Mandatory Character Quiz

How to use

Think about each question carefully and answer honestly to yourself. You don't need to write down the answers anywhere but it may be helpful. This guide will work best once you and the rest of the prospective party have their characters sorted out but it may help with conception too.

Fitting in:

  • Does or will your character fit in to the desired mood of the campaign or the group?

eg. Does my political manipulator fit in with the trigger happy loli assassins?

  • How will your plans of the character affect meeting up with the group or working with them?

eg. Would my hikki even leave their house?

  • How will general interaction with your personal life affect the group?

eg. Will the barbarian babysit my character's children?

  • How will your behavior, mannerisms or such affect the others in your group?

eg. Will the serial killers get along without me pointing them in the enemies direction?

  • Conversely, how will the lack of your behavior, mannerisms or such affect them?

eg. Those nympho-hedonists will get stuff done if I go outside for a smoke, right?

Doing Stuff:

  • Does your character have a certain niche that you think you will enjoy?
  • Do you have any fun tricks that will make you feel more special?

Note: Add more of these if you have them, guys.

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