Makoto Sakimoto

Basic Information

Name Makoto Sakimoto
Age 17
Height 5'1"
Weight Healthy
Gender Female


Makoto has curly light green hair worn in a short, low-maintenance style. She has light blue eyes and dark skin. She often wears a white headband, and her usual outfits when not in school tend to be relatively unisex, with things like jeans and a T-shirt being common. She isn't all that well-endowed, but it doesn't seem to bother her that much. She has an athletic build, and her body is well-toned from all that gymnastics and swimming.


Makoto is a tomboyish, athletic girl. She's not very bright, though, and tends to end up arriving late for various things, even if she takes a shortcut along the way. She swears occasionally, and isn't one to back down from a fight. She's the sort to take things too far, on occasion, and tends to apologize when she screws up. She can be a bit rough, and will at least talk about resolving things with violence, although how often she actually does hit people to get them to shut up is unknown.

She has a habit of teasing her friends, if she can figure out what pushes their buttons. And sometimes manages to annoy them just as well unintentionally. She likes pistachio ice cream and good noodles, but isn't very fond of tomatoes.


Makoto is a typical high school student and self-proclaimed "Ordinary Magical Girl." She's athletic and hard-working, but not the brightest crayon in the box. Her favorite sport is gymnastics, and she's a member of her school's team. She also enjoys swimming. She spends some of her free time doing parkour, which comes in handy when patrolling for monsters or getting from place to place quickly. She gets picked on occasionally at school, usually for her rough tomboy reputation, her darker than average skin, or the fact that she's got a lot of metal stuck in one of her ears. She generally deals with such things in a civil manner.

She spends her free time hanging out with friends, shopping, or playing video games at home. When she was younger, she tended to hang around with boys and roughhouse with them, but puberty put a damper on such things, although she does still get into the occasional fight. Makoto's parents are, in her own words, "pretty cool," and tend to look the other way if she stays out late or comes home after a fight (whether with a person or something else).

As far as her magical girl persona goes, Makoto focuses primarily in close combat. She doesn't fly, and she isn't very good at shooting-type attacks. She uses a pair of magical katar, is reliable on defense, and can jump around off walls and use other acrobatic tricks to her advantage in a fight.

Fun Facts

  • Although the game is played in English, if one assumes the characters are actually speaking Japanese, Makoto refers to herself using masculine pronouns, usually "Boku."
  • Makoto's role models include Subaru Nakajima and Kagura.
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