Maya'ryn Solanyi, itinerant government agent (wrong government, but same basic idea)

(still something of a work in progress, but the salient points are all here)


Maya is reticent about her background. She does not deny her extraterrestial origins, but she tends to meander and tell pointless or slightly disturbing anecdotes until the inquisitor goes away. Or just stares at them until they do, muttering in her native tongue. However, she does talk when properly coaxed. She had what was apparently a fairly boring and prosiac life for her youth. School, more school, and finally a stint in higher education aiming for something involving medicine. This changed later on when the people running her star nation found out just how powerful a telekinetic she had the potential to be.

She skates around precisely what she did during her job, but it involved rectifying interstellar political interactions into more proper forms. At least until there was an incident involving a couple other field agents, a large number of buildings, and an unfortunate rectification of local property values. Her bosses viewed that incident as the last straw in a series of creative, though previously effective, order misinterpretations. However, she was too good to just get rid of, but not so good that they could simply ignore her behavior. So they found a pigeonhole that she could be crammed into, where the worst she could do was send them reports picking apart all the obvious flaws in their planning, instead of actively altering it. At least, that can be inferred from reading between the lines of her storytelling. Her own personal interpretation was that they recognized that she worked best with little oversight and left her to work schemes out on her own.

This plan lasted until, when going through some of her files she found that reports indicating a nearby independent world had recently taken serious losses from unidentified raiders. Seeing that no efforts had been made to find out what had happened, she leapt into action, requisitioned the first available transport, and headed off to investigate personally. When she found the invaders in the independent system, she decided to tail them when they left, on the idea that they would have to head somewhere important to them sooner or later. This plan worked, right up until she got a little too close, and got some return fire on her. Fortunately, there was an inhabited planet within crash-landing distance. Unfortunately, she has pursued the aliens far beyond her star nation's borders and had neglected to inform them of her destination.

A month after ditching her ship and getting a handle for the local politics and power structure, she walks into the office of a MCTF director (without doing anything prosaic and sensible like… oh… signing in or passing through security.) and asks for a job. She's stuck on this rock until rescue arrives or she manages to beg, borrow, or steal a ship with enough range to get back. Neither of these choices seem like they'll happen in the near future, and the (other) alien intrusions seem like a serious problem. She sees her best chances in getting home based in helping the locals fight off any intrusions. MCTF agreed to hire her largely on the theory that it's better to have her somewhere they can keep an eye on her instead of running loose.

Maya is, at the best of times, extremely… confident in her abilities. She was one of the better agents her people had available, and she knows it, even if they often didn't. This, however, is fortunately tempered by the very professionalism that elevated her to that category. When on a mission, she's cold, amoral, and often utterly ruthless, but this is coupled with a desire for conducting clean operations. If you got civilians stuck in the crossfire, if you flatten half the mission area in an orgy of plasmariffic destruction, if you not only got the target, but his dog, his aunt, his driver, his barber, and the hot dog vendor across the street, you are a rank amateur, which is one of the worst insults you can lay on someone in her mind.

Outside of combat, she lets her hair down some. (literally. hair in spacesuit pressure seals is an invitation to vacuum embolisms otherwise.) She can still be overbearing, but she relaxes enough to start socializing properly. This mostly manifests as gently malicious teasing. Or providing a constant stream of trenchant commentary, if she finds someone she thinks sees the same problems she does. But most of the time, she tends to stick to herself. Her mental and physical training takes up a lot of her time, and too many people in close quarters gives her headaches. (Of course, this often means that she just telepathies people instead.) Currently, she's reserving commentary on how the MCTF works until she gets a better feel for their operations

Any place she lives in for any decent period of time will soon overflow with twisty little sculptures she compulsively TKs out of wayward metalware.

Maya appears, to casual inspections, most entirely human, aside from a pair of long pointy ears that twitch up and down based on current irritation levels. She has the sort of toned build generally associated with professional gymnasts. She generally keeps her hair braided, out of aesthetics and ease of getting it out of the way on missions. On duty, she wears the standard MCTF uniform, though she wishes she could find something more subtle and practical for missionwear. Off-duty, she has already acquired a selection of agressively garish shirts. In either case, she prefers durability and ease of movement.

Age:looks late teenish, gives it in alien dating structure, if asked
Hair:long, blondish

Attributes (30)
Name Score Mod
Str: 16 +3
Dex: 20 +5
Con: 14 +2
Int: 14 +2
Wis: 16 +3
Cha: 10 0

Saves (8)
Type Score Modifiers
Fort: +5 +2 con +3 bought
Ref: +8 +5 dex +3 bought
Will: +5/+13* +3 wis +2 bought *is if mind shield is in effect
Tough: +10 +2 con +8 ff

Combat (20)
Type Base Total Mods
Atk: +7 +7/+9* * is for ranged attacks only
Def: +4 +2/+8* +4 dodge focus, * is dodge
Init: +0 +5 +5 dex
Grap: +0 +9 +6 base atk, +3 str

Type Speed Tactical
Ground: 20 MPH 30 feet
Flight: 50 MPH 45 feet
Teleport: N/A 500 feet/5 miles (full round)

