Mekton Zeta Mecha Build Sheet

Spec's note: This sheet's layout sucks, don't use it yet!

Mecha Play Stats

Weight: Cost:
APT: Maneuver Pool:
Configuration: MV: MR: Land MA: Flight MA:

Cost Multipliers

Powerplant: Source: XS: MV: MA: MP: Cost:
Control: M-Pool: Cost:
Hydraulics: Space: Melee: Lift: Cost:
System: Notes: Space: Efficiency: Cost:

Sensor Systems

Sensor: Location: Range: Comm: Kills: CP: Efficiency: Space: Cost:

Movement Systems

System: MA: Location: Kills: CP: Efficiency: Space: Cost:
(Movement System)

Servos and Armor

SP: DC: Kills: Location: Class: Melee+: Space: Cost: Armor: Type: Absorption: Cost:


Weapon: WA: Range: Damage: Shots: Kills: Location: CP: Efficiency: Space: Cost: Notes:

Additive Systems

Crew: Location: Enclosure: Notes: CP: Efficiency: Space: Cost:
System: Location: Notes: Kills: CP: Efficiency: Space: Cost:
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