Name: Meiya Morrison
Age: 15
Sex: Female
Background: Neo-Spartan
Profession: Skirmisher


Meiya looks healthy for her age and is average with her height at 5'5". She wears her red hair in twintails, which tends to stand out along with her pale green eyes. Her arms and legs are covered in the scars of extensive surgery. She tends to wear a faint smile at all times. She prefers skirts over pants for the ease of removal. When wearing her plugsuit, she tends to wear a simple hospital gown.


Despite the harsh reality that Evangelion pilots face, Meiya remains cheerful. Her strict upbringing tends to reveal itself in how she addresses her elders and peers. She tends to be enthusiastic about piloting due to her condition. In truth, her cheerfulness is partly a facade. The wounds she took from her last sortie hurt her pride and self-worth. To her, the only future she can have is as an Evangelion pilot. She does not entertain romantic prospects though she has gained an interest in her life after high school. It's unlikely NERV would keep her around forever, so a science degree may get her a place at near an Eva. She's well aware that the happy years of her life may not last long, so she'll do her best to enjoy them.


Meiya never knew her parents. She was raised in a NERV laboratory, participating in gene therapy experiments and a human enhancement project. White coats, children in hospital gowns, needles, tables, she saw the sort of things that usually happened in movies. Children shifted in and our of the program and Meiya left at the age of eight for NERV-03. She received informal training there while being groomed for her eventual fate as an Eva pilot. The staff were far more compassionate than the scientists at the lab but made sure to be strict with her.

Two years ago, the first attack by an angel occurred, in Germany. Meiya was deployed in her just-functioning Evangelion. It was the experience that every Evangelion pilot faced at least once in their lives, knowing it wasn't just another synch test as the LCL filled the plug, knowing it wasn't going to be another sim and the pain would be real. Armed with any weapon NERV-03 had ready, she and another incomplete Evangelion unit, also piloted by a fresh pilot, faced the angel together. Meiya doesn't remember much about the battle, only its closing moments. With the other Eva unit down, the angel had focused on Meiya. It tore off her unit's limbs one by one and the feedback caused her to black out.

Meiya woke to the sight of the rescue team as they lowered her to a stretcher. The wounds she sustained left her crippled. It took a year of surgeries to repair the damage. Though she regained use of her arms and legs, she suffers from chronic pain in her limbs, particularly her legs. It was enough to confine her to a wheelchair. After another year of rehabilitation, Meiya had her first synch test since the attack. She could still pilot Evas and NERV reluctantly allowed her to pilot due to the precedent set by Alice Hartmann's case. Meiya has spent the last few months waiting for her new Eva unit.

Character Sheet

Name Status
Wounds 10/10
EGO 100/100
Fate 2/2
Insanity 8/100
Fatigue Level None
Name Rating Bonus Training
Weapon Skill 27 - 0/4
Ballistic Skill 49 - 1/4
Strength 29 2 0/4
Toughness 30 3 0/4
Agility 35 3 1/4
Intelligence 33 3 0/4
Perception 32 3 0/4
Willpower 35 3 0/4
Fellowship 24 2 0/4
Synch Ratio 61 6 0/0
Name Rating Bonus Governing Attribute
Charm 26 +0 Fellowship
Command 26 +0 Fellowship
Common Lore (War) 36 +0 Intelligence
Concealment 38 +0 Agility
Dodge 38 +0 Agility
Literacy 36 +0 Intelligence
Speak language (English) 36 +0 Intelligence
Trade (Cook) 36 +0 Intelligence
Positive traits
Skill at Arms Begin with Basic Weapon Training (General).
Trained for War +5 Ballistic Skill.
Negative traits
Conditioned She tends to defer to authority figures. Anyone using the Command skill on her gains a +20 to their roll.
Perfectionist Whenever she fails a weekly test for a time Management option, Meiya is treated as having a level of fatigue for the next week as she exceeds her limits to achieve her goal. The Synchronization Test option is the only exception.
Name Value Effect
Made for Each Other 200 Meiya's Evangelion did not survive Germany intact. Production Unit 04 reused some components from her old unit, namely the four-eyed head, which complements her marksmanship.
Name Value Effect
Chronic Pain 200 Her legs still haven't fully healed and never will. Whenever she takes a level of fatigue, she must pass a Toughness test or take another level of fatigue.
Damaged Goods 100 Her first sortie against an Angel left her traumatized. Start with 8 Insanity points.
Skinny 100 Though her surgery gave her limited use of her legs again, they left her weak and frail. Her Strength Bonus counts as one less than it actually is.
Path Skirmisher Scout
Talent Name Cost Effect
A.T. Power (Deflective Field) N/A Access to A.T.Power Deflective Field
A.T. Power (Neutralize) N/A Access to A.T. Power Neutralize
Melee Weapon Training (General) N/A Proficient in General Melee weapons
Basic Weapon Training (General) N/A Proficient in Basic Ranged weapons
Skill Proficiency (Charm) N/A Proficient in Charm
Skill Proficiency (Trade: Cook) N/A Proficient in Cooking
Structural Upgrade Upgrade N/A One SU point
Rank One: Scout
Simple Ballistic Skill 100 +5 to Ballistic Skill
Simple Agility 100 +5 to Agility
Commission 100 Scoped Battle Rifle
Dodge 100 Proficient in Dodge skill
Made for Each Other 200 Pick one Eva Feature
Structural Upgrade 2x 200 Two SU points
Weapon Upgrade 2x 200 Two WU points
Rank Two: Warrior
Intermediate Ballistic Skill 250 +5 to Ballistic Skill
Simple Synch Ratio 250 +5 to Synch Ratio
Biological Upgrade 100 One BU point
Structural Upgrade 3x 150 Three SU points
Weapon Upgrade 3x 150 Three WU points
Skill Proficiency (Concealment) 100 Proficient in Concealment

