Maria Rodgrigues

Name: Maria Rodgrigues
Profession: Tager (Widow Symbiont)
Race: Human
Virtue: Patient
Flaw: Bipolar

Stats and Such

Human Form Tager Form
Attribute Rating Secondary Attributes Attribute Rating Secondary Attributes
Agility 8 (6) Actions 2 Agility 10 Actions 3
Intellect 3 Movement 15 mph (37/9 ypt) Intellect 3 Movement 19 mph (47/11 ypt)
Perception 6 (5) Orgonne 5 (11) Perception 8 Orgonne 5 (11)
Presence 7 Reflex 5 Presence 7 Reflex 7
Strength 8 Vitality 13 Strength 10 Vitality 15
Tenacity 9 (8) Drama Points 10 Tenacity 10 Jump/Climb Climbing (Double or Triple), Jumping (Triple), Land (Normal or Triple)
Sanity Damage: 1
Athletics 3
Criminal 3
Language: Japanese 2
Literacy: Japanese 2
Observation 2
Seduction 3
Stealth 2
Combat Skills
Dodge 3
Fighting 3
Marksman 1
Free Skills
Language: Portuguese 4
Literacy: Portuguese 2
Regional Knowledge 2 (areas: Brazil)
Value Human Tager
Strength Damage Mod. +1 +2
Regeneration 1/hour 3/round
Armor 0 2/2
Wound Level Vitality Vitality
Unhurt 0 0
Flesh Wounds 13 15
Light Wounds 26 30
Moderate wounds 39 45
Serious wounds 52 60
Death's door 65 75

Tager Weapons

  • Fangs (+2) - total damage with strength mod: +4. Also hard tenacity test for -3 penalty to all actions for D10 minutes poison.
  • Webbing - Range 10/25/50, Damage +1, Shots 2, infinite ammo, Entangling - Only do damage on the turn they are fired.
  • Limit weapon: Cocoon - Damage +6 or +2. Traps opponent for D10 minutes -1 for (strength-10) min. one minute, may also inject acid poison dealing six dice damage. Uses all actions and can be the only action for one turn.


  • Tager (4)
  • Rare Tager (1)
  • Alluring (1)
  • Fast (2)
  • Sexy Voice (1)


  • Damaged (2)
  • Debt (1)
  • Duty: School (1)
  • Habit (Cocaine) (3)
  • Hunted (Drug Cartel) (2)
  • Short Fuse (2)
  • Watched (Gaijin) (1)


Maria Rodgrigues grew up in the bad parts of Rio de Janeiro. You never see it in the magazines, but more often than not, just a few hundred feet to the left or right of any tourist-friendly photograph is a slum. Rio, being a large city right on the coast, got a lot of heat from the Esoteric Order of Dagon. Maria was orphaned at the age of nine during one of the Deep Ones' raids, her parents vaporized in front of her eyes when a Hydra saw them. In the aftermath of that attack, Maria found a group of other orphans, who had formed a small gang. Maria quickly learned the art of a pickpocket to feed herself and her friends. She continued to go to school to avoid becoming a ward of the state, and the schools never found out her parents were dead, thanks to a bit of forgery on papers and faked voices on the telephone. She quickly became very good at impersonating voices and forging signatures, because she was never really a good student.

When Maria started going to high school, she took to soccer like a duck to water, quickly becoming the star striker of the junior varsity team. She also got into drugs. She was a cocaine mule for almost her entire freshman year, and developed an expensive habit for it in that time. In her sophomore year, one of the dealers she regularly delivered to started to get grabby. She tolerated it out of fear, the man was a local drug lord's nephew, but at the same time applied for a student exchange program. While she waited for approval, she bought books and taught herself Japanese, though not all that well, and continued to go to school, play soccer, and run drugs.

Her exchange was approved just before the end of the year, and Maria gathered up everything she owned and pawned it all to get plane tickets and spending money. Making one last delivery before she caught her plane, Maria was nearly brutally raped by the grabby dealer. "Nearly" raped because she opened his throat with a switchblade. There were several witnesses, and the drug lord who was that dealer's uncle has offered a substantial reward for Maria's capture.

She is currently homeless in Japan, and sleeps in the local park next to the river. She is still fabricating her parents, and still playing soccer in her new school. Maria seems just a little cold on the surface most of the time, but can fly into a screaming rage or intense fits of passion at the drop of a hat. But every time she shows emotion, it lasts for only a few minutes before she returns to a cold, serene calm.

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