Makoto Nagaikawa

Height: 160 cm
Weight: 56.6kg
Build: Athletic
DoB: 15th of December

Childhood friends with Suzhua Jackson

The son of an German-born Italian Fencer, Matilda Schwarz, and Japanese Biathlete Washi Nagaika, Makoto has inherited his german looks from his mother and his temperment from his father. Makoto is a calm, friendly individual, and easy to approach, although many find him hard to read. While Makoto does his best to at least get along with the majority of those he meets, there are very few that he counts as allies or friends.

Obsessed with Germanic legends of heroes and magic, as a child Makoto styled himself as a hero, fighting against evil and injustice. While he became more level headed as he aged, Makoto still does his best to stand for and protect those that he believes could use his help.

Makoto practices a style of the Italian School of Fencing using a sword and cape, having been taught from an early age by his mother. Unhesitant to use his knowledge of combat, Makoto often finds himself standing up for and helping others (often with Suzhua).

Makoto stands about 1.6 meters tall, with a handsome features, blueish black hair and icy blue eyes.

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