Carrying Capacity
Light Med Heavy Max Push/Drag
Standard: 76 lb 153 lb 230 lb 460 lb 1150 lb
TK 8.5 t 17 t 25.6 t 51.2 t 128 t

Skills (14)
Name Stat Base Ranks Total
Acrobatics Dex +5 +7 +12
Climb Str +3 0 +3
Concentration Con +2 +11 +13
Disable Device Int +2 +8 +10
Escape Artist Dex +5 0 +5
Indimidate Cha 0 +10 +10
Languages - Native, english, german, japanese
Medicine Wis +3 +5 +8
Notice Wis +3 +7 +10
Search Int +2 0 +2
Sense Motive Wis +3 0 +3
Sleight o'hand Dex +5 +3 +8
Stealth Dex +5 0 +5
Survival Wis +3 0 +3
Swim Str +3 0 +3

Feats (13)
All-out attack - up to -5 on def for up to +5 on atk, cannot drop def below 0
Attack Focus (ranged)x2 - +2 to ranged attacks
Blind-fight - halve the miss chance and speed penalties from blindness
Dodge focusx4 - +4 to dodge defense
Evasionx2 - half damage on failed reflex save, none on successful
Fortune: Determined recovery - free hero point for recovery use only
Fortune: Inspired feat - free hero point for heroic feat use only
Uncanny dodge (hearing, sight) -no dodge loss if surprised, flat-footed. Immune to surprise attack

Powers (67)
Telekinetic array (22+3)
-"Telekinesis" Telekinesis R10 (ranged, std action, concentrate dur.) (22)
"Nice tank. I'll take it!"
DC 25 toughness attack, 100 ft increment
feats (precise, indirect)
extras (damaging)
flaws (duration)
-notes: standard telekinesis. lift, throw, squish, use light armored vehicles as throwing weapons, all that good stuff.

-"Pyrokinesis" Blast R10 (ranged, full action, instant dur.) (1)
"You learn a lot of things in this business. Like assassination techniques, dirty political secrets, and how the ceramacrete blend they use to pave public roads is remarkably flammable."
DC 20 Reflex, DC20*/25 toughness save (* if save made and no evasion), 100 ft increment
extras (area: burst (50 ft))
flaws (action)
-notes: If maya concentrates for longer, she can focus her telekinesis on a more precise scale. Heat is a kind of motion, after all. With this, she can make a *lot* of it, though not all in one place. In some cases, that isn't exactly a downside

-"Electrokinesis" Blast R10 (ranged, full action, instant dur.) (1)
*fzzzzk* "oh crud, sorry. forgot that this was metal decking"
DC 20 Reflex, DC20*/25 toughness save (* if save made and no evasion), 100 ft increment
feats (area progression +2, can blast 50 5x5 blocks)
extras (area: shapable, line must be contiguous)
flaws (action)
-notes: electrons are also things, so static cling on a grand scale. Maya has only recently figured out how to do this right, so her aim and general control is still a bit off

-"*sublimation*" Strike R10 (touch, std action, concentrate dur.) (1)
<Playtime is over.>
DC 25 toughness save, 15 ft range
feats (accurate, extended reachx2)
drawbacks (full power)
extras (autofirex2 (+1 per 1), penetrating, duration, secondary effect)
flaws (distracting, fade, -2 side effect)
-notes:Maya is a very powerful telekinetic, and control of her abilities normally requires great personal focus and discipline. Normally. This intentionally abandons that veneer of control for raw, ravening fury. Anything unfortunate enough to get near her gets ripped to little pieces by her unleashed power. More often than not, any remaining pieces large enough to be of note catch on fire. This is not a power Maya uses willingly; it exhausts her in very short order, and it reveals things about her psyche that she prefers not to think about. She doesn't *quite* go beserk, she's still rational, but body count becomes a secondary concern. She will go for the kill, and she doesn't care about how much damage she does in the process or whether or not they were supposed to take that target alive. However, she does maintain enough rationality to identify team members and friends and keep them safe/not kill them.
-side effect notes. the side effect is a 23-point drain with 5x points of delay fade that hits at the end of this sustained power. If I end the power, switch to another spell in the array, or run out of pp in it due to fade, it activates and wipes out the rest of array. Assuming I did my math right, they'll recover to full power in about eight hours. Fade recovery just requires rest and time, like the rest of her telekinesis abilities, and maybe some serious introspection.

Psionics Array (10+4)
-"Absolute indifference field" Concealment R10 (personal, free action, sustained dur.) (10)
*waves hand in front of face* "damn, you really don't see me here"
total concealment from all sense types
flaws (passive)
-notes: not so much invisibility as a subtlety generator. She gets into people's heads and makes them think she's utterly unmemorable. People's gazes just slide over her, any sound she makes is attributed to innocuous causes, etc etc. Needless to say, people tend to notice when you just walked up and punched some random citizen, so the effect doesn't hold then.

