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A royal wedding ended in rehearsal when the king was killed the queen maimed and an assassin exclaiming "FOR ALEISTER" exploded into flame. A scout ran in telling everyone that Aleister has decided to wage war on the current little king One assassin was found to be a tiefling bound with quite a few enchantments of possibly infernal origin. Will our plucky princess find what is really causing this war by dragging her guards and a few extras along?

Alas the checkpoint between the two lands is locked down, the adventuring crew can not cross! The tiefling's bindings fall appart and she speaks more and more and reveals her magical nature. Through the woods they go across the boarder triggering mystic alarm which leavens them wary and paranoid as night falls. No camp fire can be lit and a blue beared adversary is to blame! But wait no it's just a rustled gnome protecting his home and after crying and begging tells of the going ons, Aleister's king falls ill and his daughter rules in his place, could this be the causes of the war or is it something more?


  • Fuchs Stange - Human Magus - Played by scribblefag. A man of simple beginnings who wants to forget those especially since he's from Aleister and it'd look bad considering he was some 20 feet from the princess of Wynn. Had an occupation of a Town guard who was very good at disrupting crowds before everything went to hell and war. Currently very desperate.
  • Nathurra Eilsrae - Drow Witch - Played by Thoon. Traveler who is absolutely from much more peaceful Drow city of Undraeth, despite her fear of weather and birds, on a completely legitimate mission to improve the world's understanding of Drow by mangling the common language and suspecting everyone to be a conspiratorial murderer.
  • Framboise Rhea Duchamps - Aasimar Paladin - Played by Vega. A Princess of Wynn, who enjoys traveling and doing things around the kingdom to improve royal PR and otherwise acts more like a knight errant than a princess. Her wedding (and thus collection of even more names) was interrupted by assassins, and this WILL NOT STAND. Honorable and leads by example.
  • Bartleby Stout - Half-Elf Gunslinger- Played by Starfyre. Hunter, scholar, gentleman. A dignified soul from gorlan who had recently travelled to wynn to attend the royal wedding and document (shoot) any particularly interesting local wildlife, he has since come to the conclusion that foul murder of local royalty is unacceptably crass, and is taking steps to ensure the ruffians are brought to justice.
  • Naesra Amalith - Aasimar Inquisitor - Played by Orrin. More later.
  • Baldric -Wolf Wolf - Wolf wolf wolf wolf grrrrr wolf wolf wolf grrrr. Bark bark wolf grrrrr - Played by GARdian

Maidfinder: TNG

  • Lillet Duchamps - One of Fram's 2d6+2 daughters. She punches things into submission and tends toward the tomboyish in all ways. Hotblooded fighter on the battlefield, not very different off of it.
  • Gail Day - A girl with a claim to Naes (though neither elaborate on the details oddly), Gail displays a control over light and shadow alongside a few other strange abilities. Her mischief and determination should be no surprise, but the disgruntlement and subdued introspection might be. Played by Orrin.
  • Ilph Stange Half drow child of Fuchs and Nathurra. Rogueish girl who torments her 'younger' twin Ethe. Played by Scribblefag.
  • Andaji Stout Bartleby's slightly sheltered and more than slightly fae daughter. Naive. Prone to practical jokes. Floofy. All PCs are advised to properly grounded before approaching her. Played by Starfyre.
  • Darren Miller - The only student of Baldric's style. A liar and cheater extraordinaire, he's also a talented psionic swordsman out prove that he's not a loser. Played by GARdian.
  • Ethe Stange Half Drow Sorceress Hero raised by Nathurra and Fuchs, Despite her twin's best attempts, will make sure she doesn't get hurt. Played by Thoon

The Chronicles of Bartleby Stout, Gentleman Adventurer

The absolutely accurate and unbiased accounts of our mighty group, untainted by prejudice or falsehood.

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