Evangelion Unit 03

Designations and Design
Line Mass-Production
Number 03
Primary color Bright Yellow
Secondary color Black
Skill Rating Bonus
WS 42 4
BS 64 5
S 30 3
T 31 3
AG 35(-20) 3
Part Armor Status Wound Status Critical damage
Head 3/3 3/3 0
R.ARM 3/3 5/5 0
L.ARM 3/3 5/5 0
BODY 5/5 9/9 0
R.LEG 3/3 5/5 0
L.LEG 3/3 5/5 0
Unique traits
Invasive The Eva's personality is so strong, it can affect the pilot. After every battle, the she must roll Willpower. If she fails, during the night she is plagued by dreams or fragments of memory from someone else. By morning, she has gained 1d5 Insanity Points, but her Synch Ratio has increased by 1.
Extra Eyes The Evangelion has six eyes. It's increased sense of sight grants it a +3 to Ballistic Skill, and once per round the pilot may reroll a failed Awareness Test.
Marker Light Array The Evangelion gains a free Marker Light upgrade on one of its wings. This operates as the weapon upgrade, but takes up a wing slot.
Patchwork The Evangelion was made from a patchwork of failed prototypes, dummy bodies, and duct tape. It works, but its Toughness is reduced by 10. However, the wealth of spare parts on hand means no additional collateral is incurred when it loses a limb.
Biological Upgrades
Name Cost Effect
Level 1 Toughness 1 BUP +5 Toughness
Structural upgrades
Name Cost Effect
Left Wing Loadout (Marker Light Array) N/A Left wing mounts a Marker Light Array.
Right Wing Loadout (Knife Dock) N/A Right wing stores a Progressive Knife Mk.1.
Armor Enhancement I 1 +1 Armor to all locations
Heavy Chassis 1 May use Mounted weapons
Active Camouflage 1 +10 to Eva Concealment
White Noise Generators 1 +10 to Eva Silent Move
Weapon Upgrades
Name Cost
Battle Rifle with Scope (Recycled) 2 WUP
Heavy Railgun with Damage Upgrade 3 WUP

Weapons and Equipment


  • Plugsuit


  • Left Wing Marker Light Array
  • Right Wing Ammo Dock
  • Pallet Gun: Basic; Range 15 dm; RoF: S/-/3; Damage: 1d10 I; Pen 0; Clip 6; Reload 1 Full; Special: Inaccurate, Unreliable
  • Heavy Railgun (Upgraded): Heavy; Range Special; RoF: S/-/-; Damage 3d10+5 I; Pen 4; Clip 12; Reload 2 Full; Special: Mounted, Recharge
  • Progressive Knife Mark I: Melee, Progressive; Damage 1d5+4; PEN 3; Special Progressive, Compact


Starting Character EXP: 400
Asset EXP: -200
Drawback EXP: 400
Experience Earned: 1200
Total Experience: 2000

Experience Spent: 1800
Current Rank: Warrior

Upgrade Points (spent/purchased):
BUP: 0/1
    1: Level 1 Toughness
SUP: 0/5
    2: Armor Enhancement 1
    1: Heavy Chassis
    1: Active Camouflage
    1: White Noise Generators
WUP: 0/5
    2: Battle Rifle with Scope (Recycled, 1 WUP returned)
    4: Heavy Railgun
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