Motorcycle: The HiME Cyclone is a motorcycle built for Melissa's personal use. Created for the purpose of getting to emergencies, it was designed to keep up with Law Enforcemen-issued Motorcycles. The Citizen's Band Radio attachment is used for emergency situlations as well as provide info from a Citizen's view.
  • Heavy Pistol: A Nanotech-based Firearm that's attached to HiME-01's left holster, the HX-01 "Fenrir" has more stopping power then the "Arcane" handgun Melissa carries around. Like the "Arcane", the "Fenrir" can attach a Grenade Launcher to it's barrel, adding for explosive power, as well as access to the Hyper Grenade attack (Although the "Arcane" can perform the same technique).
  • Long Sword: Another Nanotech-based weapon, the SX-02 "Susano" hits hard against enemies. While it can be used to parry, the weapon works best when Melissa's on the offensive. A system of circuts was designed to trigger the Barrier Piercing property of this sword when needed.
  • Light Mini-Gun: The MX-03 "Orochi" is one of her heavy weapons in the event of trying to quickly damage foes or attack in a spread. This heavy weapon is normally against the Law, but as Melissa has proved herself in using it to protect the city, she's given special licence to use it as she needs.

HiME-01 Features:

  • Force Field: A field found in older machines, the Electromagnetic Barrier is used in the HiME-01 to stop various attacks. However, as a prototype to the later Powersuits, it oddly does not work under outside Electro-Magnetic Fields. Despite this, it can pierce enemy Force Fields with ease. The Energy Slash's Anti-Force Field property can still be used even when this field goes down. In fact, a small device in the suit aids in regenerating the Field as it takes damage.
  • Cat-like: On the HiME-01's shoes lies specialized gyroscopes that stablize falls. If Melissa falls from a pretty high place, she can activate these to stablize herself and minimize impact.

Move Descriptions:

  • Flare HiME Kick: Melissa's basic finisher against small grunts, when she's in a complete hurry, or if she's very angry. She jumps in the air and spins forward towards her enemy. At the Apex of her jump, she drops a flying kick towards her victim, instantly flaring the enemy. If this attack connects, she can absorb the damage to recover damage done to her body, though the enemy may become blinded in the process. This carries over to HiME-01.
  • Stun Glove: A Hand Modification creates this glove that is designed to electrocute and possiblly drain will power from the target. All she has to do is to get close to shock them, although sometimes things do not work out as planned. It thus can be used for punching when things turn south but doesn't want any bloodshed.
  • Hyper Grenade: One of Melissa's Artillary-type finishers as HiME-01, this fires a blue magic-based energy grenade that affects anyone within a 10 meter Radius from 100 meters away. This requires the Grenade Launcher attachment to either her personal pistol or the one that comes with the HiME-01 suit. Like the Flare HiME Kick, it sometimes blinds it's victims and uses energy. As a safety feature, the Hyper Grenade can only be used if there is no Grenade already loaded.
  • Energy Slash: When Melissa has to beat someone with a Barrier of some sorts, she uses this attack instead. Like the other attacks, this draws energy out of herself, only towards her Long Sword as she goes in for a vertical cut then a horizontal cut. While it pierces Armor and some Barriers, it does not blind enemies, unlike the Flare HiME Kick and Hyper Grenade weapons.
Mundane Gadgets

Note: Will make notes as she uses each of her features

  • Left Hand: Internet Uplink used to search for info on the Endymion Project
  • Right Hand: Encryption Device for phones which counters Bugging Devices, only giving them a random stack of noise and letters placed in who-knows-what-order, or in short: Gibberish. This is first used to see if anyone else in her complex would overhear her conversation.

Fun Facts/Inspirations

  • This character was inspired by Yumi from Marimite
  • While her Henshin form is a palletswaped version of Kamen Rider G3, it's capabilities are different… then again, he isn't exactly envious.
  • Melissa's Energy Slash Move is based morely on the Space Sheriffs, although some Kamen Riders do use slashing finishers.
  • THe original concept would be for her to fight Destron from Kamen Rider V3, though rejected.

Melissa's notes

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