Mecha Musume System


An initial playtest for Vega's long-stagnated homebrew project to make a game full of cute cybernetic girls who get dismembered in violent ways. Expect sketchy, poorly-explained or just plain missing mechanics, and be prepared to run through some uninspired combats or similar encounters designed to just see what works and what doesn't. The main point of this is to ensure everything is understandable and playable, with a secondary focus on finding and fixing any obvious breaking points. Development of the game's setting is also intended, and there will be time to just have fluffy roleplaying as cute cyborgs do cute things.

The current rules are a mess can be found here on Google Docs: Messy Test rules PDF It's just a PDF of my working Word document for the game, complete with designer notes and comments, so be warned that it's a bit sketchy in places.


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