Mecha Musume Project: Dive into the Sky

Dive into the Sky is…a few things. It's originally a title used for some jet-related things in an Ace Combat-like setting, and Vega's tried making a game on it, here, with less than stellar results. He still might write short stories on it. This page is for the other thing with that title, a mecha musume game focused on airplane girls and not so subtly influenced by Strike Witches.

The current incarnation of the game uses a hybrid of Dark Heresy and CoC/BRP's d100 mechanics as a core engine, and then proceeds to use more original mechanics. It's still in the playtest phase and therefore, the rules are expected to need work and undergo frequent changes. The adage that the rules are meant to be broken certainly applies at the moment. Expect semi-frequent updates to this page and the rules in use, and less frequent updates to the rules PDF itself.

The channel for games and development of this system is #ProjectDitS on Rizon network. Alternatively, click here for mibbit.

The current game rules are available here.

There are plans to create a general mecha musume rules set with a greater focus on character customization through equipment, and a focus upon ore general or on the ground warfare. Think Infinite Stratos, Cosmic Break, and Busou Shinki. This will be getting its own proprietary setting and will likely be inherently darker in tone than Dive into the Sky, both in the setting and some of the rules. This part of the project is at a low priority until Dive into the Sky is considered complete.

Current Issues

  • General evaluations of rules.
  • In need of suggestions for additional character traits to produce greater variety in PCs. Possibly themed around things such as aircraft type/role or magical/unique talent.
    • Any such traits should be balanced against one-another, and preferably avoid providing bonuses to attributes or skills that are very large or without associated penalties elsewhere.
  • We need actual games to test things and see what does and does not work.
  • I think weapon ranges may need to be re examined, if only to shrink the potential size of the playing field.


Put any game-specific links and things in here.

GM: Unearthly
Time: ~7PM EST on whatever day ends up working
Contact: Unearthly on rizon or post on the game page.
Description: I'm recruiting players for some playtest games. The goal is to test out the combat and find what works and what doesn't. If you think you've found something profoundly overpowered it would be better to point it out ahead of time though.

Experimental Game
GM: zanraptora
Time: ~8PM EST, TBA
Contact: zanraptora on rizon/ Post on page
Description: Running experimental game to help playtest and formulate new ideas for DITS (Note: I have no affiliation with the creator, this is completely player driven.) Currently considering cold war setting, but player input is paramount. Probably will use googledocs for character sheets and will run on channel of Rizon.

Suggestions and Changelog

Suggestion Box - Please place any suggestions you have for the game here.


Consider this the current errata, should an updated PDF not be available. it's also notes of what I'm doing to modify my master copy of the rules. - Vega

  • Removed mention of magic points in Willpower attribute description.
  • Moved Death Spiral injury to 111-120 result, thus putting it before any permanent injuries.
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