-"Spooky action at a distance" ESP R3 (extended, move action, concentration dur.) (1)
"mostly I use it to cheat at cards"
feats (subtle)
sight and hearing at a range of up to 1000 ft
-notes: When she casts her mind onto the aether, she can send some other bits of her with it. This lets her see and hear things at a nice respectable distance. Useful for seeing though walls to check for ambushes or places to teleport to.

-"Tower of Iron will" Mind shield R8 (personal, free action, sustained dur) (1)
"waitwaitwait. you think that I'd learn all these different mental combat techniques, but not how to stop them?"
ignores any mental attack with a will save modifier of +7 or lower, +8 bonus to will saves against any mental effects that penetrate
feats (subtle, innate)
-note: This isn't precisely a psionic power. Instead, it's an application of the discipline and training required to aim her psionics set squarely on keeping any psychic intruders out of her mental back yard.

-Telepathy R8 (extended for comm, perception for mind-reading, std action, concentration dur) (1)
<yeah, thought that was odd, but he's… ohh, that's disgusting. No, not you. It's the people twelve floors down.>
Communication and mind reading at R8, range 2000 miles
mind reading is +8 power check against target will save. std action for surface thoughts, full to sift for one answer
feats (subtle x2)
flaws (distracting)
-notes: Maya is almost a compulsive telepath. She will regularly hold psychic conversations with people, and often considers it preferable to just wandering over a room or two and asking someone a question. She's polite enough to not mind-probe friends, but will not hesitate when she needs to extract information from an enemy.

-"Psychic Sledgehammer" Stun R10 (melee, std action, instant duration) (1)
"powerword: migraine, basically"
DC20 will for save, further DC20/15* fort (*if save made) to avoid dazing
extras (area:burst (50 ft), selective)
flaws (fades, daze only, only on targets with organic brains)
misc (uses will save instead of reflex for AoE)
-notes: a raw burst of psychic energy, this temporarily incapacitates most people nearby by overwhelming their senses or otherwise giving them a serious headache. While it passes quickly, it can be quite useful in a pinch. It is also very draining to her personally. It is also very rude. (And perhaps illegal in some jurisdictions, but we don't have to worry about that here.)

"ker-*voip*" Teleport R5 (personal, move action, instant dur.) (12)
can teleport self and up to 500 lb other stuff in a 500 ft move-action, 5 miles for a full action jump
feats (velocity control, turnabout, progression (carrying capacity) +2)
-notes:A somewhat more specialized application of telewhatsits, Maya abuses the mobility teleportation offers her heavily. She will regularly use it to cheat when jumping off buildings or sniping at enemies from behind cover.

"Particle vector reorientation field." Force field R8 (personal, free action, sustained dur.) (8)
*froooom* "owowow. I am never saying anything bad about my instructors ever again."
+8 toughness save
-notes: The same basic disciplines that let her set things on fire or throw them around lets her push back against people trying to do the same to her. She's a bit evasive on precisely how she's able to deflect lasers, but it works.

Flight R3 (personal, move action, sustained dur.) (6)
50 MPH flight speed
-notes: Maya's flight abilities are a bit stunted, seeing as she's just levitating herself instead of something else. When pressed, she blames her teleportation skills and vaguely mentions an incident back in the academy that involved a lot of dental work.

Immunity (disease, poison, aging) (3)
"that was… VX wasn't it? Perfect choice. What with my entirely human neurochemistry."
just what it says on the tin
-notes: this is due to a combination of alien physiology and her cybernetic enhancements. many diseases and toxins simply don't affect her, and the filters and nanotech processing of her augmentations shreds the rest.

Drawbacks (-2)
"I shouldn't have eaten that" Drawback (Uncommon side-effect (+1), moderate intensity (+1))
DC 15 fort check. If failed, chronic fatigue level for an arbitrary length of time (presumably hero points can remove, but they're hero points. Expensive price to pay)
-notes: the flip side of having an alien biochemistry that bounces most toxins and diseases like water. Something that's not toxic to everyone else can be for her. Fortunately her augmentations keep the potential side effects down to merely miserable, rather than lethal, but she still finds out that she ran across something she shouldn't have eaten after the fact too often. Known triggers: tomatos, peppers

Point spending (30 stat + 8 saves + 20 combat + 14 skills + 13 feats + 67 powers - 2 drawbacks) = 150 points

* * * * *

Total xp gained: 4 unspent /9 total
points 1-5 gained in poorly tracked manners. (relying on scribblethoon for this)
1/1/11 point 6 awarded for clearing bydo base and capturing 2 prisoners (philo and soma)
1/15/11 purchased electrokinesis, added to telekinetic block (-1 xp)
1/15/11 purchased psychic sledgehammer, added to mental block (-1 xp)
2/27/11 xp point 7 awarded for planting telebeacon on supership
4/9/11 xp point 8 (?) awarded for making a pretty explosion
5/8/11 xp point 9 awarded for bashing a giant evil stalactite
5/21/11 purchased a point of progression for tellyport, bringing it to +2 & 500 lbs of carry capacity (-1 xp)
7/08/11 increased base attack by 1 to +7 (-2 xp)

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